"The U Invented Swagger" : New allCanes Tee

You saw it showcased on ESPN during the Monday night Labor Day thriller in Tallahassee.

As Miami upended Florida State to the tune of 38-34, our girl Lauren Lococo was see sporting her homemade “The U Invented Swagger” tee.

A day later, phones were ringing off the hook and emails were pouring in, inquiring minds wanting to know where they could get this new tee.

allCanes went to the drawing board this week and the new “The U Invented Swagger” tee will be in stock the beginning of next week.

Pick yours up and sport it proud on Thursday night when Miami takes on Georgia Tech in another ESPN nationally televised thriller!



20 thoughts on “"The U Invented Swagger" : New allCanes Tee

  1. You may not approve this comment, but in case you do:
    "U" don't have much swagger against an opponent that has beaten you four years in a row including a rout last year!
    Fear the "I"–After all GT is the only "I"nstitute in Division 1A football, whereas there are many "U"niversities.

  2. Why do Florida, Florida State, and now Georgia Tech fans feel the need to run their mouths on a Miami site as if anyone reading this feels their comments have any value? Allcanes, I'm impressed you tolerate that BS. Personally, I cannot be bothered by people like that; it's not my problem their mothers didn't love them.

  3. SaraLinn…. I let anyone run their mouths here as long as they're not complete morons. Joe W was respectful and he's repping his team. More power to him.

    If I'm a GT fan, I'd be boastful. They're no powerhouse. Split a title in '90 and won three before that, when guys were still wearing leather helmets and no facemasks.

    Joe is right – Tech beat Miami four straight. More power to them. They knocked off the #3 Canes in '05 (… a Miami team schooled by LSU a month later, 40-3). They stole one in 2006… when Miami went 7-6. Took Miami down in 2007, when the Canes went 5-7 and worked UM last year – another 7-6 campaign.

    Point being, GT has beat up on a few sorry-ass UM teams — just like SEVERAL other programs did. Tech hasn't worked Miami when Miami was good… which makes this year's match up a bit more interesting.

    We'll see where it oges.

    Either way, to say Miami has no 'swagger' is idiotic. Five titles won since '83 and five or so lost. More players in the NFL than anybody. Sheer dominance the earlier part of this decade. More attitude in one player than most other teams have on their entire squad. Dare I say – child, please.

    Miami is Miami. The resume the past three decads speaks for itself. Who is Georgia Tech? The lesser Georgia school who beat a less than average Canes bunch the past few years? Yawn.

  4. But in both cases, none of the players were on those championship teams. Sure Miami's were more recent, but that doesn't mean there is any intimidation factor. I'm assuming Randy Shannon was on some of those teams, but Paul Johnson also had a couple of championships. Sure, they're 1-AA championships, but he was playing teams with similar talent to what he had. And his championships were in the same role he's in now–coach.

    The only team in the acc with any right to swagger (well, in addition to teams with 4-game series winning streaks) 🙂 is VPISU. (And I hate that because here in VA people refer to them as "Tech" when they aren't even the best engineering/science school in the state let alone the ACC, but I digress.)

    We don't know that this canes team is any better than the others. Sure, Miami beat FSU in week one, but we don't know if FSU is any good. Last year GT was killing them until Mickey Andrews had his defense take out our QB, and we still won. So until Miami wins the acc a couple of times within a few years or they go on a 3 or 4-in-a-row streak against GT, I don't acknowledge the swagger.

    Thanks for hearing out my comment.

  5. …. regarding royalties, allCanes Original designs are a collaborative effort. I personally came up with the "305" shirt/hat line. I've helped create the "Respect It!" shirt with GM Harry Rothwell — who himself has created and co-created a slew of designs in his 18 years with allCanes. Customers have also sent in ideas over the years, which we've used.

    Should the new design be a bit hit, I am sure L.L. will get hers.

  6. Joe – Is there really any "intimidation factor" in college football right now? Not really. There's much more parity in the game these days than in the 80s when Miami had at team beat before even taking the field.

    Troy is at Florida today. You think they're "scared" of the defending champs? Hell no. The game has changed.

    Miami has swagger as a program and in the midst of a few down years. The U again has the athletes to compete in a way it didn't 2006-2008. Look at those old rosters and compare it to previous talent and recent talent.

    As for VT… sure, they've won the conference but what does that really mean lately? What have they done on a grand stage, outside of beating Cincy in the Orange Bowl? They won the ACC last year… and still lost 16-14 to an eventual 7-6 Miami team.

    As for Miami, if you can't see this team is better you're either blind or your delusional. Seriously.

    Jacory Harris… HUGE upgrade from Robert Marve.

    Mark Whipple… best OC Miami has had on campus since Gary Stevens left almost twenty years ago.

    Depth and talent at both WR and RB like the Canes haven't seen in YEARS.

    Offensive line finally jelling.

    Most depth at DL in half a decade. Talent returning at LB. Big time playmakers getting on board in the secondary – albeit some true freshman and a lack of depth there.

    As for your win over Florida State last year, please. You leave out the gift you got when Marcus Sims fumbled the game-winner into the endzone in the waning moments — a potential TD that would've given FSU their THIRTEENTH straight win over GT.

    No one cares if you 'acknowledge' the swagger or not. Look at the media's response to Miami's win over Florida State. They all see that the Canes are on the road back. This is year three in Randy's rebuilding project — a job slated to take 4-5 years.

    By your rationale, how do we know if Georgia Tech is any good? You beat Jacksonville State and almost blew a 24-7 halftime lead against Clemson. Also, what happened to offensive guru Paul Johnson in the second half with the Jackets only scoring six points?

  7. FSU/Miami got 2nd highest tv rating in ESPN history…behind 2006 FSU/Miami. This series has 4 of 5 highest ranking games in network history. Sure it's based on history, but the 'Canes and 'Noles pull viewers.

    If GT was playing an opponent other than the 'Canes in prime time, I'd play Rock Band instead. They barely beat Clemson. Miami's coming up and GT's going down.

  8. SpineDoc – The common theme there is not only Florida State, but Florida v. Miami got huge ratings — not for the Tebow factor, but because the Canes were in town.

    Three of the five games were against the Noles… one against the Gators… four of five featured Miami. As many games as UF played with Timmy T last year, people were most interested with seeing Florida play MIAMI — nobody else.

    Oh yeah, but Miami is "irrelevant"

  9. Miami's recruiting classes never dropped off. Your coaching changes (especially this offseason) are one reason to be hopeful for a better season, but Miami's supposed talent never dropped off. The recruiting classes were always highly rated even in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. So the raw talent you brought in wasn't worse a couple of years ago, if you believe in that sort of thing.

    Yep, we're certainly hoping Clemson is better than expected. Our win on Thursday brought up a bunch of questions. After next Thursday (and the rest of next weekends games) teams will be able to start seeing who beat who to get a feel for who is truly good. With only two games on the books (and in most cases with one of those against historically weak teams, it is too hard to say.)

    As for our FSU game last year, if you watched it, remember we were up by 2 TDs and driving nicely for a third when FSU's D took out our QB. Yes the fumble at the end was fortuitous, but we deserved the win regardless.

    Anyway, last year's GT/Miami game showed that GT was by far the better team. For us, nothing changed but more time in the system for our offense and the loss of three good players on our D-Line. Y'all have a new OC, DC, starting QB and more. If those were the right changes (and we at GT know the OC change has to be an improvement) then this game can be competitive.

    But back to the original point: swagger. Maybe you're right, maybe there is no intimidation anymore. If so what's the point of swagger? If your swagger isn't about something and doesn't have anything to back it up, you're just a punk.

  10. People, let Joe W talk his garbage about his engineering school in Atlanta leading up to the game, and then after we beat them, we won't have to hear from him until next year. Seriously, is a GTech fan really bragging in public? Personally I'd be embarrassed to have an option team. It's a gimmic, just like the spread. We put players in the league, and have the most players in the NFL. Period. Your offense doesn't do anything for your players except maybe RB. Your QB can't throw worth a damn by the way. So go back to your hole and pray you guys can keep it close. We DID invent swagger and like class, it's something Tech will never have. Buzz off, Jacket.
    -Columbus Cane

  11. wow..talk coming from a gtech fan lets just say we as true canes fans really never believed in that high-ranking recruiting garbage..just to let you know.second who are you to try and come to a canes site and talk about anything…third if you are gonna come here and bring up the slightest comparison of my team and yours.win when it counts period,like allcanes said enjoy these four straight wins against garbage cane teams thursday night will change all of that.


  12. Love the new shirt! I will be picking one up this week. Awesome.

    Let's go out there and stuff Ga. Tech.

    Go Canes!

  13. i was in tally and saw a shirt the said "U in miami B*t*h" anybody know where it came from?

    the shirt actually had a big U and under it read: "IM FROM MIAMI BITCH"

    the guys wearing the shirt told me someone in Hialeah made it!

  14. Since this is a shirt post..

    When I was in Tally I saw an FSU fan with a shirt that said

    "Do []_[] even speak english"

    I thought that was a good one. Had me and my buddies laughing for good while

  15. Allow me to eat some crow, even if not everyone seemed to try to take the high ground.

    Congratulations to Miami, they definitely outplayed GT. I didn't think a new OC (even if the old one was Patrick Nix), new DC, more experience, a major revenge factor, home field–err gravel, and a little extra prep time would make as much a difference as it obviously did.

    I'm not ready to say the mystique is back (that's not intended as a slight at all) because it is still early in the first season of a possible turnaround, but things are certainly look good for Miami.

  16. now that the game is over and Miami BEAT Ga Tech 33-17…. anyone still trying to defend GT??? I don't think so…. Fear The Future….. Canes are coming back!! All about the U baby!!!!

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