allCanes Original Designs Contest

A reminder that our “Are U An Original?” contest runs through February 6th—where seven allCanes gift cards will be awarded to super-fans who submit pics of them rocking our custom designs.

Our allCanes Original Designs began hitting our shelves soon after that 1983 national championship. An era before Nike was synonymous with The U, allCanes helped fill the apparel void but creating Canes-themed original tees.

Our “It’s A Canes Thing … You Wouldn’t Understand” tee was the first to make a huge splash in the late 1980’s and is still one of our best-sellers today. From there, we had a blast with the Wide Right series—as Florida State continued inventing new ways to choke, either at home or on the road. There was even a Wide Left tee after the 2002 miss.

In 2006 we launched the “Respect It” tee—which is due for an upgrade soon as the tide turns on the field—while “The U Invented Swagger” dropped in 2009 and has become one of our all-time greatest sellers (most recently seen on display in The U Part 2, sported by linebacker Jon Vilma.)

There have also been some vintage tees that have honored Hurricane greats—like “U Family”, which has been seen in different versions; one with a #26 on the back, honoring the late, great Sean Taylor (with proceeds going back to his foundation.) The same took place for Bryan Pata, with proceeds going to The Bryan Pata Foundation—his family still on board annually for our Shopping Spree For Kids every December.

The Original Angry Bird. Keep Calm and Cane On. It’s a U Thing. Lord Of The Rings. The State of Miami (also due for an upgrade.) U Hands. These shirts are in our DNA and have been on the backs of many a Canes fan.

We’re proud to get this contest rolling and look forward to seeing the pics you pull out of the vault. Click here to enter our “Are U An Original?” contest and Go Canes!