allCanes Donates To Bryan Pata Fund

Thank you to EVERYONE who has purchased a U Family shirt this week. The response has been overwhelming and beyond touching. The fan base was crushed by the loss of #95 last week and was clamoring ofr a way to pay their respects. We got the shirt in on Monday and we sold out late today. More shirts are expected in either tomorrow or Friday.

allCanes has sold over 200 of the shirts already and our goal is to sell 1,000 by Christmas. Please help spread the word to friends, family and other Canes you come in contact with.

The shirt retails for $16.99 and $9.50 of each shirt sold between now and 12/24 goes directly to Jeanette Pata and family.

Anyone who knows retail will quickly realize that allCanes isn’t making a dime on the U Family tee. We didn’t create this for profit. This is our way of honoring our late friend Bryan Pata and it’s an attempt to help his family financially.

We hit the 20% mark in the first three days and we hope and pray that Canes fans nationwide will spread the word about this shirt and about the cause. Our goal is to deliver a nice sized check to the Pata family after Christmas.

Please help us reach our goal of selling 1,000 of the U Family shirts this holiday season.



One thought on “allCanes Donates To Bryan Pata Fund

  1. I have yet to hear or read one piece of progress that the police has made about Pata’s murder. All ESPN or the Herald has said that police were keeping things mum. Has anyone heard anything? They the first 48 hours after a murder are the most important as far as solving cases, and it has been a week and a half already.

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