Nike Pro Combat Jersey : ON SALE IN-STORE 8AM ET

The Nike Pro Combat Jerseys are in finally stock and here’s the scoop:

– If you pre-ordered a Nike Pro Combat Jersey weeks back, it shipped on Friday November 12th and you will have in hand this week before the big showdown with Virginia Tech, barring and UPS catastrophe.

– Jerseys will go on sale Monday morning in store at 8am ET. They will be first come, first serve. For last year’s Pro Combat release, the line formed before doors opened and we sold out quickly, so we recommend customers arrive in time as to not get shut out.

– IF there are any jerseys left over, we will list online at as soon as the in-store rush ends. (Editor’s Note: Some jerseys are currently online click here.)

– The Nike Pro Combat Jersey will be one-and-done this year and there will be no reorders, per Nike. This year’s jersey was much more intricate to craft so what’s in stock will be it for this year’s run.

– The Nike Pro Combat Gloves are very limited and will only be sold in-store, due to minimal inventory. We will not be stocking the shoes or helmet.

– The official Pro Combat line went on sale at 12am ET Monday morning and you can now order the Nike Rivalry Coaches Cap, the Nike Rivalry Players Cap and the Nike Rivalry DriFit U Tee.

– Any questions, email us or call 800.226.4247. Thank you for your patronage and Go Canes!

(NOTE: The Nike Pro Combat Jerseys were officially sold out late Monday afternoon. Thank you to all of you who chose allCanes as your destination for this year’s Pro Combat line. The official Pro Combat T-Shirt and two caps still remain, though the limited edition gloves are sold out, too.)



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  1. hey there allcanes! i pre-ordered my jersey and cant wait for it to get here! any clue where i can find the shoes online seeing as i;m stuck up here in indy??

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