Nike Pro Combat Gear : IN STOCK

The line has formed and the gear is on shelves. Click here to order online.

Currently available: “The U Knows” Premium Tee, “The U Knows” Rivalry Tee, Rivalry Campus Cap, Rivalry Premium Helmet Tee and Rivalry SwooshFlex Flat Bill Hat.

The Nike Pro Combat No. 12 Jersey is available in store and any remaining jerseys will be online by 2pm ET. Check back then.

UPDATE: As of 3pm ET all Nike Pro Combat Jerseys are sold out. Thanks to all who lined up at 10am ET this morning to get theirs and congrats to all who were able to pick one up online. We added some at 2pm ET, but they quickly sold out.

We apologize to those of you who missed out. Nike only sent a small allotment of these jerseys and though we tried to get more, they couldn’t accommodate us. Within five hours, all jerseys were sold out. Again, we’re sorry that some of you were left out but that’s on Nike, not allCanes.



18 thoughts on “Nike Pro Combat Gear : IN STOCK

  1. u guys are not trying hard enough for us fans, u will lose our bussiness if u cant provide us with new canes gear!!!!!!!

    shame on allcanes….

  2. Anonymous, you're a moron.

    I've shopped with AllCanes since it was All Sports and I was a student in the eighties. I know the general manager Harry Rothwell and no one bleeds orange and green like he does. He's run the show down there for almost 20 years. He packs up his SUV and hits the road, bringing gear on the road. (I live in Atlanta and have been to the last few game day events AllCanes has done up here.)

    This is a guy who bleeds it so hard he actually goes to women's basketball games and supports that program, as well.

    If AllCanes is saying the did all they could to get the maximum amount of jerseys from Nike, I'm inclined to believe that.

    Furthermore, being that their entire allotment of jerseys sold out in a matter of HOURS, don't you think they'd have loved to have more so they could've capitalized on the business?

    You're a feeble-minded idiot… and by the way, it's "business" not "bussiness".

    A Cane Stuck In GA

  3. As pissed as I am about not getting the new jersey I understand how the retail business works. My dad owns 3 sports stores in Canada (And no Nike Canada doesn't offer NCAA gear). Hopefully someone can sell one on e-bay to me.

    Thanks for trying AllCanes.

  4. Wow.

    Bad enough we have some fans ignorant enough to criticize this team and staff on a daily basis. Now we've resorted to insulting a retail shop affiliated with the program. Our fanbase never ceases to amaze me.

    I've shopped with Harry for over a decade now and allCanes is an absolute dream come true for UM fans. Not a doubt in my mind that those guys didn't do all they could do to get the most jerseys possible. They knew this would sell out and went as far to offer both online and in store.

    "Shame on allCanes" … "you're not trying hard enough for the fans"… Pathetic.

    Harry and crew have kept their doors open and have stuck with this program though thick and thin, which is more than I can say for a lot of the tools that consider themselves "fans".

  5. Hey AllCanes staff,

    Just want to thank you guys for helping out my wonderful mother this morning. She made the line in order to secure me some gear, since I am currently finishing off the last month of a 12 month tour in Iraq. I'll be wearing my new gear when Im back in time for our bowl game!
    Do you by any chance have the rest of the pictures taken that morning? I know she was taken in a few, Id love to have a keepsake of her having to stand out there for me, haha.

  6. Only an ass who has never been in-store and seen "nirvana" could say that allCanes doesn't provide for it's fans ! As a loyal follower who previously lived and played in South Miami I find your comment foolish at best. They will lose your business because you couldn't get a jersey that Nike sent a limited amount of ??? Later fool…..try to find another store that bleeds this much orange and green !!! Shame on your negativity….

    Hey 'Cane stuck in GA…..I'm in N. Forsyth, where are you ?

    Hated by many, loved by few, WE are the U

  7. Man, and I'm in Tallahassee. From the Internet selection the store looks great (Whoever criticized is a moron). Wish I was there.

  8. AllCanes is great. But how about some old school throwback jerseys? Ted Hendricks, Ray Bellamy, OJ Anderson, heck, even Randy Shannon?

  9. You're a feeble-minded idiot… and by the way, it's "business" not "bussiness".

    …and by the way, ur a NERD!!!

  10. I think the problem lies with assshole Nike. Personally, I'm sick of being bullied by Nike everywhere you turn. It's always been hard to find their shitt anywhere. There is a pair of Nike tennis shoes I'd like to have but I can't find them anywhere. Phil Knight can sucky. Maybe Miami should switch to Adidas.

  11. …and by the way, ur a NERD!!!

    Wow. Someone who points out a grammatical error on the sixth grade level is now a "nerd"? Classic.

  12. …and by the way, ur a NERD!!!

    Wow. Someone who points out a grammatical error on the sixth grade level is now a "nerd"? Classic.

  13. wow I feel like I'm in 6th grade, but I am so not a nerd unlike the nerd who can spell. nerd! hehe. Yeah nike is hard to find.


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