Nike Pro Combat gear in store 11/21

We’ve received a slew of emails this week from folks asking what’s going on with the new-look Nike Pro Combat jerseys Miami will wear for the season finale at South Florida on November 28th. Here’s the skinny:

>>> Nike is doing a limited edition run of the white away jersey and we will have our allotment in stock by Saturday November 21st, as far as we know. Again, it’s Nike and it’s on their timetable so nothing is 100% in stone. Absolutely latest, the jerseys will be in by Sunday November 22nd.

>>> Jerseys will only be available in store, not online. Since it’s a limited run, we expect the jerseys to sell out quickly, which creates inventory chaos when selling both in store and online. Should there be any leftover jerseys after Saturday’s run, we will post the remaining jerseys online for out of towners and online shoppers.

>>> The Nike Pro Combat Collection will feature a handful of new items. Aside from the jersey we will also stock a cap as well as two different t-shirts. When we can post the images online, we will. The jersey has already been leaked, so we’ll feature it here… but the hat and shirts haven’t, so we can’t roll out the pics yet.

>>> Stay tuned for more info. Questions? Email us.



13 thoughts on “Nike Pro Combat gear in store 11/21

  1. i got to see it in person, our current jerseys are awesome, and through the pic i think these are going to look greay. i wish they would play with a black jersey

  2. why is in store the way they are being sold. half should be sold online for loyal out of town fans. you could easily pre sell and then know you won't be leaving merchandise online that could be sold in store. If you want people to buy anything online they should have the same opportunity.

  3. multi colored jersey numbers? that looks like some crap oregon would do. nike gets progressively worse with each jersey they do for miami they need to be stopped. that looks horrible

  4. Whether you like the jerseys or not, most of you are missing the bigger picture.

    Ten schools were selected by Nike for this new look and Miami was one of them. The others: Florida State, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Texas, TCU, LSU, Missouri and Oklahoma.

    That's good company.

    Build the Miami brand. Keep the name out there. Get the Canes on national television. More hype.

    At day's end, who cares if the fans like it — do the players like it? Do new recruits like it? This needs to resonate with 19-year olds and every time a new look rolls out, it works on that level.

    A limited number of jerseys will be released for fans and again, enough people will get on board for them to sell out in a day.

    Long term, it's about the University of Miami participating in marketing projects like this to build the brand.

  5. Are you expecting alot of people to be waiting outside prior to opening for these? The games at noon!

  6. do you think there will be enough for online buyers? cause i used to live in miami and i know how crazy it gets and now i live 1000 miles away..

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