Miami Hurricanes Nike Pro Combat 2010 Line

Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, the 2010 Nike Miami Hurricanes ‘Pro Combat’ Jerseys were unveiled in New York today and safe to say, “it’s an orange thing”.

Before we type another word, we already know that a portion of this fan base hates the jersey, a handful of folks are simply “okay” with it and the rest of you love it. This isn’t Nike’s first rodeo and that is always the case with new jerseys.

In 1995 when Nike took over, many spent there rest of the decade clamoring for the old Russell Athletic belly shirts. When Miami got new-look jerseys in 2000, some wanted the old mid-90s look back. When another new change came in 2004, people wanted the 2000-style back. So on and so forth.

People said the hated the ‘Revolution’ jersey in 2005, yet we sold out of them almost instantly. A portion of the fan base thought last year’s Pro Combat gear was putrid, yet we had to special order four extra batches … and still get emails on a weekly basis inquiring about a jersey that’s since been sold out since April.

This year’s Pro Combat jersey isn’t for everybody … but enough fans will dig. Those who don’t, so be it – don’t buy it. Either way, do remember that you’ll merely have to stomach this all orange look for about four hours on November 20th and hopefully at the end of the game, Miami will have waxed Virginia Tech and no one will give a damn what gear anyone is rocking.

For those who DO care, here’s the scoop on our end:

– allCanes will stock Pro Combat jerseys and they should be a few days before kickoff.

– We will also stock a few t-shirts from the line, caps and as many of the gloves as Nike will allot us.

– The more we know from Nike, the more you’ll know. Follow our Facebook page, allCanes Radio and for updates.

Below, the official release from Nike earlier today:

“Speed has been the University of Miami’s calling card for decades. Every position on the field is manned by a player who can run like a track athlete. Miami’s success at recruiting speed has forced other programs to replicate their approach in an effort to literally keep up. This year the ‘Canes will fly around the field against Virginia Tech on Nov. 20 in a brazen edition of the Nike Pro Combat System of Dress, leaving flashes of orange and silver in their wake.

The unapologetically bold Team Orange jersey and pant, paired with a chrome Fir helmet, revive a look ‘Canes fans haven’t seen since the 1970s. Nike designers incorporated a tonal Fir palm-frond print emblematic of South Florida within the jersey numbers and at the shoulders. It is also seen in a band placed at the back of the waist and down the sides of both pant legs.

Split geometric numbers are inspired by the school’s asymmetrical “U” logo. The iconic “U” mark in reflective Silver rests on the knee on the left leg. Designed to be seen from behind after a Hurricane blows past his opponent, school nickname “The U” is embroidered on the back of the waistband in metallic Silver. The “U” logo also is used on both sides of the helmet and forms on the gloves when the palms face outward.

Footwear in Black with Team Orange and Fir accents feature the tonal speed-palm pattern to complete the commanding ensemble.

A powerful expression of ‘Canes attitude, the Miami Nike Pro Combat System of Dress also delivers significant performance benefits. The uniforms are 37 percent lighter than current designs, relieving players of extra weight in a game that demands top speed. The four-way stretch twill fabric rapidly sheds sweat and water, ensuring that even when wet, these uniforms are lighter than their standard issue counterparts when completely dry. Dual-density foam padding provides critical protection and greater mobility than traditional pads for unencumbered speed. The Nike Pro Combat base layer allows for specific pad placement to suit every position, providing a highly customized solution.

The game of football has evolved. Players are stronger and faster, collisions more forceful. For the Miami Hurricanes, the Nike Pro Combat System of Dress delivers unmatched lightweight protection in a formidable head-to-toe package.”



14 thoughts on “Miami Hurricanes Nike Pro Combat 2010 Line

  1. Question for you…

    will you guys only offer the jersey is #12? Or will more players be available? And for the record I love the jersey. As long as there's Orange & Green and has a U on it I WILL LOVE IT.

  2. hey all canes, love your blog, check it everyday. Keep doing what you do

    the herlad stated you'll be carrying the gloves, jerseys, tshirts, etc just like you said. any chance, or do you know if the dri fit under layer will be available for sale also? and will you be giving out a notification before you stock the items of when you'll be selling them? thanks!

  3. I don't care if they play nake, I'm still a fan. Go Canes, can't wait to see you in South Carolina to beat Clemson.

  4. Wow, the pictures look awesome, gotta definitely say it's an 'interesting' look for the team. I get where people are making the Oregon comparisons, but I absolutely love the helmet and shoes. The gloves seem similar to those used last year. Not that my opinion matters, but I'm not really diggin' the all orange. Hey, to each, his own, as long as they take care of business, that's all that counts….

  5. I'm a Canes fan no matter what. However, I am a greatly superstitious Canes fan. All orange? Last time we went all orange it was not good! If memory serves it was 1985. Not good! Not good!

  6. I'll be all over EVERY Pro Combat item you guys get in stock. I hope you guys plan on taking pre-orders.

  7. I think they look like the Oregon Ducks uniforms. I don't like them.
    But I do like the Green Helmet and Socks

  8. I am a Cane so I love anything that got the "U" on it. I have last years Jersey and would love to get my hands on this years one!!
    Keep us updated on when and how we can get the Gear

    Will you guys be getting other #'s besides 12?


  9. JEEZ what the heck is that??
    i just don't understand why we can't simply go back to the old school days you know rockin what irvin and the boys did back in the day i guess i'm just old fashioned and can't accept the new unis but good lord man NIKE has got to do something different than that garbage!!!! I mean they might as well call us FAMU we don't look much different!! oh well

  10. The U is about swagger and those uniforms look uninspired and just plain nasty. Who designed the darn things!?

  11. love the design, i would flip the colors…green jersey with orange numbers…and the face of the sebastian the ibis on the helmets

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