Depth Chart For North Carolina Released

Miami has released its depth chart for this Saturday’s showdown at North Carolina. There weren’t too many changes from last week. Little things like an “or” regarding co-starters or co-back ups.

The biggest notable might be Vaughn Telemaque listed as starter at safety, where he was co-starter with Ray-Ray Armstrong last weekend.

Armstrong returned from a four-game suspension, with two standout plays against Virginia Tech – a fumble recovery, as well as a pass interference on third down, which kept a drive alive and eventually resulted in a Hokies touchdown.

Another returnee who’s been “demoted” is Seantrel Henderson, who was listed as a co-starter last week with right tackle Jonathan Feliciano. Henderson is listed as second team this week. Same for Malcolm Bunche, who is second team behind Brandon Washington at left tackle instead of co-starter.

Defensive line remains a game of musical chairs. Marcus Forston is off the depth chart, due to a season-ending injury, leaving a very depleted left tackle position. JUCO transfer Darius Smith is the new starter, with freshman Olsen Pierre as the number two and true freshman Corey King at the three.

Building on the Virginia Tech recap and talk of a depleted defense, this week’s depth chart continues bringing that point home. Freshmen and JUCO transfers being heavily relied on while upperclassmen are either underachieving or under performing.

Redshirt sophomore and converted linebacker Shayon Green is starting at left end, ahead of senior Marcus Robinson. Green has virtually zero experience at the position but has beaten out a seasoned veteran.

At defensive end, it’s freshman Anthony Chickillo getting the start. Behind him it’s co-starters – freshman Jalen Gimble and senior Andrew Smith. Another case where two newbies are outperforming the upperclassman.

Telemaque and Armstrong are two veterans in the secondary, but the rest of the defensive backs are depleted. JoJo Nicolas gets the start at free safety, but seemingly so more for attitude, knowledge and leadership over anything else. He’s backed up by quarterback-to-safety convert AJ Highsmith and co-back up Tyrone Cornelius.

At cornerback it’s Brandon McGee still ahead of Kacy Rogers on one side, while on the other the starter is a transfer (Mike Williams), a running-back-to-corner convert (Lee Chambers) and a true freshman (Thomas Finnie) are listed as co-second string.

Linebacker is a mishmash, as well. Sean Spence is your veteran at weakside, backed by true freshman Denzel Perryman. At middle it’s still a black hole, void of leadership and experience as sophomore Jimmy Gaines is your starter and true freshman Gionni Paul is the back up. As strong-side, long-time back up Jordan Futch and sophomore Kelvin Cain are co-starters.

In due time, many of these underclassmen defenders could turn out to be stars, but right now there are a lot of green, inexperienced kids out there who are learning on the job. A baptism by fire as opposed to being eased in and learning from talented, veteran upperclassmen.

Unfortunately it is what it is and that isn’t going to change. You simply hope the young guys pick it up quick, while older plays find a second wind and can turnaround or save a lackluster career, en route to picking up some wins and playing better defense.

2-3 and headed to North Carolina looking for another win. Onward and upward.



14 thoughts on “Depth Chart For North Carolina Released

  1. At this point with three losses, and the D looking how it’s looked, you might as well start playing the young guys and get them seasoned. We can’t look any worse on that side of the ball. As I said a couple of weeks ago, I hope Golden takes a few more DTs in this class as we always seem to get injured there and end up playing a DE out of position. Only 1 verbal so far from the DT position so I hope that changes. Not much else to say at this point on the D as I vented enough after the Tech game. Time to play the guys who are going to be here in the future and/or who want to play and have an impact the games and not just out there taking up space.

  2. One more thing, it was refreshing to see Figueroa getting on Henderson’s ass after he made that personal foul penalty. We need to see guys holding each other accountable like that all the time.

  3. Carolina is a narrow – 3 point home chalk. In other words, I don’t need the points. I don’t want the points. But I’ll take the points. LOL Seriously though, your Miami Hurricanes absolutely will defeat the Tar Heels in Chapel Hill!

    Miami 31

    Tar Heels 24

    It’s ALL ABOUT Jacory Harris, again.

    FWIW Carolina ONLY SCORED 14 points against an AVERAGE Louisville squad from a below-average Big East conference. Of course, there’s the distinct possibllity that the Tar Heels we’re playing VANILLA on the offensive side of the LOL. Eh.

    1. With this defense, Carolina should have a field day running the ball. Q>B> will pass just often enough to keep Miami honest. Might be best defense MIami will see this season. Be tough for Miller this week.

  4. I misspoke, again. Because, actuall, Carolina doesn’t have an average QB in fold. The kid actually has impressive stat’s. Albeit it’s against average competition. Of course, the exception to the rule was Carolina’s game against Georgia Tech. A seven-point lost.

  5. I am excited about this game at UNC! I want to see if the Canes come out on fire! Or do we see the same old same old! Build on this Canes and go beat a good UNC team!!!!!!!

  6. Depth chart looks pretty solid for what we have; only thing I’d wonder about is Futch being a co-starter with Kelvin Cain. Cain’s younger and if they’re co-starters with how the team has played so far, might as well throw in the guy with 2 years left to grow and develop over the under-performer (Futch) in his final season.

    Here’s hoping Finnie and Rodgers can move up ASAP at corner – God knows we need something there. McGee…wow. I do like that the D-line is getting the young guys reps; especially between Darius Smith, Chick, Shayon and Grimble. Good building for the future, even if it is, as you say, a baptism by fire. Gotta get them out there one way or another with some experience, and with 3 losses in the books, might as well be now. Good for Golden pulling the trigger there.

  7. You know, I like this site. Anyway, we’ll see if this D learned anything from last week. UNC is both very beatable and very dangerous. If JH and the O can maintain some control of the game then I like our chances even though UM is a 3 point dog. I’ll be there with my ‘Canes gear on screaming as loud as I can from 12:30 on ward!

  8. In the Misery-Loves-Company-Category, why is anyone in the national media surprised that FSU has multiple losses? All the “back among the elite teams” talk was WAY too premature. You don’t go from being an 8-4 team for the last decade, to all of a sudden being 14-0. ‘Nuff said.

    1. Except for the fact they went from a 7-6 team to a 10-4 team that was a muffed handoff/fumble and a missed field goal away from being a 12 win regular season team. The fumbled handoff to the runningback against NC State and the wide right against UNC..

      They were a sound team last year. The hype shouldn’t have been unheard of. The only question this year was supposed to be on that offensive line and they lost two All-conference caliber players, one of which was All-American caliber.

      They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon though, not with the offensive line they are fielding.

  9. anyone feel like it would be a good move to bring in recently departed head coach mike stoops to come in and help on the defensive side of the ball. he is firey guy and it might help having him. Maybe mix his fire and blitz with coach d’s gap and lay off and tackle style. I miss seeing the press coverage and blitzing. We need to do it more or it won’t matter how well the offense plays the rest of the season

  10. So, explain to me how you want to blitz successfully when your corners get burned like a newborn playing in front of a bonfire and your safeties are barely faster than your linebackers??

    Last I checked, McGee tried playing man coverage against Jarrett Boykin at Virginia Tech and I think that went for something like a 60 yard touchdown pass.

    Yea.. Pick your poison. Sit on your ass and don’t give up the big play, or blitz, expose how weak your secondary is and get burned for the big play.

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