CanesFix : Depth Chart, Road Shows & New Scoop

Brian ‘The Beast’ London plugged in this morning and delivered a lengthy, detailed CanesFix that’s worth your listen. Check it out. Beast breaks down the latest depth chart in great detail but also gives some scoop on some other things that should interest the U Family:

allCanes Radio kicks off this Thursday night and will again run from 7 to 9pm ET, but the location has moved and our show will now be brought to you live from the new Shake Shack location, across from allCanes and UM.

– allCanes is ready to announce our first big U Family Road Trip of the season; Friday October 5th at Roots Pizza in Chicago, the night before Miami takes on Notre Dame at Soldier Field.

allCanes will partner with the local Hurricanes Club chapter, is working on rallying former players and will take over a little section of Chicago, painting the town orange and green. Mark your calendars, get ready and tune back in for more scoop as the date approaches.

– Per our GM Harry Rothwell, we’ve been informed by Nike that the Miami Hurricanes WILL have new jerseys in 2013. No photos have been released and not sure if there even are any at this point, but for the latest, stay tuned.

allCanes is a proud vendor of Nike gear and we’ve had a long-standing relationship with the fine folks from Beaverton, Oregon so when the pics are officially released, you’ll get them here first. More on that when we hear from our reps.



7 thoughts on “CanesFix : Depth Chart, Road Shows & New Scoop

    1. Golden was referring to the multiple uniform looks you see at schools like Oregon – with a thousand different combinations and what not. Nike generally overhauls the uniforms on some level every four or so years. Miami hasn’t seen tweaked jerseys in a while and due for an update.

      To Golden’s point, you’re not going to see any over-the-top, outlandish uniforms combos that other programs do. The standard orange / green / white and if there is an occasional Revolution or throwback type jersey, honestly, that has nothing to do with Golden as it’s not his say.

      Nike runs this show, they pay UM big bucks an when they are going to tweak the line for several schools, UM has to play along.

      Big difference between a uniform tweak and some of this gimmicky stuff we’re seeing … like those horrid things Notre Dame will wear at Soldier Field on October 6th.

      1. I agree on the ND uni’s. Can’t wait to travel to Chi-town to watch them lose in those ugly things. Even better going with my best friend a ND fan.

  1. I’d be down for a modern version of some of our retro uni’s. Get back to our roots. Only newer ones I’ve even been fond of were the 2000/2003′ uni’s. Primarily because they were some of the first to deviate from the traditional uniform’s from most schools.

    The current ones reek of pain, and shame.

    1. Most folks would, but safe bet that Nike will design something uniform and across the board for several universities who are ready for something new — i.e. — if the look is a leaner, rounder number, then that’s what Miami will get, too … as opposed to the squared-off numbers we had in the 80s/ 90s.

  2. Where are the photos of the new uniforms? I saw that Notre Dame has their ugly uniforms for the Chicago game, but did not know that The U was getting a makeover?

    I would love to see a “throw back” to the 80s/90s.

    1. As stated in the blog, there are no pictures of new uniforms for Miami. Nike will create this year and they’ll be ready for 2013. We were informed of this by our Nike reps as we’ve been a Nike vendor for decades … so stay tuned for bootleg images to flood the web over the next year thanks to trolls with marginal Photoshop skills.

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