U Family, Help Out Francisco Zampogna!

Received an email from former Hurricanes kicker Francisco Zampogna days back as he wanted us to relay a message to UM fans. His company, RSP Nutrition, has been nominated for “New Brand Of The Year” and they need online votes from friends and family. Please follow his instructions below:

“As a testament to our growth, we have been nominated by Bodybuilding.com (the Wikipedia of the sports nutrition world) for 2012 New Brand of the Year!

We are one of seven nominees and the winner is decided via online voting. As you guys have large databases of partners, employees and friends it would be very helpful if you could pass along a message to vote for RSP Nutrition to your network.”

Here are simple directions to vote:

1. Go to www.bodybuilding.com/awards (this is the voting homepage)

2. cCick “Next” at the bottom of the page to begin the voting process in various categories

3. Click “Next” until you reach page 6 “New Brand of the Year”. Click to mark the bubble next to RSP Nutrition.

4. Click ” Next” through the rest of the categories to complete your vote, until you reach the end (page 24).

5. Enter your info if you would like 10% off any orders of any brands on Bodybuilding.com.

Let’s help out a fellow Cane here, U Family!



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  1. Hey Francisco, how about supplying the team with some supplements? I’m not so sure the Muscle Milk is cutting it…

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