Coker, Shannon, Cristobal & Canes Talk

I’m sorry, did I miss the memo? Is the world coming to an end today? All this talk about Larry Coker wrongly coaching the Smurf Turf Bowl, Mario Cristobal to FIU and the fact that Randy Shannon is yet to hire an offensive coordinator, you’d think Hurricane Nation had collectively lost its damned mind.

Let’s rationally break things down here people. Baby Steps. allCanesBlog iis telling you to lay down on the couch so we can discuss all your problems.

Patience is a virtue, people. One that many Miami fans are lacking right now. We all need to weather the storm. Hiring Shannon was step one in a lengthy process to right this ship. All the pissing and moaning? Give it a rest. Quit wallowing in the short term sorrow and attempt to think long term here.

>>> Christmas came early for Miami. Coker is gone. It took suffering through 6-6, but a new regime is upon us. What does anyone really care about the former coach leading his troops one last time in a meaningless bowl game? It’s not going to hurt recruiting and if anything, it helps usher in the Shannon Era. Can you imagine the doom and gloom if Miami lost to Nevada on Randy’s watch? 0-1 out the gate and nine months of “we hired the wrong guy” posts on message boards?

The Shannon Era officially begins on January 1st, 2007. Give Coker his due and let the kids “win one for the Clapper”. In all seriousness, these kids love Coker and have backed him for years. This .500 Miami team needs all the motivation it can get regarding playing a lesser team on New Years Eve, three time zones away in the snow, no less. Let them rally around Coker and try to get a win.

This is Coker’s “swan song” as he didn’t know his fate Thanksgiving night during the 17-14 victory over Boston College. Post game he was bogged down with questions about his future and twelve hours later he was fired.

Coker doesn’t have another gig lined up and Miami promoted from within, so leave it be. He brought the Canes their fifth championship and had a stellar run 2000-2003. He went from Nebraska to Nevada in a span of six seasons and earned a pink slip for the drop off. Let him have one last hurrah with the program he gave six years worth blood, sweat and tears to.

Those worried about this hurting recruiting, chill. Worry more about the game day fans hurling obscenities at players and their parents while spilling their overpriced beer on potential recruits.

>>> Regarding the hiring of an offensive coordinator, again, people need to chill. It seems Kevin Rogers is a top Shannon’s list. Problem is that Rogers is under contract with the Minnesota Vikings and their regular season ends New Years Eve, hours before Miami takes on Nevada.

This man still has a job with an organization which pays him good money to coach. No one up there cares about Miami’s timetable or fans griping on message boards. When the Vikings’ season ends, Rogers will get the call.

>>> Regarding Shannon, who’s been head coach for exactly TWO weeks now… again, relax. Quit hanging on the coachspeak and every word which comes out of the man’s mouth. It never ceases to amaze me how fans take coaches comments to the media so seriously. Do you really think they’re going to tip their hand or lay it all out there openly and honesty to a beat writer? The same sports media who praises you one day and crucifies you the next?

Here’s one Randy-ism you people better get used to – his attitude and comments regarding worrying about the immediate future and what’s in his control. Shannon is quick to quip that all he’s focusing on right now is game planning for Nevada. Then a day later he’s in Texas or other parts of Florida recruiting players in home.

Shannon isn’t going to be as media friendly as Coker. Get used to it. Don’t judged every word which comes out of his mouth. Pay attention to his actions. He’ll land a new offensive coordinator in due time. If you don’t think that’s a priority, you need to have your head examined.

As for judging his actions, he’s already locked down 4-5 wide receiver prospects for the 2007 signing class and is still looking at others. For a “defensive” guy, Shannon sure as hell seems to realize the current deficiencies with this program.

Coker only signed two wide receivers in 2006. Shannon addressed this matter and doubled the efforts within his first two weeks.

>>> Mario is gonzo. Such is life. Those calling this “rock bottom” and complaining that Miami didn’t up the ante enough… stop. Please. FIU will damn near quadruple Cristobal’s salary and The U has no business paying a position coach more than the new offensive coordinator will make.

Losing Mario will hurt a little in the short term, but Miami is a resilient program which has dealt with much worse than losing an offensive line coach. A few recruits may look elsewhere, but as I wrote earlier, let ’em go. If Cristobal’s departure send them elsewhere, they were never real Canes to begin with.

>>> Did I miss anything? Come on now people, deliver me your gripes. We’ll make lemonade out of lemons here. 6-6 sucks and seeing Ohio State slug it out with Florida for a title makes it that much worse. Please chime in below in the comments section and we’ll respond accordingly. Opposing fans who want to talk trash, feel free. The only caveat? You can’t post under “Anonymous” around here. Man up and put your name/email with your smack-talking posts or they’ll be deleted. Our board, our rules.

Remember, it’s a new regime with a first year coach who’s a Jimmy Johnson disciple. Shannon won a rings as a player and a coach. He knows the city, he knows the culture and he loves this program. Give the man some breathing room and let him do his job.




5 thoughts on “Coker, Shannon, Cristobal & Canes Talk

  1. Hey Canes305,

    Love the post, nice and positive for such a dreary period for Miami football. My question deals with recruiting. Specifically, I was wondering how serious Miami is this year in putting together a nationally ranked recruiting class. I notice that we arent really going after that many guys in comparison to other schools. For instance the top 20 schools (on have atleast 20 recruits or so. We have about 10. Is there any reason behind that? Are we short on scholarships this year? And, if so, why is that?

  2. I agree with the blog. All the haters and nay sayers need to chill out and let things happen. One step at a time. We’ve recruitted some good receivers who will get the playing time and we have a stud coming back at running back. Our defense speaks for itself so there’s no need to hype it. We were only a few big plays last year from having a winning record and playing in the acc title game because of conservative play calling. Randy Shannon has always had aggressive play calling which could lead to those big plays we needed to win.

    It sucks to watch Ohio State play Florida. It’s a bad situation. On one hand we have a program that stole one from the U a few years ago so I don’t want to see them win another one. On the the other hand if Florida wins, Cane fans and FSU fans (who I could careless about) will never hear the end of it for the next 20 years. Hell, they still talk about 96 like it happened yesterday (which they won only because Arizona State lost). All in all it’s a bad situation.

    My predictions for next year is a 9-3 or 8-4 and the following year you will the denominance that the U once had over the nation.

  3. Good blog. keep telling it like it is, be patient CANE fans. we aren’t in it for the short haul are we, we are in it for the long haul. This program will get it turned around. the best way to show it is to support the U at every game win lose ot tie. i traveled all the way across country last year to see the CANES, you guys in Miami can go to more games. potential recruits don’t want to see an empty stadium. i live in LA and it’s amazing to go to watch an SC game, a packed coliseum every game and even more people on campus or arund campus at full bars. of course i wear my cane gear so i can represent. show your love win lose or draw, you have to help recruit. the fans need to be as much a part of the turn around as possible. i’m calling you guys out, i’m going to do my best to be in Oklahoma, what are you guys going to do? i’m saving my pennies starting now.
    DOC in CALI

  4. Word, 305. Love this blog. I really like the new CEO. My question: What type of offense do you think Shannon will want to run?

  5. If I was Shannon, I’d tell recruits to just take a look at this year’s Pro Bowl team. 6 Canes! That says it all. We put players in the league and they excel. The top players in the NFL played at The U and you could be next – if you can handle competition and want to work and be part of keeping Miami’s great tradition. I’m not too worried right now of the number of recruits we have because we’re always low in numbers right about now. Shannon will find players nobody else knows about and turn them into Reed’s, Gore’s or Taylor’s. The top guys want to be coddled and at Miami, they have to earn playing time. We want hungry guys, not prima donas. So if you want to be part of greatness, come on. If not, go to Florida or FSU. I don’t know why anyone would want to be part of the Gator spread offense, which does nothing for you getting ready for the pros, especially at QB. FSU is decent but they don’t produce. Every year they say FSU will be back and give them the benefit of the doubt and every year they lay an egg. We have one bad year and they want to bury us. We will be back regardless of what haters think and they can’t do anything about it. Spread rumors about facilities or this or that. Just look at the NFL and our current roster at The U. We’re reloading, so join up or get out of the way.

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