For those who argue that Coker isn’t to blame…

… hopefully you folks caught a recent episode of ESPN’s College Football Live where Todd McShay talked about this year’s NFL combine and the lack of presence regarding the Miami Hurricanes. Cornerback Bruce Johnson is the only Cane invited to Indy and he’s expected to at best, be a late Sunday pick. At worst, he’s not expected to be drafted at all.

When pressed for an answer regarding what happened to the Miami program and dropoff in overall talent, McShay said the following:

“It’s been building the last few years. You look at Larry Coker when he took over as head coach and this program as a whole got lazy recruiting. They thought that they’d be able to just pluck every player they wanted from the South Florida area and it just hasn’t been the case.

You’ve seen the Florida Gators get some of their players. Teams from outside the state, Rutgers for instance, coming down to South Florida and taking out very good players.

Right now you’re seeing Randy Shannon do a really good job of putting a fence around that area, getting some of the top guys and really, it comes down to speed and athleticism and they’re starting to get those young players back in the program.

I expect two to three years from now we’ll be looking at that year’s combine and saying ‘you know what, they’re back to being Miami with four, five or six guys in the first day that are prospects right now.”

Again people, it’s not just Coker bashers here and the former Hurricanes coach was hardly a scapegoat for what went wrong. Miami’s bread and butter players simply didn’g get on board between 2003-2006, when the program head simply got lazy recruiting Miami-caliber players and let too many good ones get away.



7 thoughts on “For those who argue that Coker isn’t to blame…

  1. As far as im concerned this puts the whole Coker days well behind us..once last years class comes up to draft time it will be back to DAU as once was..

  2. And everyone remember that when you are watching the NFL Draft and see that the MIami Hurricanes will not be represented in the first round after 13 years !!! I’m so sick over this…….an awesome record taken from the ‘Canes thanks to L. Choker…dude, you suck.

    big pimpin

  3. Take this article along with the fact that the past few years, no Canes have been even mentioned as tops in any respective positions IN THE ACC, let alone the country. With last year’s class, we’ll start to get back there with players such as Spence and others.
    -Columbus Cane

  4. Coker has been a rolling disaster for Miami football ever since our last national championship. It may take ten years to fix his incredible mess.

    And I thought Butch inherited a disaster when he took over! I just hope the program will recover eventually, but I doubt it’ll be anytime soon.

  5. Anyone with some sense knows this is Coker’s fault. That’s why he isn’t coaching anywhere now. College football is not stupid. He’s the only coach out of college football with a National Championship ring, outside of ones who are long since retired. Coker won the title with Butch Davis’ team. Sorry Coker, you will always be known as the one who RUINED the Hurricanes in this era.

  6. You could see it coming a mile away the recruting the program slowly goin down after the fiesta bowl.. the lack of recievers the flops, loses, mistake, the DISRESPECT TO THE U. All this where thing Choker was resposible for. Thats why we must give RS time to fix this no one else will recruit south florida like he will…WE MUST GIVE HIM TIME

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