When We Were Kings…. The U Edition

Miami is 3-0 against Florida State this week in the virtual world. ESPN Classic is rebroadcasting three classic Canes/Noles match ups. The first two are in the books – Wide Right I & II – shown yesterday and today. Sorry for the lack of the heads up. I was too busy crying the blues and recording on my DVR.

Next up, Miami fans will be treated to Wide Left I this Friday on ESPN Classic. Tune in for that stellar throwdown where Miami found themselves down 27-14 in the final quarter before rallying to a 28-27 victory, made possible by Xavier Beitia sending his potential game winner left into the stands of the open end zone. Check your local listings.

Sadly, the days of #1 vs. #2 (1991), #2 vs. #3 (1992) and #1 vs. #9 (2002) are currently in the rearview mirror for Miami and Florida State. Both squads enter this weekend unranked for the first time since 1977, where the Canes pulled out a 23-17 victory at Tallahassee.

At 4-3 and 4-2 respectively, Miami better hope for a similar feat this weekend. 5-3 can help save an already down season whereas 4-4 will be a disaster.

Either way, tune in Friday to see a REAL match up between two gladiators and then catch the modern version of this once great rivalry at 3:30pm ET on Saturday.



5 thoughts on “When We Were Kings…. The U Edition

  1. Chris, I hate to say this but with The U’s track record the last few years on the road, the players will have to show me something. After how they have performed since the 3rd qaurter against A&M, I have no reason to believe they will pull this one out against an average at best FSU team. I’m pretty much taking a seeing is believing approach for the rest of the season. They’ve already shown they aren’t ready to take care of business against teams they should beat, let alone against a rival on the road. Don’t get me wrong, of course I hope they will win, but what have they done lately to show us that they will? As I have said in the past, nobody on this team has the right to talk. Talk is cheap. Shut up and win a damn game.
    – Columbus Cane

  2. So many games have come down to a field goal, but I loved the intensity. Just think back of all the big plays by both sides. I can still see Michael Barrow laying out Tamarick Vanover on that slant and planting him in the ground. Vanover went out for a while after that. There was the drive Dorsey engineered with the winning pas to Shockey. The screen to McGahee…Andre Johnson torching them time after time….Wilfork absolutely laying out Leon Washington…….Irvin getting behind the defender for a deep TD pass…the LB’s saluting after making a big play…..Sean Taylor taking Rix’s interception to the house in a rain soaked Doak Campbell…just great memories of great players, great moments and great games. I hope that soon these two programs can add more great memories to this rivalry.
    -Columbus Cane

  3. After the last two weeks I can’t even get up for this week. In the past, I couldn’t sleep the entire week leading up to the FSU game, but this year has me so down after the last few weeks. It’s hard to believe how far these two teams have fallen.

  4. You know what? I’m changing my tone right now, 2 days before gametime. I still feel that this edition of The U has to show us something, but they CAN win this game against the Crimi-Noles. After watching this video- http://youtube.com/watch?v=3QPl2vK6014&mode=related&search=
    how can I not? This is of players making plays on Youtube. We can be winless and if we beat FSU, it still means something, to me at least. A few weeks ago I was on Canesport.com just to get some Cane views in me, and someone said something before the NC game that is very true of this team – We can win any game, and we can lose any game. I have to believe that this is a game we win. I just have to. This is the game that defines your legacy at The U (aside from championships). THis is one reason you play Miami. You hate FSU and you want to put them back in their place. Send them home crying. Break their hearts. We’ve had a nice little run the last few years but they’ve won the last 2. It’s time to turn that back to our side. Wright has to play like he did against A&M, and really they all need to, including the coaches. I don’t care if it’s at Doak or not. We can do this. We just have to make one more play than they do, although I would rather crush them. I’ll never forget sitting in my work parking lot on that Saturday during my lunch, stunned at the 49-0 outcome. That says it all about that program up. No class. We were on probation and those guys ran up the score. Saturday we can try to even the score a bit. I don’t expect us to shut them out like that, but come home with a win and remind them that those days are long past us.
    -Columbus Cane

  5. Well, a bit of good news for Kyle Wright this week, it appears Lance Leggett is out for the FSU game…
    That’s one less drop prone receiver out there to “not” help our QB….
    Could be time for Kayne to step up….Somebody get that boy some stick-um!

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