Recent UWIN winners at!

Here’s a list of this week’s UWIN Winners at Check back next week for more! UWIN winners can expect their $10 gift cards within two weeks:

Kelly Patterson – Covington, VA

Amory Makell – Cocoa, FL

David DeCosta
– Cranston, RI
Joe E. Papuyo – Albuquerque, NM

Dennis Moody – Homosaasa, FL

Bobbi Bennett – Bryson City, NC

Morgan Smith – Stuart, FL
Thomas Reyes – Bronx, NY
Wesley Brown – West Somerset, KY

Gabriel Buigas – Menlo Park, CA

Click here to register for the UWIN @ allCanes contest. One entry is good for the entire season. Multiple entries will not only be deleted, but we’ll remember the culprits and will toss out previous entries! (Seriously, only enter once. More entries don’t help your chances and just give us more work to go through.)

Good luck and GO CANES!



2 thoughts on “Recent UWIN winners at!

  1. This has nothing to do with UWIN, but did anyone see the comment by Taurus Johnson from USF?? If not here it is: “I thought we were already in the Big Three,” Johnson said. “I didn’t know Miami was still in there!!”. Hey, I’m not from Florida, so can somebody tell me what kind of crack they are putting into the water in Tampa?? Who does USF think they are?? I can’t wait to crush them in “09

  2. Caneiac1 I’ll tell you who USF is: NOT the number 2 team in the country, NOT deserving of any media coverage and damn sure NOT deserving of being consider in the big 3!!

    PS. Thanks all canes for the gift card.

    BIG A from the 321 to the 305!!!!

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