Talk about a saving grace…

This pic of goofy-ass Jim Tressel is the only thing keeping me sane right now. While I take no joy in Florida’s win, I have to spin this thing inside my head and see the lone bright spot in all of this; Ohio State getting their asses whooped. Thanks to Senor Sweatervest, I don’t just want to see the Buckeyes lose, I want to see them get worked.

Everytime I see that gaping-mouth picture, snapped minutes after jacking Miami’s title, I want to slug the guy. He’s smug, arrogant and a win-at-all-costs type of coach. If he’s your guy, you love and defend him. If he’s the enemy, you wouldn’t spit on him if he were on fire.

Tressel ain’t Miami’s guy, so I’ll go with the latter.

Nice to see him take it in the shorts tonight after all the stroking he’s received these past few seasons. Kirk Herbstreit and Eddie George, y’all sure yucked it up on the sidelines on January 3rd, 2003. I’m guessing you were a little more subdued tonight, no? Feel our pain, fellas. Like us in 2002, you thought this was in the bag. I’ll be you already sent Herff-Jones your ring sizes last week.

Genius Tressel was exposed and throttled in front of a national audience and he never even saw it coming. That might be the best part.

It couldn’t have happened to a not-nicer guy. I’m just pissed it was Florida who got it done.