Robert Marve chooses… Purdue

Word is that Robert Marve will be a Boilermaker by week’s end. It came down to Purdue and Tennessee, with Marve deciding against walking on in Knoxville and sitting a year before getting his shot in West Lafayette come 2010.

I know some Miami fans are tired of hearing Marve’s name. I’m right there with you. That said, it’s a story and it needs to be understood that a percentage of Cane fans simply aren’t going to “get over it”.

When Marve came aboard, he was welcomed with open arms; an instant member of the U Family. He sat out year one due to injury, but was thought to be the next great Miami quarterback. He had an erratic up and down redshirt freshman campaign, never doing enough to solidify the starting gig, allowing Jacory Harris to get a foot in the door as a true freshman.

Marve got in trouble with the law, he didn’t get it done in the classroom and when faced with adversity, he not only turned tail and ran – but he and his family badmouthed UM and Randy Shannon on their way out.

For those who are ‘over’ the Marve saga, good for you. But don’t expect others not to be caught up in the soap opera. The same way you’d keep tabs on an ex lover and take an ounce of joy in finding out things aren’t going so swell for them – it’s comparable to how some fans feel about Marve, who basically left the Canes at the altar. Understand that when you’re quick to tell your fellow fan to ‘move on’.

One last parting shot from the I hope the fine educators at Purdue can teach Robbie a thing or two about geography. Last I checked, West Lafayette is about 1,100 miles from Tampa and Coral Gables is a good 275 miles from the Marve casa.

For a kid who wanted to move closer to home for his ailing dad, Indiana is hardly a neighboring state. I’m just saying… 



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  1. if you cant take the heat… get out of the kitchen.

    Harris was winning the job, Marve was loosing it. Thanks R. Marve for your effort but I moved on about 5 min after you left.

  2. c-dog,

    you always point out the obvious…and it is apparent that people will want to see him do bad..honestly, i have tough feelings for the kid…because of how he left the U the way he did…and all the shit talking that went on…and all the whining…just a young punk…played like a young punk…i know this kid was a high recruit out of highschool…but you have to remember these kids are mainly recruited on potential…he was at best erratic at the U…dude threw more pics than td’s….i am sick of people saying we should not have let him go…bump that…shannon did the right thing…a cancer in the locker room…getting in trouble with the law…cant pass …and does not play well when on the field…get the hell out of here…i am glad…he is going to a program where small QB’s can be good…Brees for example similar size to marve…and if marve turns into the Bress type QB and gets to the next level …then so be it…but i have this inner feeling that tells me he will be just as erratic for purdue as he did for miami…he will just have more time on the field to do it…i am glad he is gone…and i dont want to hear anymore people defend this punk or his clown ass dad…anyone know that QB that was supposed to be all world out of highschool…went to a school…left…now is at USC…like third string…geesh…sounds a lot like robbie boy….

    looking forward to my canes making some important strides forward this year…got some more good recruits coming in…randy keeping up the hard work and whipple about to whip it good…i love it



  3. Geography became less of an issue after the Canes put such surprisingly severe restrictions on where he could transfer.

  4. Geography became less of an issue after the Canes put such surprisingly severe restrictions on where he could transfer.

    Surprisingly severe restrictions? No ACC school — which is the norm — and the few SEC schools that were supposedly tampering – Florida, LSU and Tennessee.

    If Marve wanted to be closer to pops, he should’ve gone to South Florida — a school that UM lifted the restriction on.

    Funny how UT was in the final two — but there was supposedly NO tampering going on there. Hmmm.

  5. One should really know their facts instead excersising your ignorance. Robert’s father has a home four hours from Purdue. His mother has a home four and a half hours from Purdue. We are all from southern MI. MI is for Michigan incase you don’t know.

    Best wishes to the Canes, let’s all move on.

    Uncle Mike

  6. Uncle Mike, regardless, four and a half hours away isn’t exactly that close. You can fit it to the Marve’s story however you want to. Who cares at this point. He made his bed. Time to sleep in it. He’s not a Cane anymore, so it doesn’t matter much to me, other than I’m interested to see if he makes any kind of on-field impact at Purdue. Being in Big Ten country, I’ll get a good view. I just hope he’s finally ready to compete, for his sake. If you don’t get the job done, somebody else will.
    -Columbus Cane

  7. One should really know their facts instead excersising your ignorance. Robert’s father has a home four hours from Purdue. His mother has a home four and a half hours from Purdue. We are all from southern MI. MI is for Michigan incase you don’t know.

    No offense Uncle Mike, but where has it ever been reported nationally that the Marve family ‘has a home’ in Michigan? Even when Robert was supposedly looking at the Wolverines, I never saw a thing in a local paper or online mentioning family up that way.

    At day’s end, it was the Marve family who played the “we want our son closer to home” card — because they wanted him to transfer to Florida.

    Purdue is a long way from Tampa. That’s not an opinion, it’s fact. Let’s just call it what it was — the Marves thought Robert was ‘promised’ the starting job and from the moment Jacory Harris stepped on campus… Team Marve wasn’t about the competition.

    Hopefully Robert gets it together at Purdue… starting with getting his ass to class and remembering that he’s a student before he’s an athlete.

    … and by the way, it’s “exercising” not “exersising”… so let’s stop all that ‘ignorant’ stuff and name calling.


  8. allcanes…uncle mike made you look dumb!….let it go already!…you are acting like such a b!tch! its like you had sexual relations with marve or something…

    LET IT GO!!!

    LET IT GO!!!

    LET IT GO!!!…BRO

  9. As a die-hard Purdue fan, I’m not even sure we want him… sounds like the kid has a ton of talent, but Boiler-Nation is already leery of his off-field troubles. I would be “over” this kid in a heartbeat too if he treated my school like that… I just hope he doesn’t repeat history up here and force US to get “over” him too.

    But you never know… sometimes kids at 18 or 19 just do stupid things and needs to screw up before he grows up… hopefully a second chance at our pass-happy school will be just what he needs.

  10. Chicago Jeff – Robert Marve is a great pick up for Purdue. You are getting a quarterback that generally wouldn’t have signed with you out of high school. Despite the drama, he’s a talented kid and can have a solid career.

    My issue with him is (1) that he was cutting class, hurting the team with his suspensions and (2) that he bailed when he had to face some competition.

    Neither of those things make him a bad football, player. Both sort of raise character questions, though.

    Maybe Marve just needed change. Maybe he needed to get out of Florida, moving to Indiana. Maybe he’ll thrive better with a fan base that isn’t so judgmental. We’ll see.

    Marve is a good fit at Purdue. Congrats on the pick up.

  11. does anybody still watch the canes?

    Aw how cute… another Anonymous little hater.

    News flash, Champ. Look at ESPN’s most watched games in history. ALL feature the Canes.

    Florida’s most watched game of 2008 was when the Canes visited the Swamp. Not when they played all those big time SEC foes, but when an unranked Miami team trekked north for an early season match up.

    You can hate Miami all you want, but don’t doubt that the Canes are relevant. Everyone is paying attention to what’s going on in Coral Gables whether they love or hate this program.




  13. i just want to know why robbie has black X’s on his hands…was he out the night before trying to get some drinks…but had to get marked for the under 21 thing…and then forgot to wash his hands before he took this pic?…or is this a fashion statement i dont know about?

    va cane

  14. It’s Great!!…To Be!!… A Miami Hurricane!!!!!!



    (Sorry couldn’t resist)

  15. Uncle Mike: when going ad hominem on the internet … check for typos.

    Anonymous Questioneer: not only do people watch the Canes, some creepos still stalk their blogs on the internet. In May.

  16. Obviously these anonymous bloggers DO watch the Canes, and even took the time try to get in a dig. What it really tells us is The U is still on their minds. It’s a beautiful thing. We flip negative energy and make it work for us. This coming off 5-7 and 7-6 seasons, so just think how it will be when we are all the way back. Thanks, haters! We appreciate being in your thoughts.
    -Columbus Cane

  17. lol at people who REALLY think “he wanted to be closer to home” the minute i heard that i knew it was just a ploy to try to get to UF ( and i can’t/don’t blame him, solid coach, solid scheme, great talent)

  18. okay i have to get this off my chest…i just finished watching college football live on espn here 3:30 easterm time…and i have said before i have tough love for marve because of the way he left…and by trying to play this miami is doing me unfair card…hey robbie let me refresh your memory…you got in trouble with the law in south beach…not miami…you did not go to class…you failed…not miami…you did not follow team rules and was not allowed in the emerald bowl…not miami…this school is bigger than you and your clown ass family…dont FORGET it…ever…dont let it ever leave your pea size brain…

    so to what i just watched on espn was some clown named robert marve get 10 minutes on national tv to annouce he is going to purdue…this clown does not deserve 10 minutes…the host of the show called this the biggest transfer of the college football year…you have to be kidding me…he was great in highschool in a spread offense…he did nothing at miami…but play erratic…you throw more pics than TD’s…your not that good…

    the show went as far as to compare him to other transfers in history…to QB’s such as Aikman, Jeff Goerge, Colt Brennan and another couple…he is none of the above…shame on you espn for even placing this kid in the same category…

    they even gave robert the option to sum up his miami experience with one word…Robbie’s response: LEARNING…hahaha…are you kidding me…learning…learned what?…learned how to break the law…be a bad team member…learn not to go to class…learn to tuck your tail and run from the COMP…learn to go play in the slow..ONE TEAM big 10…Robbie your a clown…so is your dad…and uncle mike…i am little bitter…because i wanted to see you go to south florida…so i could watch the canes SMACK you the fuck around…as they would have…

    college football should have asked you…hey robbie sum yourself up with one word…how bout…punk, baby, bitch, sorry, brainless, weak.. some of these would be a good fit for you..

    hey stop with all the reasoning and the cover up…you ran out of florida…found a situation where you would not have to compete…you would walk into as the favorite… and i heard what i wanted out of you …when you said..” your are excited to get back into the spread offese”…wack ass…you gonna use that spread in the NFL…nope…better learn to play under the center…but that is tough when you cant see over the line right

    as college football live said…purdue has on the roster…2 seniors..and a redshirt freshman…and some highschool kids coming in…next year you will be challenged with a bunch of young kids with no experience…so there you go robbie…just how you like it…no competition…if you dont get the starting job..your a joke

    and you still have to take some classes this summer to even meet the requirements to play at purdue…dont you?…dont let those classes slip you up robbie

    your one of the problems miami needed to get rid of…have fun at purdue


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