Marve makes it official; headed to The U!

Finally, Miami landed a big fish. After a few years of getting knocked for quarterback defects, the Canes landed Robert Marve today, the four-star recruit out of Tampa Plant High School… a.k.a. Mr. Florida Football 2006 and the kid that broke all Tim Tebow’s high school records.

A kid who’s said to have a little bit of Brett Favre in him and is known for being a tireless worker and a competitor, Marve is exactly the type of quarterback Randy Shannon needed to land in this 2007 ‘rebuilding’ class. 1999 had Ken Dorsey and 2007 has Marve.

Eight years removed from each other, both became Canes at a time when the program couldn’t need them more. Dorsey got his ring in 2001, was a two-time Heisman finalist and wrapped up his career at The U with a 38-2 record as a starter.

Shannon will need to bring in a few more big-time players next Wednesday, but here’s hoping guys like Deonte Thompson and other top-notch hold outs will see Marve’s commitment and realize that big things are in store for the University of Miami.

For now, let’s give Robert Marve an official welcome to The U. Lead us back to the promised land, brother.




7 thoughts on “Marve makes it official; headed to The U!

  1. I think that it is a true sign of what to expect from Randy Shannon. Props to him and his staff for getting Marve. We need to imbrace this kid the same way that Florida did Tebow. Let him know that he is the man of the future. Even after a season like we had, we are still able to reel in quality kids. Just a sign that it has been and always will be ALL ABOUT THE U!!!

  2. First off, congratulations to coach
    Shannon and the coaching staff for
    whom they have picked up so far.
    I agree that Marve needs to be brought along and he IS the future
    as we have no other prospects at this time . I really believe that
    we need to bring in 1 QB each season. Some will be better than others but every team needs backups
    and competition. Excellent job of recruiting so far considering the
    season record and turmoil.

  3. Marve is what I think THE U really needed.It is good to see us pick up a quality QB. This is such a morale booster. It just goes to show that even with the season record and the coaching turmoil THE U can still turn out quality players.

  4. If this is but the tip of the iceburg as far as judging the recruiting influence of Coach Shannon, then we are in for a nice ride.

    I know that I have been at full-gush whenever I talk about this young man Marve,,, but he really is something special. And I don’t just mean on the football field either,,, although he is that and more in action.

    GREAT JOB, and hats off to the coaching staff on landing this big fish. Reports hereabouts also credit new OC Coach Nix with being a large factor in Marve’s decision.


  5. Now that we landing him, we need to see if the coaching staff can DEVELOP him into a college QB. That’s has been issue for a couple years, and why Miami has been slowly getting less competitive.

  6. Looks like we just got LB Allen Bailey as well which I think is a great pick up. He is a huge LB and I think he could be a great player there. We have been missing in MLB play for the past few years and if Bailey can cut it, it would make a huge difference. I give a lot of credit to this new staff with really only having since the first of the year to make up ground. They have impressed me. And as everyone has been saying, we now have to develop these guys.

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