Raising Canes : The Feeling Of A Victory

raising canes documentary allcanesblog miami hurricanesA great ‘Raising Canes’ piece on last weekend’s win at Georgia Tech titled, “The Feeling Of A Victory”.

This 18:29 clip highlights the in and outs of the comeback win, as well as head coach Al Golden getting lost in the moment when tending to injured wide receiver Malcolm Lewis.

A must-watch piece to show what happened behind the scenes in epic win. Up 19-0, down 36-19, tied 36-36, an overtime stop and a game-winning score for the 42-36 victory.

Great job 3 Penny Films. One of your best to date.



10 thoughts on “Raising Canes : The Feeling Of A Victory

  1. First. A wee, wee bit of bUbba Cane negativity. It’s very S-A-D when Miami has another 19,000 fans in the SLS, especially with Miami’s HIGH OCTANE offense making for another THRILLING Hurrcane victory.

    I opine this ONLY BECAUSE a college football fan sitting next to moi at the local sports bar mentioned, to his partner, that it’s SAD that Miami doesn’t draw any fans. And this college pigskin fan COMPLIMENTED the Canes and told his bUddy that Miami is having a good season, so far.

    I didn’t play the APOLOGETICS Cane game, because I know the NUMEROUS reasons WHY Miami, F-L-A Hurricane football has NEVER had a LOYAL, consistent, strong fan base. dUh

    1. Mac – Fan support always sucks. People have a “prove it” mentality right now. Golden gets it and a shame some others don’t. Win games and fans will show up. Just like, “build it and then will come”, Fields Of Dreams-style.

      4-1 going into Notre Dame weekend. Not too many saw that. Let’s see if these Baby Canes can keep riding momentum.

      1. Other than both the Notre Dame and F.S.U. games, I stated that with Miami’s offense the Hurricanes had a LEGITIMATE opportunity to defeat ALL their remaining opponents.

        Yeah, yeah I U nderstand not to play the LOOK AHEAD game and what not. Because it’s all about the ‘ process. ‘

        Nonetheless, with Miami’s HIGH OCTANE performance today, I still hold on to my lone opinion of the Cane sort, that The Golden One’s team can defeat the remaining foes on their schedule.
        Again, the exception to the Miami rule is games against Notre Dame and F.S.U.
        Bon jour

      2. I’ll be travelling to Chi-town for the game next week and meeting a bunch of fellow alumni but we didn’t buy tickets…We’re around, we travel, it’s just more fun to have 40 friends occupying a bar than spend the dough on overpriced tickets.

      3. Admin, I’d just like to point out that, Yes local support does suck but The []__[] has A nationwide fan base that rivals the sucky Irish! And I think they have a decent shot at ALL thier games this year!

        1. Local support is always suspect. Win and put a big team in Sun Life and people will show. Roll in for a noon kickoff against NC State on an 85-degree day and people are still tentative. It’s not right, but it’s just the way.

  2. Second. Stevie Morris will WIN a A.C.C. player of the week award come Monday. Bloody well GUARANTEE IT!!!

    Chit, where would Miami be without the ENTIRE offense and the Hurricane offensive coaching staff! dUh, I guess Cane fandom already knows the lame answer. Eh.

    Third. I ONLY give credit to that D’ Onofrio’s defense, because of the FIVE turnovers they combined for this afternoon.
    Fourth. Miami’s FG ‘ specialist ‘ has missed FOUR kicks now. The streak started with the EASY CHIP SHOT against Ga. Tech and still continued today.
    The young man has to break out of his MENTAL DOLDRUMS PRONTO! Because Notre Dame is on the docket, baby.
    And other than the FG kicking, the special teams played much better than last week. Especially that final kick-off coverage.
    Bon jour

  3. That final T.D. pass from Morris was a college football element of bea U ty! No if’s, but’s or may be’s.
    IF Morris continues to shine brightly, he’ll be at least 2nd Team A.C.C. QB. And I only opine that because the conference winner’s ( Probably F.S.U. ) QB usually earns 1st- Team QB.

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