Raising Canes : 2012 Season : Brick By Brick

miami hurricanes raising canes documentary allcanesblog 3 penny filmsA must-watch twenty-three minute clip in the ‘Raising Canes’ series by the folks at 3 Penny Films, this time a season-ending look at the 2012 Miami Hurricanes, aptly named “Brick By Brick”, which was this team’s mantra.

Another bonus, this segment gets the Joe Zagacki treatment as the true ‘Voice Of The Hurricanes’ adds some color commentary, giving it a real post-season look-back feel.

It’s all here. From the comeback against Boston College, through the season-finale at Duke, where Miami claimed their share of the ACC Coastal Championship. Give it a view and relive the most exciting football moments of the 2012 season at ‘The U’.



4 thoughts on “Raising Canes : 2012 Season : Brick By Brick

  1. Can we get a update on the NCAA investigatoin for the next blog? This is so crazy that they are taking this long.

    1. Robbie – If there was an update on things, we’d be glad to give it.

      As has been said many times before, no one knows what’s going on. The day we see a slew of news vans rolling up in front of Hecth, brace yourself as that will be when the letter is read. Until then, it’s ALL speculation. No one knows anything.

  2. Great video. If we can just get our D even to 40th we’d be hell to deal with. Coaches D’Onofrio and Franklin need to step up this year big time. To me, if they don’t do it this year, it’s time to go. To all those with kids of any age…..hug them, hold them, kiss them, and tell them you love them.

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