allCanes purchases a brick at A-Rod Park…

For those headed to The Light this weekend for the Virginia Tech series, check out the brick we purchased. It’s located right in front of the stadium, near the ticket windows and entrance gates.

This first group of personalized bricks was laid on April 22nd and we wanted to have our name to be a small part of the new stadium’s history. There are upwards of thirty or so bricks in this first installment.

Our GM Harry Rothwell said the following about the brick project: “We are very honored to be part of this great stadium and will do our part to help the baseball program. No matter who the Canes are playing or how we’re doing as a team, we along with the other great fans will now ‘own’ a piece of UM Baseball for all visitors to see. We look forward to the day when 500 bricks line the entry way.”

I’m looking for a link for those of you interested in getting a brick of your own. I checked online but couldn’t find the info. I have the pamphlet we filled out and the brick drive is being headed by the Hurricane Club. The phone number listed is 305.284.6699 and the email contact looks to be Let ’em know allCanes sent you. 

Support Hurricanes Baseball! Big series this weekend. Root ’em in!



12 thoughts on “allCanes purchases a brick at A-Rod Park…

  1. Nice waste of $$$ Allcanes, dont worry when I go to a baseball game, i’ll look for that brick ;-)…

  2. Awww, c’mon now. Don’t hate! Not cool!

    Yeah, these brick projects are a waste of money to some and I wouldn’t expect the average fam to shell out the cash during these times… but as a Canes-related business and a company that’s worked directly with the University of Miami for decades, it’s our absolutely obligation to do these things and support the cause. Always. U Family, baby. That’s how we do it.

  3. Jeezuz, "Anonymous" where'd that come from?

    Much respect to All Sports/All Canes for stepping up and showing support for the University of Miami in so many facets.

    For all the "so called" fans out there, All Canes always steps up and delivers. I see Harry and staff at all the sporting events. Even women's basketball.

    Follow the Canes on the road and who's out there set up selling merch in the team hotel so us out of towners can get some merch in our hometown? I'm up here in Atlanta and have attended all the pre Georgia Tech game events at Jock & Jills with the All Canes crew and they've been nothing but first class.

    The fact they ponied up the money to buy a brick when they're probably sucking wind business-wise this time of year — that's VERY cool on their part. I wish we had more fans who would do the same.

    David Moss
    Buckhead, GA

  4. I see Harry and staff at all the sporting events. Even women’s basketball. ==================

    That’s gotta say something about dedication

  5. hey all canes…no shit let me know where i can purchase a brick…and how much it cost…i want to help out with a brick!!!!

    va cane

    call me if you have too…

    no shit

    va cane

  6. VA – Call our GM Harry Rothwell (800.226.4247) or hang tight and I’ll get the info and post it here in the blog. Should have by Saturday…. C

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