Raising Canes : Learning Curve

Another great ‘Raising Canes’ clip this week.

This segments features freshman defensive end Tyriq McCord tooling around campus week one, but quickly winds up on the practice field, where the four-start product out of Tampa looks all the part of a newbie.

McCord talks about the speed of the game and gets chewed out by head coach Al Golden for catching some shade, instead of watching his teammates and learning his new position.

“Get these guys out of the shade. That’s not the way we do it here,” barked Golden, towards position coaches.

After McCord and a few freshman teammates finally got to the bench, per Golden’s request, he let them know their attention was required, as well.

“You could stand up and watch it too,” Golden quipped. “You might learn something.”

A stark reminder that as good as guys were in high school or on highlight reels, college is a different game and with so many freshmen suiting up for Miami this fall, getting past that learning curve as quickly as possible remains the goal.



One thought on “Raising Canes : Learning Curve

  1. I love all these clips. Keep ’em coming! Too bad we can’t get these on ESPN a la OSU and Urban Cryer with All-Access this week. It’s great to see things from a player perspective and get some behind the scenes insight. McCord definately needs to get in shape and pick up the pace, but it seems like he had his eyes opened to what the college game will really be like. He can’t just show up and overwhelm opponents like he probably did in high school. Everyone out there is highly recruited and there are no push-overs for the most part. I’m not sure he will contribute this season, but we’ll see. Go Canes!

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