Miami Hurricanes DE Kelvin Cain Reinstated

kelvin cain miami hurricanes reinstatedNot much scoop right now, but defensive end Kelvin Cain is back with the Miami Hurricanes and practiced on Monday with the scout team.

Cain left during a bye week in October for unspecified reasons. There was a lot of confusion surrounding the departure depending if one heard Cain’s take, his mother’s second-hand scoop or the coaches’ angle.

Al Golden
spoke about Cain after practice today and welcomed the defensive end back.

“It’s personal, but he has been reinstated,” Golden said. “He sorted some things out, so I’m happy for the young man. It’s good to see him back out here today.”

The Sun-Sentinel pointed out that Cain’s name had been deleted from the team’s official online roster when news of the departure broke, but he was back online as of Monday.



3 thoughts on “Miami Hurricanes DE Kelvin Cain Reinstated

  1. It would seem Miami is in DEEP, DEEP doo-doo, again. Because the SAGACIOUS Sin City WISEGUYS dropped TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars on guess who. Eh. What say. Yeah, Virginia!

    The Hurricanes OPENED as a – 1 point road chalk, yet BEACOUP money was wagered on Virginia, which naturally MOVED the line FOUR POINTS!!! Again, that is a MAJOR POINT SHIFT!! No if’s, but’s or what ever’s. dUh

    So, the Cav’s are now a – 3 point home chalk.

    By the way, I absolutely touted the Canes as a – 1 1/2 point road favorite. However, I didn’t SEE-r a MAJOR point spread shift of FOUR, freakin’ points!!!!

    Bottom line U’all Cane brUtes. Some SERIOUS action went down on Virginia, and that’s probably due to 3 factors.

    1. D’Onofrio’s DEFENSIVE schemes and what not. Yes, the Hurricane have played much better lately.
    2. Virginia’s recent ROAD bytch slapping of the Wolf Pack. A convincing DOUBLE-DIGIT victory.
    3. And the INTANGIBLE of the Cavalier’s past success against Miami. SEE Virginia’s UPSET win over the Hurricanes last season on Thursday night. Oh, the Canes were a SOLID home chalk in that particular game, but CAME OUT FLAT!!!

    Bon jour et Bon soir

    1. … and Miami was also +2.5 last Thursday night against Virginia Tech and went on to win by 18. Glad I took that action at Aria whilst in Las Vegas.

      Don’t give a shit what bookies say. Scott Stadium is a tough place to play and Virginia coming off a huge win. As for Miami, it needs Stephen Morris to come alive and to make the throws to put some touchdowns on the board. Do that, and this is an easy Canes win. FAIL to do that and it is going to be another grind-it-out Saturday.

  2. Like the VAST MAJORITY of Cane players. Caine happens to be best suited in an ATTACKING 4-3 Cover 2 defense. In other words, it’s probably safe to GUESS that plenty of current Miami D-unit players aren’t comfortable with the current PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE defensive scheme and what not. See Miami’s DB’s playing FIVE-SEVEN yards off the opposing teams wideouts. Eh. What say.

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