“I Stand With Vilma Tee” : In Stock

The new “I Stand With Vilma” t-shirt is now in stock. It’s a black tee with the phrase, “I Stand With Vilma” silk-screened up front and a No. 51.

Before the “anti” crowd gets whipped into a frenzy, we get it. Some of you believe Vilma’s punishment is deserved and don’t support this shirt – and that’s fine. Different strokes for different folks.

This shirt was created for the camp who feels a one-year suspension for his part in an alleged ‘bounty program’ is a bit excessive. It is a LIMITED EDITION design that will only be in stock for a short while, so if you’re interested, get on board now.

Jon Vilma is an old school Cane, a friend of our shop and we personally felt he was a scapegoat for a bigger issue that the NFL doesn’t want to deal with, making him the fall guy for something that runs rampant with every teams. Doesn’t make it right, but neither is blaming one guy for the mistakes of many.

For those who choose to stand with Vilma and dig the tee, click here. For those who don’t, comment away and let us know why. Either way, it’s ll about the U Family. We’re with you, No. 51.



4 thoughts on ““I Stand With Vilma Tee” : In Stock

  1. No “Free Sean Peyton” shirts? Oh that’s right, he didn’t go to the U so he doesn’t get a pass on acting like a Neanderthal. Go to the U, act like a thug, get a t shirt praising you’re actions. The best argument for Vilma and the rest of those bums in New Orleans is “everyone else is doing it”. That’s it, that’s the argument. If one can’t see the sheer stupidity in that argument then you are beyond help and should just keep quiet. The saints were being paid for attempting to end careers of their fellow nfl players. The nfl told them to stop and they refused. Vilma was one of the ringleaders of these vicious on field attacks and is he being punished, properly.

    Stupid shirts like these only further push the idea of Thug U. Any sane minded individual sees what the saints did as deplorable and for AllCanes to try and defend those acts only worsens the reputation of The University of Miami and its fan base.

    1. You rant and rave that this side of the fence says, “everyone else is doing it” and then formulate your own stance that these players were “being paid for attempting to END THE CAREERS of their fellow NFL players,” which no one was aiming to do. To anyone who plays the game for a living, they know this comes with the territory. The only ones with their panties in a wad are hypersensitive fans on the sideline who refuse to admit or acknowledge how brutal the game of football really is.

      Let’s agree to disagree and leave this to the actual guys who PLAY the game — most of which have spoken out via social networking and said that the punishment was way too harsh and that yes, it’s going on in many NFL locker rooms.

      Again, it’s football and if you really think a guy needs a “bounty” to try and hurt or knock a competitor out of the game, then you know nothing about the sport or its history.

      As written about week ago, the New York Giants each earned almost $200K in post-season bonuses — about $88K of which came from winning the Super Bowl — meaning that EVERY GIANTS DEFENDER had almost 90,000 reasons to knock Tom Brady out of the game — which they’d have gladly done for a win, let alone a bonus.

      $10,000 when you earn $5,400,000 – like Vilma earned last year – is the equivalent to a $100 wager on a game for normal folk. If you think that was true “motivation” 0 more so than reaching and winning the Super Bowl, then again, you don’t know the game, Miguel.

      I back Jon Vilma as much as I back Will Smith, the former Ohio State Buckeye also suspended, who played dirty against Miami in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl, so in this case, no, it’s not a Canes thing – and if I owned a shop that supported the New Orleans Saints, there’d have been a “Free Sean Payton” shirt months ago.

      These guys choose to kill each other on the field for a living. They know what they’ve signed up for and it’s always been part of the game — albeit one that the NFL is trying to fight from a PR stance.

      Let’s worry more about how to protect these guys AFTER their player careers are over, instead of fabricating some ruse like a witch hunt for a supposed bounty. Then maybe more guys like Junior Seau will live past forty-three and won’t put a gun to their chest because of concussions suffered courtesy of their time in the NFL, which the league you’re defending continues to sweep under the rug.

  2. I approve! Vilma was awesome at Miami, and has been fantastic in New Orleans. I hope he takes the year off to build an even meaner hitting style!!!



  3. Vilma is being punished for being a CANE, not for what he did at New Orleans. End of story. Better keep this in mind when thinking about NCAA sanctions for the Shitpiro mess, too. It’s going to be BAD. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to take off the orange and green glasses. Maybe it won’t be the death penalty, but it’s going to be devastating and we’d better be ready for it!

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