U Family : The Holiday Edition (IN STOCK)

Just over a week ago, athletic director Kirby Hocutt made what he called one of the hardest decisions of his career – letting fourth year head coach Randy Shannon go in the wake of this season’s 7-5 run.

Hocutt had the full backing of president Donna Shalala, who many were quick to say would gladly accept mediocre football as long as kids stayed in class and trouble-free.

While as fans we aim to back our head coach, our loyalties remain with the university, as no one man is bigger than the program. We wish Coach Shannon the best in all future endeavors as he’s given decades of his life to ‘The U’ and will always be a part of this football family.

Per the Thanksgiving weekend Sunday press conference, a message was sent; losing football games at this capacity is unacceptable. The University of Miami wants to field winners both on the field, as well as the classroom.

Beyond that, a line was drawn in the dirt regarding money not being a factor. For the first time in forever, UM appears financially committed to doing what needs to be done in regards to luring a big time head coach to Coral Gables. The stigma of being ‘frugal’ with coaches’ salaries appears to be a thing of the past.

At allCanes, we couldn’t be happier to hear of the financial commitment UM is willing to make regarding bringing a top flight head coach on board and we want to do our part.

Because of that, we’re resurrecting the popular “U Family” t-shirt – with more modern flair for the new era – and we’ll be donating $7.50 of each purchase back to the University of Miami in what we’re calling the “UM Coaching Fund”. (Now in stock!)

Seems a better way to spend one’s hard-earned cash than flying a pointless, crude banner over a half-empty stadium – on Senior Day, no less.

For those of you not in the market for a new tee, at least spread some good cheer this holiday season.

Email or call your president and athletic director and instead of chastising them, thank them for their commitment to Miami football and athletics as a whole. Let’s fire some positivity back that way instead of continuing to fuel this avalanche of negativity.

It’s time for a complete change in culture, Hurricane Nation. ‘Tis the season of good cheer and as fans, it’s time to both celebrate and give thanks that this beloved program appears ready to turn over a new leaf.

Out with the recent “glass half empty” mindset. No more getting out-coached, losing to inferior teams, making excuses or settling for second-best as fans, or an athletic department as a whole.

The nation is watching as Miami football prepares for the next episode. Prospective coaches are watching, too – as are their wives, children and family members. So many of us feel that UM gets a bad rap as far as the media and rival fans are concerned, yet too many keep the stigma alive with negative words, displaced frustration and knee-jerk commentary.

This is time for excitement and positivity at ‘The U’. Time to bury a mediocre era of Miami football and to be optimistic instead of pessimistic. Get on board, or get out of the way as a large percentage of this fan base is excited for are expected to be better days ahead.

New coach. New regime. New attitude. Better game-day atmosphere. More wins. Period.

If you don’t want to open up your checkbook, that’s fine – but at least open your heart. A new year is upon us and if you truly love this program, join allCanes in being part of the solution.

It truly is great to be a Miami Hurricane and there’s so much to be thankful for – even the old regime, which officially wraps with an uncharacteristic, unexpected and welcomed bowl game against Notre Dame and the opportunity to close in style, feasting on some Irish stew like the good ol’ days.



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  1. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Great message.
    I'm making a donation and staying positive. Tthanks.

  2. hey good post and even a better idea to donate the money to the school. but how about you start/propose a fundraiser for a new stadium at tropical park? building a stadium at CG is impossible, but tropical park has enough space for us to use. we can also continue to have big HS games there. what do you think.

  3. Amen, Chris. let's start now with being more positive as a fan base, myself included. Let's be open to the great possibilities in front of the team. Whomever becomes the next coach, even if he isn't "your" guy, reserve judgement and let things play out. I will will be following the same plan. I love The U and always will. Stay positive. Have a great holiday season and stay safe.
    Columbus Cane

  4. Josh McDaniels is on the market! I think he would be a good college coach.

    What do you think Allcanes??

  5. McDaniels ias 11-17 as Denver's recently-fired head coach and really hasn't proven anything.

    He's a 34-year that was labeled an "up and comer" but what has he done, outside of succeeding under Belichick?

    Pats OC promoted from QB coach after Weiss left and his only collegiate experience is as a grad assistant at Michigan State for two years a decade ago.

    McDaniels is the furthest thing from a 'proven candidate' than anybody out there. I'd take Mario Cristobal over McDaniels in a heartbeat, and Mario is currently about tenth on my list.

    I think McDaniels needs to go cut his teeth elsewhere before getting a gig like Miami. Could be good in time, but UM can't roll dice on him.

  6. I disagree on McDaniels. He has more head coaching experience than Davis, Coker, and Shannon combined when they were hired. And OC of the Pats is better than OC/DC of the Canes like our last two HCs. He will also attract recruits with his NFL experience. He may not be ideal, but who on our wish list is?

  7. Great message!I just bought my and will wear it with pride no matter what the future holds. People may chastise the U present situation but they can never take away our past. Sometimes you have to take 1 step back in order to take 2 steps forward. Happy holidays cane brothers and sisters

  8. How is it rolling the dice on mcdaniels? It was the orginization not him who wasted their first round pick on tebow. They could have very easily have gotten a good defensive or skill offensive guy with that pick. Don't blame him for the top brasses mistakes.
    Mcdaniels would be great fit in miami as pete carrol was at usc. He is young firey gets involved on drills. The recruits would love him like an older brother. Miami should quit wasting time and give him an interview.
    I read a reply to a blog on the sun-sentinel today that after thinkin about for a few hours I am starting to agree with. It says that miami put all its effort into gruden and now is screwed. Not exactly that but u get my point. We have lost more than half of the small recruiting class we had on a firing that is starting to look and feel like a mistake.

  9. Any coach that picked tebow in the first round, chased off b. Marshal, and got rid of cutler for orton shouldn't coach at the U.

    I hope on of our rivals hires him though!

  10. Im positive that the Mike Leach lawsuit will prove he did nothing wrong! He is an odd man but a brilliant man and is big with academics. Donna and Kirby should give him his call he is due! Give Mike another interview! I dont want a nobody coach leading this awesome Senior class of 08'-11'! We all as U fans want to be back on top where they belong!

  11. I really like the tone of your article and have felt similiarly since mid-season. That being said,
    I want 4 T-Shirts.

  12. I disagree on McDaniels. He has more head coaching experience than Davis, Coker, and Shannon combined when they were hired.

    … and he was considered a reach of a hire, went 11-17, was fired before season two was out … as well as mentioned above, the fact he used a first round pick on Tim Tebow, chased off Brandon Marshall and the Orton/Cutler fiasco.

    Coker and Shannon were failed experiments, while Davis was right guy, right time and almost a twenty-year protege of Jimmy Johnson as his right-hand man.

    Miami also wasn't a premier job when Davis took over, as probation was looming – so it was a huge risk for any incoming coach and he took a job few wanted.

    Not saying McDaniels is the worst choice ever … but c'mon now, who REALLY wants Denver's failed leader to take over the University of Miami? Awful choice and nothing more than a name with NFL on his resume.

  13. Mcdaniels would be a great hire. Miami is not the wonderful job it once was. Also I don't call coker or shannon failures. Even the players have admitted they are to blame. Read the sun-sentinel.

  14. Who gives a f#*k what the Sun Sentinel says?

    That's like saying a CEO isn't a failure if the company tanked because the people beneath him didn't do what they were supposed to do.

    Randy Shannon was paid very handsomely to do precisely that; getting his players to perform. They can take the blame all the want, but results speak for themselves and if the kids failed, it's because the coach failed.

    How the hell can any of you say McDaniels would be a "great hire" when he just got ran out of Denver, after making some idiotic personnel moves? THIS is the guy you want to turn the keys over to?

    As for Coker, he was a good short-term guy, but horrible for the long-term as he was clueless as how to maintain the success Davis had. His recruiting practices were awful and he has no idea how to stockpile talent or build depth.

    Shannon was the right guy, only because he was a Miami guy, four others turned down the job and the price was right. He got his chance, didn't get it done and is out.

    As for Miami not being a wonderful job, that's horseshit. Come here and win and you can have any job you want. Go 7-5 and you'll have 25,000 at home games and banners flying over head.

    Let the right guy come in here and get it done and we'll see how premier or overrated the opportunity is.

    Some of you fools need to put down the Kool Aid as you've lost your minds.

  15. Why are not all the profits going to the U? After all the $ money that you make from the other items sold to students and families. The better the football program does the better allcanes does. Support us big time and we will support you big time.

  16. I've been a Hurricane fan for more than 20 years and I have never read or heard such Cane-bashing coming from the mainstream media (let alone the fans) in my life. There has been lots of talk from some "experts" on tv regurgitate the same old, tired, lines; "Miami is doomed, because they lack the facilities","they don't have a on-campus stadium", "they could not attract many fans to fill up a pro-stadium" blah blah blah.

    Quite frankly, I am sick to death with the mantra. Have these guys ever been to Coral Gables in their lives? Surely the campus is too small to fit a stadium in it, let alone create such chaos for many high class homeowners who live in adjacent to the campus. The idea that you can win ballgames and championships by having a on-campus stadium, it's hogwash. The football program has won five national titles without playing in a on-campus stadium.

    And if you want to see the fans fill up the stadium, simply win ball games and make sure you are playing against a powerhouse opponent. One of the problems lies in playing small and sorry teams in a sorry football conference.[ACC]

    And I know that the traning facilities have been addressed; but seriously, does that result in winning ballgames every year? Money cannot buy you championships. If this were the case, then how come UF or FSU are NOT in a championship hunt this year, or last year? Unless we have a playoff in Division 1 football, I am certainly not convinced.

  17. Hell to the no on McDaniels!!!

    Like I said before, Leach is our "floor," i.e. we shouldn't make a hire worse than Leach since he's available and obviously wants the job.


    GO CANES!!!

  18. Chit! Urban quit!

    Uif will have the first and top pick of coaches available! I F#%KING HATE THEM FOR IT!

  19. Mcdaniels is a thousand times better than leach.

    If miami is gonna make a splash they better do it soon with urban liar leaving florida.

  20. In addition to being a Canes fan, I'm a Vikings fan. While they needed to get rid of Brad Childress this year after the team turned on him…he's not a bad coach. I also think he's a better fit in the college game given that he would have the power there he didn't over these paid professionals. I also know he's living at his house in Florida right now. If I was Hocutt…I would at least give him a call to gauge interest.

  21. Hey AllCanes.. how long is this sale going to be going on for? End of December? I want to support and I realize its only 15$ but money is tight for the holidays I want to make sure Im able to get my holiday shopping done…

  22. Urban Meyer resigns…

    From here on out, I will always think of Suburban Meyer as a big baby.

    If I can't run up the score on everybody, I just won't play anymore.

    And people call LeBron James a quitter.

    What a loser!!!

  23. Miami Herald is reporting that Kirby has spoken with Edsall, Tuberville and Mullen and that Bo Pelini is next. (He has been granted permission by NU to interview) What are the thoughts on Pelini? Allcanes you hearing anything?

  24. Bo Pellini of Nebraska was granted permission to talk to UM! When did he come into the fold? He would be my leading candidate. Defensive minded and aggressive on offense and defense! He carries the attitude that Miami needs!

  25. Righteous fear…because of love of my team. I totally agree and am glad to have found allCanes because I don't think anyone has reflected my opinions on this team more closely. That being said..when Shannon was fired I felt like I was the only one saying, this team is sleepwalking and undisciplined through most games, it has never broken out of the mold of playing down to lesser teams and up for better competition (making every game a migraine-inducing nail-biter to watch), and it never showed "passion".

    That's an issue that can only be attributed to either 1. Coaching or 2. Lack of verbal senior leadership in locker room. And I think our main problem has been both. But ultimately the coach needs to develop the senior men to take over as leaders too. Again, not faulting Shannon 100%, I wanted him to succeed to badly. He was "our guy"..U through and through..but ultimately the product on the field was not progressing even with better talent, so it was time to move on.
    Regardless of who we get, this will always be my U. Its people my family, its campus home, its culture embedded in me with pride.

    Now, where my fear comes in is that now if Meyer is truly leaving UF..we are left (after the Gruden circus). with having to compete with UF's money, school size, stadium/fan base, et al..for a top hire. I truly think its time to embrace looking outside the box..or UF will beat us to the punch..and I don't need anymore reason to hate the Gaytors..trust me..I'm surrounded by them at work.

    I have no problem with Leach should he prove himself reliable as a person who will be constantly under media scrutiany. I have no problem with Tuberville considering his passion for the U. But even in those I don't see anything that will change the recruiting game in South Florida this year or next. I don't see peterson or patterson leaving, and even harbaugh is nice but a stretch. What about a Jim Mora? Granted..zero college experience..but almost as big a name as Gruden in the spark factor, although its unpredictable what style offense he might turn the U into. But like I said..we need to look outside the box I think, to out recruit and out "media" a new UF hire, and spark renewed fan excitement and anticipation.
    Overall, I'm most comfortable with Tuberville because he's the least likely to change schemes and diminish already bad media with "baggage", and he's a "U" guy. But its definately not a sexy pick with gravitas, like a Gruden or Mora would bring.

  26. Reported today on WQAM GRUDEN would have taken the Canes job, if UM would have made Jay Gruden the "coach in waiting"

    UM meet all of the other request:

    1 3.4 Million a year For Jon
    2 1 Million a year For Jay as OC
    3 Private jet for coahes when recruiting.

    UM is still a good JOB!!!

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