Game Ten : Florida State 23, Miami 19

Florida State got the win, but it surely wasn’t pretty and was hardly a repeat of last year’s 45-17 beat down that many in their fan base were promising.

In the end, the Miami Hurricanes again found ways to win everywhere but the scoreboard and another close game was lost due to mental errors, costly mistakes and coming alive when it was too little, too late.

UM had 24 first downs to FSU’s 13, 383 total yards to the Noles’ 259 and three offensive touchdowns to the home team’s one.

Florida State was stifled on the ground, being held to 63 yards by Miami’s defense and although the Canes held a 113 to 18-yard offensive edge in the first quarter, turnovers and mistakes did UM in yet again.

Such has been the case for Miami in all five losses this seasons. All winnable games with do-or-die moments where the Canes fold, have a brain fart or make an unforgivable mistake.

Jacory Harris, solid all season and seeming to have put last year’s mistakes behind him, was a respectable 20-for-31 for 225 yards, but again had a game-defining mistakes.

Weeks back it was an inexplicable fumble early in the second quarter against VIrginia, where the ball squirted out of Harris’ hand down 10-0 with a second down on the UVA fifteen-yard line, in a game Miami eventually lost, 28-21.

This time around, a crucial interception that was Harrisesque, reminiscent of the guy under center in 2010.

Facing a 3rd-and-14 from the FSU fifteen in a scoreless game, Harris looked for Tommy Streeter in the end zone, forced a pass and underthrew it, allowing LaMarcus Joyner to pick it off and again this season leaving points on the field.

Miami’s defense stepped up, forced a three-and-out and within seconds, another boneheaded move from the Canes, in a game where every snap counts.

Punt returner Travis Benjamin attempted to field a Shawn Powell punt and misplayed it, at first getting out of the way, but then foolishly attempting to run it down after it sailed over his head. Benjamin made contact and it was eventually recovered by Florida State’s Telvin Smith at the UM twenty-eight.

The defense again stepped up and got another stop, forcing a 37-yard Dustin Hopkins field goal. The Harris interception and subsequent Benjamin turnover, marked at minimum a ten- to seventeen-point swing in an eventual four-point loss.

Both squads traded three-and-outs before Miami’s first score, a nine-play, 47-yard drive that started mid-field and featured a hefty dose of Lamar Miller en route to a two-yard Clive Walford touchdown reception.

Florida State was quick to answer, another example this season where a defense breakdown came on the heels of Miami’s offense stealing some momentum.

Facing a 3rd-and-4 from the UM twenty-one, E.J. Manuel connected with Rodney Smith for a 21-yard touchdown, giving FSU the late second quarter, 10-7 lead.

More frustrating, the fact that safety Kacy Rodgers II could’ve made a play on the ball, but seemed to pull up. Cornerback Lee Chambers – the converted running back – was badly beaten by Smith on the play and while Rodgers appeared to have easily made a play to either bat the ball down or at best, to intercept, he instead froze.

(One would wish Rodgers pulled back in the same capacity weeks back when running into the kicker against Virginia and keeping a drive alive that ended in a seven for the Cavs.)

Most aggravating, the fact that Rodgers was in for the suspended Ray-Ray Armstrong. Had No. 26 put football above a fancy dinner and boasting on a social networking site, who knows how that play would’ve gone down.

On the ensuing kick, a Benjamin return was wiped out due to a hold, starting Miami at its own twenty. After a six-yard pass to Allen Hurns and a six-yard run with Miller, another holding penalty and the Canes faced a 1st-and-20 from the twenty-two.

Harris found Streeter for a twenty-four yard pick-up and another first down, but a false start a play later had Miami facing a 1st-and-15. Back-to-back incompletions had the Canes punting on 4th-and-17.

From there, a Dalton Botts punt bounced ideally into the arms of Greg Reid and eighty-three yards later the Florida State cornerback was in the end zone, his team leading, 17-7.

The Noles marched eighty-three yards on the opening drive of the third quarter and again the Canes defense held strong, stuffing Manuel on a 3rd-and-Goal from the one. Florida State settled for another Hopkins field goal and a 20-7 lead, with both teams’ offenses ineffective the remainder of the third quarter.

As has happened so many times this season, Miami’s offense came alive late. A ten-play, eighty-yard drive after the Hopkins’ field goal culminated with a one-yard Mike James touchdown run on 2nd-and-Goal from the one. The play of the drive proved to be a twenty-eight yard run by Harris on first down from mid-field.

A play later, a 16-yard strike to Walford, almost for a score and stopping at the one before James plunged in. Hurns muffed a sure two-point conversion, making it 23-13 with six-and-a-half remaining.

Miami got another quick stop, shutting down running back Devonta Freeman on a 3rd-and-6. After a touchback, the Canes started the drive at the twenty and eight plays later were back in the end zone.

Harris to LaRon Byrd for sixteen. Harris to Hurns for twenty-five. On a 2nd-and-10 the Noles shot themselves in the foot with a roughing the passer penalty and two plays later, illegal contact on linebacker Nigel Bradham gave Miami a 1st-and-Goal from the ten.

Harris went back to Hurns for eight on second down and with a 3rd-and-Goal, another roughing the passer for Florida State. With new life, James punched in the three-yard score, though momentum was again quickly lost when holder Spencer Whipple muffed a hold on the extra point try. 23-19, Noles.

Botts executed a perfect onside kick, but Florida State recovered and two plays later ran out the clock. Another loss in the books an another comeback attempt falling short.

Losing sucks. Even worse, losing to Florida State. Worse than that, beating those pukes everywhere but the scoreboard and knowing that yet another game got away.

Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch called a solid game and for the first time in a while, Mark D’Onofrio and his banged up, depleted defense made plays as wasn’t the scapegoat.

This was one of those crazy, unorthodox games and as has been seen a few times now this year, wound up a loss due to a few miscues. A penalty. A mental error. Zigging instead of zagging.

What if Harris doesn’t throw that pick? What if Benjamin doesn’t misplay that punt? What if Rodgers makes a better play on the ball? What if that Botts punt goes anywhere but perfectly into Reid’s arms? What if. What if. What if.

It’s been a season of what ifs, but even with five losses, there’s pride to be taken in the fact that Miami has become a program that doesn’t quit.

Battling to the end and losing doesn’t bring immediate solace, as there are no moral victories, but it proves that on some levels these coaches are getting through and this staff isn’t losing games – which was the case the better part of last decade.

These Canes are improving under Al Golden and will continue inching closer to being a relevant, dominant program again. Miami has twenty-seven recruits set to sign in February, including three-star wideout Rayshawn Jenkins, who verballed earlier today.

Game by game, day by day, inch by inch and player by player, Miami works to get one step closer back to ‘The U’ status.

Next up, a road trip to South Florida on Saturday November 19th. Kickoff is at 3:30pm ET, taking place at Raymond James Stadium and the game will be televised on ESPN U. – C.B.



42 thoughts on “Game Ten : Florida State 23, Miami 19

  1. Chris – what an absolutely frustrating, though perfectly predicatable, outcome. UM was not going to win that game. They don’t have “it” as you’ve pointed out before. They came into the game talking about winning, talking about being prepared, talking about this being a rivalty. They came into the game … talking.

    5-5. Average. Mediocre. Undistinguished. That is the legacy of the previous administrations and despite the gallant efforts of the coaching staff, that is what we have currently wearing “The U.”

    Next year will be worse. Miami may have 27 “verbal commitments” now, but after the NCAA hammer comes down, many of those will melt away. Some will end up in Tallahassee and Gainesville, where the future is much brighter.

    A couple weeks ago, Coach Golden asked his team, sitting at 4-4, “What are you going to do about it?”

    Yesterday, we got that answer.

    Find a way to lose.

    Beating FSU on the stat sheet is irrelevent. It is more indicative of FSU playing down to the level of their competition – a problem Miami used to have when they enjoyed a talent advantage over most teams. Now, Miami is the team that everyone else “should beat.”

    I predicted a loss to FSU, and anticipate losing to USF next week. Boston College is probably a toss up.

    Either way, the next few years are going to get worse before they get better most likely. Perhaps I’m wrong and just disgusted by what I saw on Saturday, but only time will tell.

    1. Jake – I don’t see things getting too much “worse” than what will probably be a 6-6 season for Miami.

      You have nineteen seniors going out next year and a lot of them haven’t done a whole lot with their careers at UM.

      Conversely, some of the best kids on this team are freshmen who are showing a ton of promise. They’ll be sophomores next year and Golden will reel in another crop of freshmen who will be ready to hit the ground running.

      The biggest problem with Miami isn’t talent as much as it’s heart. A lot of these upperclassmen are broken beyond repair. Flush them out and bring in new blood. Bring in kids who buy Golden’s hype and want to be here, buying fully into the system.

      Honestly … Ray-Ray spending Sunday night of Florida State week at Prime 112 with the owner of a PR firm and then tweeting about what he ate? This on the heels of already missing five games due to dealings with Nevin Shapiro?

      I don’t care how uber talented the kid is, that’s a detriment to the team and I’d rather a kid with half the natural talent and twice the heart and work ethic.

      1. “I don’t care how uber talented the kid is, that’s a detriment to the team and I’d rather a kid with half the natural talent and twice the heart and work ethic”

        Amen. I’d rather have class and win with honor than be another Gator squad. Sure they won 2 NC’s, but what’s thier legacy under Meyer? We don’t need the shame, disgrace and ‘thug’ moniker to win. Give Golden Al a chance and some time, he will get us there.

  2. Another winnable game, lost. I think these guys just don’t know how to win at times. We haven’t put a full game together yet and it’s almost the end of the season. We’re still making the same mistakes, and even new ones, in Game Ten as compard to Game One. This preseason overhyped FSU team, which was supposedly back and ready to take it’s place among the dominant 90’s teams, was primed for the taking. This Miami team outplayed them, but unfortunately gave the game away with mistakes and awful execution yet again. It’s been a replay of the past decade, with mediocre play in mutiple areas which leads to our downfall. FSU as Virginia, KState, Maryland and VTech, are average teams that we should never have lost to. They found ways to win and we didn’t. That hurts, but has been the pattern for years now. I hope and believe that Golden can turn it around with some new guys and more time in his system. Another game there for the taking but given away.

  3. the woulda …shoulda….coulda canes!!!! thats what we are…we can sugar coat it but 1 more loss is worse than randy shannons first season…TRUE WE GOTTA GIVE GOLDEN TIME…. i just hope golden has the balls to get rid of the terrible dc he brought from temple and i hope golden has the luck to keep and pick up some good recruits!!!! IF NOT THE GOLDEN ERA MAY TURN TO FOOLS GOLD!!!!

  4. One more loss isn’t “worse” than Randy Shannon’s first season as the Canes went 5-7 in 2007 and this year’s squad is currently 5-5.

    In year one Shannon’s Canes were also throttled 51-13 by Oklahoma, lost 19-16 in OT to a garbage NC State team (where Kirby Freeman was 1-of-14 for 84 yards) and got their asses handed to them 48-0 by Virginia in the Orange Bowl finale.

    Shannon’s teams were ill prepared, lacked heart and got stomped out on a weekly basis whereas Golden’s teams have fought hard in every loss and could’ve won. Down big at the half against Kansas State, Virginia Tech, Virginia and Florida State, yet fought their asses off and damn near pulled off the wins.

    Even worse, Shannon’s team still looked as shitty year four as it did year one. Zero growth.

    If you don’t see the difference between Golden-coached Canes and Shannon-coached Canes, simply looking at the wins / losses record, not really sure what to tell you. A rather ignorant take, in my opinion.

    1. You are just Golden’s boy. Dude is getting out-coached. If we were going to go 5-5 we might as well stayed with Randy Shannon. We hired him to make improvement in the win and loss column…not this moral victory b.s. Golden better man up and up his game on x’s and o’s and game management. Frankly, if he lives for Penn State, I don’t think we loose anything. Cause right now he looks average at best in the ACC. Be more objective and not Golden’s pr man .

      1. Might’ve well stayed with Randy? The same guy who lost 51-13 to Oklahoma his first year … 19-16 in OT against a terrible NC State team (where his QB was 1-of-14) on the day … 44-14 at Virginia Tech … and 48-0 to Virginia in the OB finale?

        Please. Golden has taken Shannon’s garbage team and has done more with it than Shannon ever could’ve this year. Have you not forgotten that Shannon only had six verbal commitments lined up when he was fired last year? What do you really think Shannon’s Canes would’ve done this year?

        Jedd Fisch – better than Mark Whipple. Mark D’Onofrio – better than John Lovett. U Tough workout – better than the trash UM was doing to be so out of shape last year.

        You’re not going to fix things overnight and to judge a new head coach, working with an old team, ten games into his first season … doesn’t say much for your football knowledge.

        As for being Golden’s PR guy, please. You seem to forget that no one wanted this job in 2006 or 2010. If Miami loses Golden, who do you REALLY think is going to sign up for this gig? No head coach who wants to build a collegiate legacy is going to come here. This job is for guys who have the stones to clean up the mess and right the program so they can make a run at the NFL. Not too many of those guys out there. Sorry.

        Miami looks “average at best” in the ACC because they were garbage coming into this year and have truly sucked since 2006.

        From the Peach Bowl loss through the 2010 season the Canes are 35-30. What did you really expect this year?

        Be more objective? How about you attempt a little more logic first.

      2. You must have the attention span of a toddler if you believe a new coaching staff with an NCAA investigation surrounding them, suspensions, injuries and lack of depth is going to win many games this year). Of all the new coaches in CFB, Golden has had the steepest mountain to climb. Give the man time. I see you were willing to give Shannon a 5th year from his disasterous 4 years (maybe his 9-4 season wasn’t disasterous), you can at least give golden the same courtesey.

        1. Admin & VA Cane:
          Thank you for your response…
          Might’ve well stayed with Randy?
          Yes, if I would have known we were going to go 4-4, then we might as well kept Randy Shannon. I’m no Randy Shannon fan by the way, I thought he should have gotten fired. However, when you bring in a new football coach, you expect an improvement. We do not pay the Al Golden all that money to be 4-4. Both are you may like rooting for an average team, but I do not. Only things Al Golden has done differently then Randy Shannon has had better relations with the media and local high schools. However, he record speaks for itself. We give Al Golden the credit when hew wins he must then take the blame when we loose. How do you have a delay of game penalty on the first snap of the second half and when just came out of an timeout. How do you have successive false starts? It is the tenth game of the season, we should not be making those mistake. Those things are suppose to be taking care of. If the lack of discipline is what we have at this point of the season yes we should have stayed with Randy Shannon. Why s Brandon Washington starting a left tackle. He is thoroughly out of position and it killing us.

          I guess you are an huge supporter of moral victories. Whether we get beat by 48 or by 2, a loss is still a loss, in my book . We pay him to win football games not reduces the margin of defeat.

          Yes, it appears Golden has gotten off to a solid start in recruiting, but looking a the class much deeper…78% of the players are three stars or less, plus it is light on defensive lineman…If you are going to win NC you need good defensive linemen….FSU is has top ranked recruiting classes and frankly their freshmen class is better than our freshmen. We need to recruit better overall players to compete with the LSU and USC, and Alabama of the world…not Big east or MAC, or even ACC. Heck even Clemson recruits better than us.

          Leaving for Penn State
          Yes, I believe that if Golden leaves for PSUI do not believe we losses anything. Golden gives us no schematic advantage , his game-day skills are average at best. He cant seem to motivate players, and frankly I wonder can he go to toe with the Mad Hatter, Saban, Meyer, Stoops…I don’t know.

          I still am rooting for him, but lets be real he needs to improve.

          As far as my football knowledge:, email me and I will drop some knowledge on you…you can be my pupil.

          1. Josiah – Again, going to vehemently disagree on the Randy comment. Golden is 5-5 with Randy’s kids, but his squad looks better in losses than Shannon’s kids looked in some wins. Go back and look at the ass beatings UM was taking Shannon’s first year and look at the losses Golden has absorbed this year. Night and day.

            As I said in another post, look at some other first year coaches and where they started. Nick Saban. Pete Carroll. Bob Stoops. Saban and Carroll lost six games a piece year one and Stoops lost five games his first year. I’m sure many in their respective fan bases wanted to run them out of town after that inaugural year and what would that have done, considering all eventually won national titles.

          2. I agree you with. ADMIN, don’t keep bringing up the comparison between Golden’s first and Shannon’s first year. The striking difference between the coaches is that Golden DIDNT trash, he got the seniors from the nations #1 recruiting class. If these kids were trash then explain the almost comeback victories. The losses have come from players being out of postition on the defensive end and thats squarely on the Defensive coaches!!!!!

          3. if i am not mistaken ed reed was a 3 star recuit, and i am pretty sure ray lewis wasn’t on anybodys radar when he was recruited….

            i know everyone claims to have knowledge but a litlle perspective of mining history of prospects…

          4. … I believe Reed was a two-star and that only Miami and Tulane were recruiting him. He grew up a Florida State fan but they didn’t offer him.

            Can’t recall Ray Lewis, but would think he was rated somewhere as he came in as a true freshman and balled right away. Dude has the physique of an NFL player as a true freshman in 1993.

      3. good response by ADMIN. I don’t want to see a shoulda, woulda, coulda coach again…but give Golden a break. We did hire him to improve the W & L’s but that does not happen over night. While I am not a fan of moral victories the improvements from last year are beyond evident in my mind, but we were so far off last year it might take a while to show in the team record. I am tired of always saying next year, next year as a fan…but you have to be somewhat realistic in your expectations. Golden is right when he says until we realize where we are NOW as a program we can’t move forward. We all want to live in 2001, the glory days, but reality is we have been very far from it for a decade and the things, players, and habits that got us there don’t change with the signing of a new coaching contract. Give him time to get HIS recruits in here….look at some of our most consistent platers…Perryman, Chick, Dorsett…showing ability and maturity…let him recruit those types for another year or two and see if we don’t improve in the W & L’s.

        1. & give him time to build depth…so that when idiots Tweet dinner photos we have a backup that knows how to play the ball and not slow down to half speed.

  5. Who are these up and coming freshman you are speaking about? Where are they on defense? Not in the D line. Chickillo has potential but he is not that great. He may improve and get there one day but frankly, if he were not a “legacy” he wouldn’t be playing as much as he has. I’d take Ojomo or Vernon over him every play if both were eligible and healthy. There are no new freshman D tackles that are playing now. Linebackers? Perryman is the next Spence for sure, but hopefully you are not referring to Jimmy Gaines, who maybe will develop into a player but he has not been ready for prime time this year. Cornerbacks? Haven’t seen any new faces even tho current players are suspect. Safeties? Kacy Rogers? No disrespect to the man but he totally avoided contact when either a pic or a big hit was available on the TD.

    Lets look at the offense. Morris will be starter next year. We don’t know what we have behind him. Only speculation. Running back, has any freshman played this year? Storm played last year and was promising. Too bad he loved grass more than running on it. Tight end? Guess you could make case with Dye but that is a stretch. Receivers? Dorset he has been serviceable but not lights out? O-line, you never see any freshman playing there except Seantrell last year.

    So which guys are you talking about who are freshman we can look to and say, wow, he is a freshman or sophmore and he is a prime time player? Last year, there were two. Henderson and Storm. This year, Perryman, but thats it.

    1. None of these freshmen are supposed to be superstars yet. Ed Reed wasn’t but got there. These guys will to.

      Chickillo, showing promise and will be a good one. Disagree that’s he’s playing because of legacy. He’s playing because the defensive line looks like a MASH unit.

      Dorsett, looking good.

      Grimble, injured most of year but should be a good one.

      Paul, played sporadically and can’t be written off.

      Perryman, looks like a hitter and a good one.

      Pierre, injured most of year but shows promise.

      Smith, has gotten some playing time as a JUCO and has helped.

      Waiting to get Crawford and Finnie in the mix at corner and surprised they haven’t gotten more playing time with the holes over there.

      Regarding running back, Lamar Miller is crazy if he thinks he’s going anywhere. Mike James returns. Eduardo Clements has looked good at third string.

      Corners … more need to be recruited and developed but would hope that Finnie and Crawford are a step up.

      Tight end … still have to believe Walford can get it done and waiting to see if Cleveland re-emerges.

      Wideout, Dorsett have been ‘serviceable’ because he hasn’t ben needed. Outside of that, Streeter will return as he’s just a junior and there’s also Rashawn Scott going into next year and Allen Hurns is a junior.

      There will also be upwards of thirty new freshman on campus next year ready to make their mark.

      Again, 35-30 from the Peach Bowl through the 2010 season. There’s a reason this team is in the toilet right now and why Golden couldn’t right the ship in one season.

  6. Another frustrating game for the Canes. So close yet…. That’s the story of this entire season. The bottom line is that this group of kids does not know how to win. The mark of any decent team is to find a way even when you’re not at your best. This group hasn’t been able to achieve that. In spite of the massive improvements over the past few seasons, we’re still prone to the bad penalties and untimely gaffs. We just find ways to lose instead of ways to win. I cannot wait to bid a fond farewell to the class of 2008, a great group of underachievers if ever there was. I only hope that Coach Golden sticks around. I really believe he’s capable of resuscitating the program if given the opportunity and time.

  7. I hate to see Mia lose as much as anyone in the world. But I really hate to see Mia lose when JeCory is playing his ass off this season. Jecory is putting up “Heisman conversation” numbers even with the one-game suspension. With that said, the flip flop of Harris and Morris in the game was hard to understand.
    We wanna talk about growth under Golden; well a message needs to be sent to Ray Armstrong (sit his ass down the rest of the season), we still have too many false starts from the o-line (bench them and put B Wash and S Henderson back at their natural positions), and still have dropped passes and fumbles. .
    We wanna talk about heart and cpmpassion; when is a UM player gonna hit somebody like Nigel hit Laron Byrd? If you look closely at that play, two UM players got knocked the FUCK out. Laron of course (legal hit btw), then Lamar Miller got pancaked trying to chip the defensive end.
    Forget rallying cry for all these close call losses/moral victories. If we are using that as a recruiting edge and rallying cry for next season then we already are starting off on the wrong foot. If you don’t believe me ask the Boise State fans. One kick away last year from a BCS berth with a senior kicker, this year the freshman kicker fails and they are once again headed to the Poinciana Bowl.
    Moral of the story, if you can’t come from behind and win. don’t lose the lead in the first place!!!

  8. i keep hearing about this ncaa hammer supposedly coming down….. but if i am not mistaken you need some big time evidence with major implications to go past the 4 year statue of limitatations…….

    soooo is vip entrance to a club and a couple free meals totaling in most cases less than 100 dollars equal major misgivings??? i don’t think so….but who am i,….although i do know that the players that were suspeneded the actions happened during their recuiting cycle which is within those 4 years, meaning there isn’t much more they can look before considering these are the oldest players and they have served any and all suspensions from the ncaa and are cleared to be amateur athletes……

    soo please stop with the fear mongering

  9. also i agree with yesicane, that hit from that linebacker is the type of hit that was routine for miami middle linebackers or linebackers…. defense wins championships because the offense is to scared to run it’s routes and hit their runnig holes….i like gionni paul and perryman but time will tell if they like to hit or react,, i hope they like to hit..

  10. It’s funny if we beat a team ugly with golden a win is a win,if we lose a close game with golden then its some kind of moral victory but you love to point out Shannon 50-13 blowout to OU but regardless It’s still a lost just like losing to FSU was a lost who cares by how much they lost by or what the stat board only thing that matters is the final score you can’t have both ways

    1. Never used the term “moral victory” here and if anything, have made it very clear that what’s going on this year is much bigger than both wins and losses.

      The culture needs to be changed. Miami hasn’t had a good head coach since 2000 and bad habits have been a huge problem with this program for almost a decade now.

      These issues won’t be fixed overnight and Golden is coaching a bunch of kids he didn’t recruit, which is why you can’t get too high over a win or low over a loss.

      Going back to the Ohio State game, it was a win, but there were still flaws. Harris looked good, not great, back then and we all know the Buckeyes were a one-dimensional offense who could run but couldn’t throw. No one here was beating that drum and calling for a one-loss season after that game.

      Again, losses in the Shannon era were full-fledged beat downs where the kids flat-out gave up at times, and no halftime adjustments were made.

      This team is FAR from perfect, but to see better coaching, halftime adjustments, the best offensive game planning we’ve seen since Chud and a team that doesn’t quit in a loss — it’s night and day from where the program was a year ago, despite the record.

      Miami is finally on a road to recovery whereas the past few years it simply toiled in mediocrity. If you can’t at least see or acknowledge that, don’t know what to tell you.

  11. Golden not the only one who’s in his first year with kids who he didn’t recruit look at Michigan new HC doing pretty will his first year at the helm,you can make all the excuse you want but his record is what it is and what will you be saying if it next year is more of the same oh we are very young team? Cut the BS It’s time for result not catchy slogans and YouTube videos and cane walk all of those things are cute but golden gets paid to win games at end of it all winning is what matters.

    1. Brady Hoke is doing well at Michigan, sitting at 8-2 right now.

      That said, let’s note that wins have come over Western Michigan, Notre Dame, Eastern Michigan, San Diego State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Purdue and Illinois. Losses came against Michigan State and Iowa.

      Let’s see how Hoke’s Wolverines look against Nebraska this weekend. Ohio State and a bowl game after that. Could easily finish 8-5 or 9-4, with many wins coming against very weak football teams.

      Yes, Golden gets paid to win, as all coaches do. So while we’re at it, let’s go back and look at some first-year head coaches and how they fared. Here’s three off the bat.

      Nick Saban went 7-6 year one at Alabama, after inheriting a team that went 6-7 the previous year (2006).

      Pete Carroll went 6-6 year one at Southern Cal, after inheriting a team that went 5-7 the previous year (2000).

      Bob Stoops went 7-5 year one at Oklahoma, inheriting a team that went 5-6 the previous year (1999).

      Again, relax. You don’t judge a first-year head coach season one on anything other than noticeable improvement. Wins and losses don’t tell the whole story. This team looks more like a team under Golden than it has any other year since 2004.

  12. After reading all these posts one thing has come to my mind. Lets just fire the entire staff, and hire all the experts on this site. With as much knowledge that is being written here I’m sure we can at least win 9 games next year. Really amazing what amyone can do with a keyboard !

    1. Yes i agree with you. Coaches get paid to show that they know more about the game of football than the fans. If that doesn’t happen than you get this result.
      I remember when everyone taught KOBE was a ball hog and wanted him to play team ball. Then he palyed team ball and the lakers got their ass handed to them. Sad but true as ever, KOBE showed the fans that their best way to win was for him to take over!!!!!
      In Miami case, B Wash is a All-Conference in his former postition, he now is struggling at his new position. Typical logic would say put him back where he excelled and coach up S Henderson. Has that happened….no! Has keeping the situation the same worked…no!!! This same logic can be repeated in about three other postition. And i need not mention the denfensive shcemes every week.

  13. If you are hired to run a business that’s been in the red for 7 years and the owner says you have one year to turn it around do you believe you can actually do it? Now imagine you weren’t allowed to fire employees that were under performing but had to wait until they left after 4 years and you couldn’t hire new employees until the incompetent ones hired by the previous manager left. Could you turn the company around in 1 year? I will answer the question for you and tell you no you couldn’t. Steve jobs couldn’t turn apple around in 1 year. Please let’s keep things in perspective and give coach golden the opportunity to succeed just as you would want the same opportunity in your career.

    I can’t believe how impatient and unrealistic people are. Do you really expect a lot of wins following a 7-6 season where there were only six commits, an NCAA investigation, suspensions, injuries, lack of depth, new coaching schemes, bad habits, players kicked off the team, distractions and I can keep going. The amount of turnover and drama the whole athletic department has gone through this year is unbelievable. The fact that we are 5-5 is a miracle. Golden is doing such a good job that he is only 2 wins away from last years (stable, more depth, less injuries) team.

    1. Well said, as always, VA Cane. Nailed it with this:

      If you are hired to run a business that’s been in the red for 7 years and the owner says you have one year to turn it around do you believe you can actually do it? Now imagine you weren’t allowed to fire employees that were under performing but had to wait until they left after 4 years and you couldn’t hire new employees until the incompetent ones hired by the previous manager left. Could you turn the company around in 1 year? I will answer the question for you and tell you no you couldn’t. Steve jobs couldn’t turn apple around in 1 year. Please let’s keep things in perspective and give coach golden the opportunity to succeed just as you would want the same opportunity in your career.

  14. Thanks for pointing out the young players in the mix. These players we recruited in 2008 came in with such promise but for whatever reason, it never worked out for them. I am just looking at the playing time trying to find hope that there are new Canes who will replace keys losses to graduation next year. We lose four senior starters on offense. Jacory, Benjamin, Horn and Gunn. On defense, we lose Marcus Robinson, Andrew Smith, Regis, Spence, Futch, Mike Williams and Jo Jo Nicholas. That’s 11 guys who have played alot.

    When JJ took over, when he got control of the defense after Bill Trout left at the end of the 1984 season, I remember him playing the freshman. I think the LBs were Barrow, Armstead, and Darren Smith. He had played all freshman in the secondary beginning in 1984 I think. It paid huge dividends when he won the national championship in 1987.

    One other thing, each week, we see a well executed standard screen play that goes for big yards against us. Having watched Jacory for four years, he never accomplished the timing of it. Can you ask Coach Golden if Morris has the ability to make that play? Thanks.

  15. It’s evident by all the posts that we all care about The U and want to see them become a national power again. It’s been almost a decade of average teams and what-ifs. That being said, look at all of the turnover we’ve had with various coaches, and staffs underneath each coach. The thing that has killed us since butch left is stability. How can we, myself included, expect these kids to excel when they’re learning new schemes and verbage seemingly every other year when new head coaches or offensive/defensive coordinators arrive. How many OCs/DCs did Shannon have? How many did Coker have? The kids still have to execute and play with passion, but the staff turnover has not helped things.

    Golden wanted this job. Period. That means he WANTS to be here. I think he can turn it around. With the games we lost, we could have easily won every one of them. I think he will solve this through recruiting his type of players, not worrying about how many stars they have. That is a subjective crapshoot. Look at Alabama. All their guys are not 4 and 5 stars. They are guys who fit his scheme and measurables for each position. Golden is detailed and will turn this around.

  16. Golden will not win here I can’t believe how low canes expectations have gone to It’s ok to lose long as you keep it close,BS golden blows,donna has ran this program into the ground I’m going to root for a program who cares about winning like bama or lsu…..Roll Tide!

    1. … and we wonder why there’s no fan support and 30K in the stadium for Duke.

      Root for Alabama or LSU. How clever. Rocking a St. Louis Cardinals cap, Dallas Mavericks shorts and a Green Bay jersey while you type this?

      Good riddance, pseudo-fan. You won’t be missed.

      1. This has become a women’s basketball school,the administration could careless about the football program you can tell by how much money they spend on the coaching staff and the football program still doesn’t have its own stadium,but you know who cares? UF,FSU,Bama,lsu etc they spend money where it needs to be spent.tell donna build this team a stadium update its facilities make it easier on our coaches to compete in recruitng against the sec.

        1. … yeah, great call. Just “tell Donna” to build a stadium. That’s how it works.

          Florida, Florida State, Alabama and LSU are (1) all state schools with state funding, (2) are not private schools with under 10K undergrads, (3) have DEEP alumni bases and HUGE boosters and (4) are the only show in one-horse towns like Gainesville, Tallahassee, Tuscaloosa and Baton Rouge.

          Miami is what Miami is — a small private school in a metropolitan city, who if anything has spent the past several decades over-exceeding expectations on the football field. Period.

          There will NEVER be an on-campus stadium in a million years. The city of Coral Gables has regulations regarding how high residents can keep their shrubs. If you think the city will ever allow a stadium and the traffic that comes with it, you’re high.

          Furthermore, when no one shows up for games — win or lose — the money will never be invested for six to seven Saturdays a year.

          Dolphins. Heat. Marlins. Panthers. South Beach. All the aforementioned cities you named have nothing of the sort. They have a ‘downtown’ that spans one street, a few dive bars, no liquor on Sundays and 50,000+ students with not a damn thing to do on Saturday afternoons.

          You need to get a clue, my friend. You obviously have no idea how all of this works.

          As for the facilities upgrade, that has been underway for years, with a new athletic center being built and upgrades made to other aspects of the facilities. Miami is doing just fine in that department for a private school. Relax.

  17. I am so sick of these “Donna haters”. She did NOT run this program into the ground. Our lousy recruiting under Elmer Fudd Coker and Randy Shannon did that. And please don’t tell me that she’s responsible for hiring them.
    You want to root for LSU and Alabama? Fine…good riddance to you.
    I’ll take UM any time.
    I know this has nothing to do with athletics but… academically they can’t touch us. As an alum, I’m pretty darn proud of where we’ve gone in that department. Oh yeah, last I heard this was an institution of higher learning.

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