Game Three : Kansas State 28, Miami 24

It was a game Miami needed to win for a litany of reasons. To prove the drubbing of Ohio State wasn’t a fluke. To prove that the electricity and hunger from a week ago could carry over to a showdown with lesser hype. The new-look Canes, led by Al Golden, are definitely getting better – but a new look doesn’t equate in a new team. Old habits die hard and another slow start, coupled with missed opportunities, cost the Canes in the end.

Miami fell to Kansas State, 28-24 on Saturday afternoon at Sun Life. The Canes began in a slumber, but were rejuvenated in the second half. Down 14-3 after two, UM took it’s first lead early in the fourth quarter, going up 24-21. Unfortunately the issues that plagued Miami early still remained; an inability to stop the run.

After Kansas State returned the favor with an eight-play, 80-yard drive to reclaim the lead, Miami looked as if it’d pull off a masterful comeback. A 33-yard strike from Jacory Harris to tight end Chase Ford had the Canes at the Kansas State fourteen-yard line and a pass interference call on an ensuing third down gave Miami 1st-and-Goal from the two-yard line. Four plays later, Harris was stopped on the one-yard line, the Wildcats took over, ran out the clocks and this one was in the books.

In the wake of another loss, dropping the Canes to 1-2 on the season, all the focus quickly shifted to the final possession. Two yards and coming up short four times had many questioning the playcalling of offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch and again calling for Harris’ head as he found another way to not get the job done. One yard was the focus, but it wasn’t the story.

Miami lost – again – because it didn’t play sixty minutes of football. On many levels that statement is a cliche, but it’s proving to be one that the Canes have lived to imperfection. It was the case at Maryland, where an erratic first half put Miami in a hole it couldn’t fully dig itself out of and that proved true again this weekend with Kansas State.

The Canes opened strong with a 41-yard kickoff return courtesy of Travis Benjamin. On the first play from scrimmage, Benjamin rushed for nine yards to the Kansas State 46- yard line. More Benjamin, mixed in with a few Lamar Miller runs and a ten-yard reception by Philip Dorsett had the Canes on a roll. On a 2nd-and-8, Harris wisely used his legs and set up a 3rd-and-1 from the Wildcats 17-yard line.

False start, Miami as offensive lineman Jon Feliciano moved early. Momentum killed and an incompletion later the Canes are settling on a 39-yard Jake Wieclaw field goal. Later in the first quarter it was a Joel Figueroa who moved on 4th-and-4, where Harris had two open receivers and a sure first down. Instead, the Canes punted and again left more potential points on the field.

Kansas State answered back on their first possession, driving sixty-three yards on eleven plays, punctuated with quarterback Collin Klein pushing in for a two-yard touchdown run.

Klein finished a respectable 12-of-18 through the air for 133 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. On the ground he amassed 93 yards and a score, as well. Even more frustrating, the timing. Whether if was Klein or running back John Hubert getting in done with their legs, it was how and when they made their plays.

Twice on Kansas State’s opening drive Miami allowed third down conversions – an 18-yard pass to Brodrick Smith on a 3rd-and-5 and Klein’s two-yard score on 3rd-and-Goal. Early in the second quarter, Klein found receiver Tyler Lockett between two receivers in the end zone. His pass, on 3rd-and-10, sailed inches above the outstretched hand of linebacker Ramon Buchanan, giving the Wildcats a 14-3.

Buchanan was also a second late when Klein did his best Tim Tebow, firing a jump pass to tight end Travis Tannahill – another failed third down stop by Miami.

A game of inches all day long, with few breaks going Miami’s way – most notably three Kansas State fumbles that all found their way back to offensive Wildcats.

Any shot Miami had at gaining momentum, Kansas State always resnatched it. The Canes got a hand on an early third quarter field goal attempt and responded with a four-yard touchdown strike to Tommy Streeter. UM went seventy-one yards on six plays, with a huge 3rd-and-3 pick up where Harris found Dorsett for 31-yards, followed by the Streeter score.

Kansas State answered with an eight-play, 83-yard drive and the Tannahill haul-in, the key play being a 15-yard Klein run on – you guessed it – another big 3rd-and-10. It was followed by back-to-back runs by Hubert, who gained sixty-two of his eventual 166 yards on this game-defining drive.

Down 21-10, Miami went big play again when Miller broke off a 59-yard touchdown and the Hurricanes defense finally seized momentum and stepped up. Jordan Futch sacked Klein on first down and on 3rd-and-12, Marcus Forston got to Klein, who fumbled, though Kansas State recovered.

Three plays later, Harris found Benjamin for a 34-yard strike and Miami had it’s first and only lead, but the Canes defense couldn’t hold court again. On the ensuing 3rd-and-1, Hubert tore off a 47-yard run and capped it off with a two-yard, walk-in score (moments after yet another Wildcats fumble they recovered).

The teams traded punts before Miami’s final drive, which ended with the four-play series that netted one lone yard and sent the Canes to the locker room with its fifth loss in six games – and while three of those losses closed out last season and earned a head coach his pink slip, it also proved that even with new staff in place, old ways still rear their ugly head at the most inopportune time.

You can’t watch Coach Golden and not believe this man has “it” and won’t turn things around. The preparation last weekend against Ohio State and the resiliency shown against Kansas State – these kids aren’t quitters. Miami fought back all afternoon and was one-yard from being praised instead of trashed.

That said, this team still has some old school Randy Shannon running through its blood and because of that, one step forward will often be coupled with a step back. A great drive will be followed by a flat one. A huge play will happen as often as a head scratcher. A player will look like a superstar one half and lost the next.

Pulling this whole thing together and gaining consistency … it’s going to take time, people. Frustrating as that is to accept, it’s truth.

As for Coach Fisch, he shouldn’t be a scapegoat for inefficiency. Harris and tight end Clive Walford should’ve connected on the 1st-and-Goal play for the game-winning touchdown. When that faltered, the Miami offensive line should’ve pushed hard enough for bigger, short-yardage back Mike James to get into the end zone, like he did on the final score last week against the Buckeyes.

On 4th-and-Goal, the first read was a shove pass to Miller, but the plays was blown up unintentionally when a Kansas State defensive lineman was late off the ball and blocked the lane. Walford was the second option, in the flat, but was covered. That left Harris to run and he came up short.

Four acceptable play calls. Four plays where inefficiency or good defense won out.

This loss didn’t come down to one play or one drive. It was a collective effort to fail as Miami did on Saturday. A slow start. An inability to stop the run or contain a lesser known quarterback, who the Canes made the poster boy for grit, hunger and determination.

A dozen plays in this game caused Miami to lose and it’s that collective body of work which will continue hurting the Canes if this squad doesn’t tighten up. Ten penalties game one, five game two and only four this weekend – but they couldn’t have come at more inopportune, drive-killing times.

Aside from the two first quarter false starts, a mid-fourth quarter illegal procedure penalty after a Kansas State kickoff pinned Miami at it’s own 13-yard line to start a drive that never got moving. It was the Canes’ worst field position of the day and took place after the Wildcats went ahead, 28-24.

Big plays on offense to chip away at a deficit or to eventually take the lead were rubbed out by an inability to tackle or get a stop when necessary. UM showed flashes of greatness, but simply didn’t do so in a consistent enough manner to get the job done.

Miami and defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio must get better at stopping the run, which looks as if it will be a problem due to depth and personnel. The Hurricanes’ defensive line hasn’t been effective and isn’t getting the pressure it needs to, linebackers aren’t playing up to their potential and the secondary is a definitely weak, depleted link.

Maryland coaches exploited this defense game one while Kansas State coaches seemed to study that film en route to finding the same holes and capitalizing.

Miami are so focused on sending Harris to the bench, they’ll still work to pin the blame for this loss on him. Yes, No. 12 got off to a bit of a slow start, had an early interception and missed a few throws, but as far as the comeback went, it was Jacory-fueled.

4-for-4 on the opening drive of the third quarter, ending with the touchdown to Streeter. Harris completed his next three passes, as well – a twenty-yarder to Benjamin before the long Miller score and on the next drive, fifteen yards to Streeter before hitting Benjamin for the 34-yard touchdown.

Harris was 11-of-13 in the second half with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Miami did a lot of things wrong against Kansas State, but sticking with Harris and rallying behind him wasn’t one of them.

A loss is always a team loss, but the onus of this one falls on the Miami defense for making an average Kansas State offense look all world. That’s not a knock on Klein or Hubert, but a safe bet neither of them has a performance akin to this one the rest of the year.

The Wildcats put on 398 total yards – 133 through the air and an inconceivable 265 on the ground – many of those coming on third down or as a response to Miami’s offense putting up points.

The Hurricanes lost because of yards given away; not because of one yard it failed to pick up. – C.B.



57 thoughts on “Game Three : Kansas State 28, Miami 24

  1. Chris – as always, good analysis. But the reasons are not inexplicable. They are quite simple. Miami does not have any talent. Missed tackles, poor angles and mental mistakes are part of an all familiar theme of the last several years. Miami has fallen into a culture of losing. It is a shame and I take no pleasure in saying it but these are systemic problems not easily solved. It is a sad, sad day.

    1. Jake – Disagree that there’s “no” talent, but certainly on the defensive side of the ball there are some holes. Defensive line isn’t as effected as expected / hoped for, linebacker hasn’t risen up to the challenge (outside of Spence) and the secondary is pretty depleted an an area where a lack of talent definitely fits.

      Bad angles, missed tackles, et al are all a big part of what’s wrong and you hope that in time that is coached up and changed. The inability to stop the run yesterday is going to kill this team down the stretch if that isn’t corrected.

      1. You’re right, I should not say “no” talent. But the talent drop off is quite noticable. I think it is generous to say that there are “holes” in the defense which seems to be giving up 200+ rushing yards per game.

        What I don’t get is that the team has had all of spring and fall practice to correct basic football fundamentals like tackling. That is what leads me to conclude that maybe the talent just isn’t there.

        It’s one thing to play well and lose. It’s another to put on the performances that Miami has for the last several years. That is why I think it is a systemic, cultural issue. A culture of losing has developed at Miami. That affects both the mental and physical parts of the game.

  2. Don’t think I’ve ever seen us whiff on so many tackles in my life…I just hope we fix it before the ACC games come…


    1. Jack – I apologize for not seeing your post earlier. I can’t see posts until the administrator approves them so I’m just now seeing them.

      I appreciate the point of your question, which is to call me out on the fact that no sanctions have yet been imposed and therefore I should not suggest they will be.

      Unfortunately I do not share your optimism. What we read in the media is but a scratch on the surface of what is probably going on in the investigation.

      I fully anticipate severe sanctions based on what little has been published and with the expectation that the investigation (still ongoing) will reveal more. It is possible I am wrong. That would be nice if I were.

      However, the NCAA is going to be under immense pressure to make an example of Miami, given the nature of the charges. A number of other schools are also under investigation for other violations (Oregon, South Carolina, Fresno State I think are the most recent, but I’m unsure.) So the idea that Miami will walk away with no penalties, or a mere “slap on the wrist,” while possible, I find unlikely.

      Perhaps I’m wrong, and time will tell. But all signs appear to be pointing to pending sanctions.

      1. Thanks for your response. Again, I believe under Randy Shannon’s watch most of the infractions were minor. If the NCAA does not go beyond the 4 year statue of limitations, Miami should be fine. “I hope!!!”

        1. Jack – I too hope so! But there’s blood in the water and most of the sharks out there would LOVE to take down MIAMI.

          What depressing about the whole thing is that with Shapiro supposedly providing all these “incentives” to recruits and players, Miami still could not manage a conference championship, BCS game – heck even a 10 win season!!! If I were Shapiro, I’d want my money back …


          1. Jake,

            Ok, I got! IF and only IF the Canes win 7 games and the investigation looks bad. Why not do a self imposed penalty of a bowl ban this year, vacated wins 08,09 and give 6 schollies over 3 years? Unlike USC, I believe the university is all over this investigation! However, I am an internal optimist!!
            What say you?

          2. JACK – in response to your suggestion below, I think the self-imposition of meaningful penalties (not like UNC is trying to pull) would be warranted IF it appears as though the NCAA is going to come down hard due to its investigation. Miami actually did the same thing during the Pell Grant scandal. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but in Butch Davis’ first year, UM imposed a post-season ban and scholarship reduction on itself in order to mitigate the coming NCAA penalties. Vacating wins seems like a new trend, but the problem with it is that they are meaningless as a punishment. The games have already been played, and unless Golden wants to stay at UM long enough to challenge Paterno’s and Bowden’s victory record, they really don’t count for much.

            Of course, this assumes that UM has more knowledge of how the investigation is going and what may be coming down. Self-imposition is always preferable, so long as it is meaningful.

            But Miami may not have many wins to vacate … sadly … if the defense doesn’t step up its game!


          3. They wouldnt vacate wins from this year as all players are eligible having already served suspensions, but I think vacated previous years wins and a bowl ban this year is a good idea.

  3. Where oh where has our DEFENSE gone??? I find it hard to believe that our front four is that weak that we can’t get consistent push. The lack of depth is obvious but where is the heart that the Russell Maryland’s, and Warren Sapp’s and Rusty Mederias’s had and you couldnt pull them off the field. Someone has got to step up on that line and emerge as a leader.
    I am not looking forward to playing GT this year. It could prove to be ugly. Arm tackles and missed tackles were plenty. Spence..our leader …ran right by the QB and RB on a third down play and didnt make a the tackle. At times it felt like I was watching my sons 9 YO team play.
    What I was glad to see was Jacory no collapse. he had a great second half. If only he learned how to run sooner….what things could have been. Fisch shouldnt take the blame. I agree had that 1st down throw been a little higher to Walfford, it would be all gravy. matter of fact I thought the 4th down play was perfect because it gave us options. Just none of them worked.
    I still want to see the discipline from this team I was promised. If you can break away from the pain of the overall loss, there was some growth. But it is overshadowed by the few bonehead plays we are used too.
    Well get back after it next week!!

  4. until the NW kids graduate, this team won’t take on a new identity…I hate to say it, but that seems to be the consistent problem

    1. Michael I hate to say it but I’m agreeing with you more and more on this with each one of these debacles….and there have been way too damn many. It seems that the same issues continually creep up. I honestly don’t know if its a mental thing with this team, a fundamentals thing (they were coached by what I consider the worst staff since before Snelly took over) or a combination of both. I truly believe that we aren’t going to see great progress until we see some of the Shannon regime upper classman graduate and some of Golden’s kids start to progress/mature. IMO poor coaching has taken a toll and it could be a couple of years before we see a real turn around. Hope I’m wrong…

      1. the nw kids need graduate in order for us to win. hmmm ok so apparently it wasn’t harris and streeter making plays for us in the game……my eyes must have been seeing things when streeter scored? brandon washington is not our best lineman? sean spence is not the heart and sole of our defense? i’m seeing things and it must be other people filling the roles i just stated. The NW kids played their hearts out. Yes we lost and yes they were the most hyped part of that 08 class. But remember this before you write them off acc play starts in two weeks. two weeks and bethune to iron out alot of issues and get more confidence. VT is a good solid team but has weakness like us…. unc same deal and so does gt. All three of those can be beat. Relax we have the most important part of our schedule coming up. don’t write off these kids or this team yet.

  5. The run D has been a problem since at least last season. Remember the rush yards against FSU. Golden tried to beef up the D by recruiting mostly defenders but it will take a couple more recruiting cycles to correct. Question is what in Gods name was Shannon doing with recruiting to allow so many holes with such little depth.

    On a side note we are not getting heavily sanctioned. Slap on the wrist. If you saw goldens interview with Jim Rome he basically says the allegations are not as bad as they seemed in the yahoo article. I understand he has to do his PR thing but I’m sure he has info as to where the investigation is headed and he didnt seem too concerned about it. This was in response to a post in the last blog post.

  6. I can’t blame J12 for this one at all…he actually seemed to wake up in the second half and I saw glimpses of the J12 we all placed our hopes on in his first year, before he became his own worst enemy. This one falls on the D. They did their best to make KState’s QB look like Vick…who he certainly was not. I don’t know which is worse the D-Line for getting zero pressure, or the LB’s for not covering up the holes. And I seriously question as a coaching staff, how you can not come back from the half and place a spy on the QB after that. One guy whose assignment is just the QB…we had zero containment on him, even after he already gashed us up for nearly a hundred yards in the first half.

    If not fixed, this D is going to lose us at least 3 more games…VTech, GTech, and the ‘Noles are salivating on game tape after watching 2 mediocre teams play school with our run D. And, except for Spence and Chickillo I don’t see anyone stepping up after 3 games and making themselves known. I just hope that changes..and soon.

  7. While Miami’s D has always been known for it’s speed, it seemed at times, as if they were moving in slow motion. You know it’s really messed up when you have no doubt that the Wildcats are going to convert on 3rd down, but have total confidence that the Canes will not be able to do it.

    Their is SOME talent on the Canes, but after seeing the beatdown that Temple put on Maryland, I think we really won’t be that good until AG gets the type of players that he wants. Also, I do have some doubts about these coordinators, especially on D. After the other team goes up 14 points, then changes are made and by then it’s probably too late.

    Of course, everything will depend on how long AG sticks around.

  8. All this talk about Forston and he gets man handled again. Same crap as last year.

    Difference is last year we led the Nation in tackles for a loss. This year we can’t even do that.

  9. The equation is plain and simple. If you cannot stop the run, you cannot win. Not much left to be said. Yeah, we always shoot ourselves in the foot with stupid penalties at inopportune times. Yeah, our O-line wasn’t assertive enough in the red zone. Yeah, JH is often a bonehead. Ultimately, though, it’s not “all about the U”, it’s all about the run!

  10. oh so now we want to pile it on after a loss. You people arent real canes fans. Get off this blog!!
    This was one of the most respectable canes outing I have ever seen to be frank with you. Yes we loss, but we were right there in the fight. Down 14 -3, the canes didn’t give up.
    Want to pile on the OC….did you see the adjustments made after halftime…KSU loading the box to stop Miller and he opened up the playbook. We should stop throwing these comeback routes because thats where the int’s are coming from. when J12 threw slants and stop and go’s the yards racked up and well as the running game. Streeter, Dorsett, and Hurns are showing why they will blaze up the charts in weeks to come…NO drops!!! We would have never got to the two yard line without Fisch, so stop that chatter right now. Look at the photo above…if j12 droves for the end zone, this game is an instant classic….remember the 2001 Canes barely beating a Boston College team that had no business still in the game in the 4th quarter. Honestly i would have given the ball to Hagen but I can live with this!
    Did you fake ass canes fans see the UM cornerbacks chase down the KSU running back TWICE on what looked like for sure scores..(i know you didn’t, don’t look at the box scores and look at sportscenter and make your comment, watch the whole game)…I see all these comments about talent or the lack thereof. But i see EFFORT. If this effort continues the canes will get the wins for sure. Ask Florida State how far talent got them this weekend!!!!
    As far as the defense goes…I noticed this game that the D-line and the LB’s doesn’t disguise the blitzes at all. When this happens, it very easy for the O-Line to pick a man and block. I believe thats why we are not getting pressure.

    1. Solid analysis YES I CANE. At least not everyone on here is a fair-weather fan…seems like some of the people commenting have never been in a rain storm.

      This was a good game that came down to the wire and all three have been nail-biters (which is more than can be said of a lot of other 1-2 teams in the country). People who say Miami is lacking talent as absolutely full of it and should have their heads examined…and people who want a DC’s head on a platter after 3 (really more like 2 1/4) real games with a defense are absolutely ridiculous.

      Where has all the patience gone? Our fan base is the laughing stock of the college football world because of the attitude of instant-gratification seeking, twitter-posting, south-beach trolling tards that clearly have no understanding of persistence or hard work. Stop being such sensationalists with these ridiculous notions of “systemic problems” and “sad, sad days” (I’m looking at you Jake). Those kinds f comments are poisoning the fan base and bring nothing to the table. Obviously arm tackles are no good and obviously bad angles are no good. Calm down. We have two weeks to prepare for the ACC and the men will get it sorted out. (“sad, sad days” – Jesus Christ…)

      On a different front; does anyone know anything about the Keith Brown rumors? ESPN insider is saying he’s jumping ship for Clemson. Personally, I hope we meet them in the ACC championship game and wipe the floor with their faces.

      Stay true U.


      1. ROCKET – appreciate your support of the team. I was once in your shoes … untl about 2008, after the first four years of noticable decline. I get no comfort from my analysis. In my business, it is my job to tell my superiors what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. These are indeed sad days in my opinion – and have been for quite some time. There are serious cultural and systemic issues at work. Perhaps I’m wrong, and indeed I would love nothing better than to see UM rattle off 9 wins this year. But Miami’s past performance suggests otherwise, unfortunately.

        Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

    2. If this was Oklahoma or Alabama or LSU, I would agree with you, YesICane. But this is K-State we’re talking about… A team with inferior athletes who came in a 2 TD dog. Losing to such an opponent at home, whether on the last play or not, is indefensible. It’s OK for a fan to call out their team after a loss like this, and we should! That being said, I’m still very excited to see what Golden does with this team!

  11. Excellent breakdown here. I thought besides a few real dumb penalties by the O-line, the offense actually played pretty well throughout the game. Had the defense – particularly the front 7 – pulled their weight, the offense woulda played even better. But it is what it is, and the front 7 on D really needs to get its act together. Two weeks in a row the run game of the opponent has made its mark, and in just a little bit here comes Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech.

    Forston, Ojomo, and the rest of the line needs to get a more consistent push off the ball, ‘cuz K-State was pushing forward like a runaway train on run plays. Meanwhile, the LBs need more consistent tackling so those plays don’t burst into the next level – Spence played good as always (especially that play where he and McGee blew up in the backfield) but Cookie had some gaffes, and where the heck was Gaines all day?

  12. Why don’t we have an offensive package that takes advantage of Stephen Morris’s running ability. He was an option QB in high school. He should have been running the ball on 4th and goal, not J12 who is 120 pounds soaking wet.

  13. how has the coaching staff not addressed the fact that vaughn temaque dives for every fregin tackle im burned out on watching him miss tackles in clutch situations like when tyrod taylor ran right around his dive last year for a td is this guy fighting for the leading role in the soft tape or what.and the d coordinator needs to leave perryman on the feild insted of gamble that was made clear this game when gamble bounced off the tight end and let him catch a touchdown not assignment football.and when perryman was lightin em up

  14. If you’re honest with yourself, this team has 6-6 written all over it. The defense can’t stop the run and can’t make a stop when it counts the most. The offense is mistake-prone and frequently struggles in the red zone. The special teams is nothing special. Mediocrity and national irrelevance are the new norm at Miami. The specter of NCAA punishment looms. I’ll still watch the games and support the program as much as I can from 2300 miles away, but Saturday no longer holds the excitement it once did. God bless Al Golden for taking on this massive rebuilding task.

  15. As I said on Sunday, this was a VERY disappointing loss. I put this one squarely on the shoulders of both lines. The defensive line can not or will not get off blocks and get pressure on QBs or RBs, and the OL is not coming off the ball creating holes in crucial situations. Against KState, we got NO pressure on the QB with just our front four and a lot of the time, we made natural running lanes for him by coming too far upfield. I love college football period, and just take a look at the play of the lines of LSU or Alabama and then look how ours play. No comparison. I just wish we would play tougher with a meaner, smarter streak. We have to turn it around.

  16. The bottom line is that this team SUCKS!!! JAcory 5th year senior continues to struggle reading defenses, period! There are too many wannabees on this team, and right now they have no one to blame but their piss poor performance. That’s 2 freaking games they should of won, period!

    I am so sick of reading piss poor excuses on here. At the key positions we are sucking at is QB, FS, CB, DEF etc… The players and the Off Coord blew that game away. How in the hell can you run 4 freaking run plays and get stuffed right on the 1 yard line??? WTF???

    It’s calls like that and performances that is KILLING the U! This team SUCKS! We are 0-2 for the first time since a long long time!

    1. … Harris, like the rest of the 2008 class who didn’t redshirt, are all fourth year seniors. Furthermore, Jacory was the least of Miami’s problems on Saturday. A defense which made an average RB look all world and and a scrub QB look like a Heisman candidate … those were the issues on Saturday. 400 yards given up to Kansas State.

      Meanwhile, Harris led a monster second half comeback, going 11-of-13 with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Should’ve been 12-of-13 with three touchdowns had Walford hauled in that first down pass and the lone incompletion would’ve been the PI play with Streeter on the final drive.

      There have been MANY times that losses were squarely on the shoulders of No. 12. This sure a shit isn’t one of them.

  17. I don’t have this team winning 6 games this year.. And I’m legitimately afraid of Duke.

    We couldn’t put Duke away in ’10 despite being the recipient of SIX turnovers.

    We’ve had to come from behind to beat them in 2008 and 2009.

    That’s just the cotton candy part of the season I’m worried about. Nevermind VT, UNC, GT, FSU and USF. You can call me a fake fan, you can call me fairweather, but know this. When you sit through a 47-0 ass whipping that was Miami vs Florida State in 1997.. AND STILL stick with the team even after nearly a decade of mediocrity.. THEN you can call someone fairweather, or fake.

    I’m a pessimist for a reason. Pessimists are optimists, with experience.

    This team has CONSTANTLY let people down. So pardon we (the people) if we offend some of you tryhard fans when the team loses to a program that would be considered cannon fodder for some of the teams of old.

    We were in a position to win at the end of the game? THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN WITHIN TWO SCORES OF US, PERIOD. But no. Why? Couldn’t be that MAC Defensive Coordinator we have calling the plays now. KNOWING the run is coming, leaving the DB’s ten yards off the LOS, letting the DE’s line up directly from the tackles, couldn’t be that. No, never that. Couldn’t be our PATHETIC strength and conditioning (I’ve been a advocate for Swasey, but enough is enough. I’m tired of seeing this team being pushed around like little kids) that we’ve had to suffer through for the last decade. Kansas State is NORMALLY a Big 12 bottom feeder. Sure, they’ve had decent years. But we all know Texas and Oklahoma run that conference.

    Something has to give. People make not of Ray Ray and Olivier missing. That’s not going to save this soft as hot butter defensive unit. At all. That’s not going to magically make the kids stronger. Seriously. 2 yards is all you need to beat Kansas State.. And you can’t even get that?

    Imagine Georgia Tech. Imagine Virginia Tech (who has our number, should be a bigger rival than Florida State, who by the way is going to SMASH us when we go to Doak).

    Gonna’ be a miserable season.

  18. The core issue is this my friends. These kids do not have heart nor do they have a true leader that inspires all. Let me ask you this. If I put on a superman outfit, do I now have extreme superpowers? HELL NO! That is what these kids seem to think though when they don the []_[]. They seem to think that this doesn’t mean they need to work as hard as those that paved the way before them to make that symbol what it is today, or once was. That superman []_[] has since lost the luster that it once had, the days when when the hardcore players of the past would out will their opponent. They would dig deep down inside themselves and muster up everything they could to seal the deal, thus leaving everything the had on the field. These young men need to put the feelings of entitlement to rest and learn what it takes to a be real man, to be able to look in the mirror when its all said and done, []_[] aside, and say I played my heart out today. Stop looking for the easy way out and do what it takes to WIN these damn ball games, they are to close within reach and you are just letting them slip between your fingers. Every play and every down must convey the mentality that you are going to stick your cleat in their throat and remove it only when the clock says 0:00 after the fourth quarter.

    1. I would agree with you, but when you consider the fact that we have been sending seemingly average players to the NFL where they thrive, your argument breaks down. Sam Shields is a prime example of a kid who never lived up to the hype here at the U, but became an impact player his rookie year. The Packers didnt surgically implant killer instinct! They just coached him up! Let’s see what Golden can do with thi group, but remember, it’s gonna take longer than one offseason for these kids to really absorb what Golden is hopefully teaching them.

      Also, I don’t think that” []_[]” on those helmets has completely lost it’s luster. We were hated then, and we are hated now! Just look at the reaction from around the country when Shapiro-Gate broke! No ,matter how bad we are, everybody wants to beat us, and I don’t think that’ll change.

  19. A lot of people are talking that AG may leave. That’s nonsense. He’s getting paid a huge salary and Tom Bradley at PennState is the coach in waiting.

  20. The team this year has more heart the the kids of last. Even if its the same players. I don’t see them coming even close to Kansas state after being down 14-3. I see another notre damn beat down where we are shaking are heads on why it went so bad with all the talent. Its Miami people, there is talent. The speed is there, but the play makers aren’t. The difference between talent and a play maker is all mental. Its all reactions, all it takes is something to click. Thats coming from personal experience in college sports. I don’t care how fast you are if you aren’t aware of whats going on your not gonna be one of those guys. I hate to be so called satisfied after a lose but im happy to see these guys fight back. If they come out every game like they did in the second half of this game they will win 9/10 games the rest of the year. Harris looked impressive in the second half when the let him loose but again it was to a defense that might had one guy that could hang with us, which just happen to be at Miami two years ago. A true fan backs up your team no matter what. We are going through a really rough spell that I have not enjoyed at all nor do i enjoy being 1-2 right now. Its hard to go to work when my boss is a UF fan and rubs it in that Miami loss. but none the less I take the good things out of this game and run with it. The fight i saw in them against Maryland sitting in the rain and the fight i saw on tv this game was impressive compared to last year. Which then is improvement which is what i wanna see. yes its a downgrade from OSU but up grade from last year. I’m not gonna hang my head like everyone expects us to after the great U isn’t doing good again. I’m looking into the future and realizing that we have one with the way things are heading. Our defense has its problems but doesn’t mean our offense can’t pick it up. Which doesn’t mean our defense cant hold teams to field goals or cause fumble that just happen to land in the other teams hands. I like what i saw out of harris and now just wish we could do that most of the game with a lot of flashes from miller and james. Miami as a team can surprise every once in awhile and let you down as well. There is nothing you can do as a fan but watch and hope for the best. yeah its frustrating, but stick with them. There is good to come in the next few weeks. VT could have a tough game against GT. which means we need to beat them down even more. We just need to start the 1st quarter with fire running through our blood that everyone wants to see us fail instead of the ice that everyone is expecting us to. which seems to be some canes fans as well. I can’t predict the future and i know on Saturday any team can win. So to say we are a 6/6 team after 3 games is a joke. The final outcome of the games show us to be but if u look at the 2 losses, we have played 100 percent half of the game and still had a chance to when on final possessions. If the focus is there we will win a lot more games than just 6.

    1. I agree with your point, but i think 10 wins is being too generous.

      The next time your boss says anything about the U, just remind him that 5 (really six because I count ’02) is more than 3… and that we wouldn’t trade our past for UFs future!

  21. I can’t believe what im reading….You fake fans saying that the Strength and Conditioning coach is at fault….WTF! This is the same coach that put the 2001 Canes on the field. If you have an athletic bone in your body you know that conditioning is conditioning. Hard work is HARD WORK. Futhermore, This canes team has OUTSCORED teams in the second quarter each game this year.
    All all this bullshit about GT and VT….True fans know that miami has OWNED GT like no other team the past two years. Tyrod taylor is in the nfl now, and Mia played their asses off last year against VT….TB3 just missed a fingertip pass that he was sure to take to the house!!! Plus we had a freshman QB on the field that game…Get your facts straight.
    Nick Saban loss 4 close games his first year with a home loss to Lousiana Monroe, now look @ Alabama..
    Miami is on the rise and there will be Champange to the True Fans and Real Pain to the Sham Fans.

    1. True fans also know that Georgia Tech ran for almost 500 yards against us in 2008.

      It’s called shutting down the dive play and GT being one dimensional.

      We aren’t getting any push, defensively. And therefore aren’t taking the dive play away.. AND, they now have a pretty efficient little passing game going. We KNOW UNC has a better secondary than us their their stud receiver caught 5 or 6 passes for 151 yards..

      So, just something to think about. Just because we beat them when we had some skill at corner and a D-Line that hasn’t seemed to regress, doesn’t mean we’re going to smash them from here on out.

  22. What are the chances Coach Golden stays after this season? That, to me, is the $64,000 question right now. If he bails, we are in a world of trouble.

  23. Here is an example of the problem. I’m in the dc area, the redskins drafted hankerson. I was very happy that they did, but then reports started coming out from training camp that he was afraid to run in the middle of the field and that coaches were forcing him to run those routes to remove that fear. He also had a lot of dropped passes. Now he doesn’t get playing time. I see hankerson as the perfect example of our shortcomings. Great in college but can’t get on the field in the NFL and he was our best WR. What does that tell you about the players. To me I believe they weren’t coached up. They weren’t toughened for college football. The last coaching staff got them from high school and kept them in that same state. They never developed and that’s where the problem is. I was bragging to everyone that the redskins got a steal with Hank in the 3rd round. Now everyone is wondering if he will get significant playing time. Al golden will fix this though. The teams performances just this year in terms of energy and heart tells me we have a special coach. And j12 played great all fans that bash him should be embarrassed of themselves I wish him and all the players nothing but the best. They are the ones laying it out every week at the bare minimum show them respect just for that.

  24. i have been watching the hurricanes since 1982 and seen many up/down seasons.but i still cannot figure out to this day how or why two coaches(Coker/Shannon)could’ve allowed this once great program to fall by the wayside when they knew what it took to get to the top and stay, we as fans must endure the “growing pains” of hoping to at least get to the ACC championship game in the near future.i’m glad to see that we don’t give up,but need to see this effort translate into VICTORIES.I believe that coach golden is much like urban myer who came from a lesser program at utah and turned around florida.i hope coach golden is of the same stock.that’s all for now.GO ‘CANES.

    1. Ron Zook built that UF team. Urban Meyer got all the glory. Tony Dungy built the Buc’s and Jon Gruden got the glory. Just to clear things up.

      All the negative comments are simply coming from people who care. They, and really all of us, are sick about how things have gone through Larry Coker’s and Randy Shannon’s time. From the mountaintop to mediocrity, for sure.

      We want the U to be great and we want it now! Obviously, it’s not quite that easy. I definately am seeing better effort than I have in years, but the idea of greatness is only a blur right now.

      Like I said before, looking at the way Temple destroyed Maryland was a huge sign for me that Al Golden is going to be able to get the Canes to where we all want them. It may not happen overnight, but I am sure, he’s the right man for the job.

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