Condolences To J.C. Ridley And Family

Some tragic news regarding a loyal member of the U Family. Long-time University of Miami photographer J.C. Ridley lost his son Shawn Duron today. Shawn was twenty years old and had been missing since April 4th.

There really are no words in a time like this. We simply want to express our condolences to J.C., his family and anyone who knew Shawn. J.C. is a long-time friend of allCanes and has been overly gracious with his photos over the years. Whether for use on our site or printed versions for our in-store signing sessions, J.C. has always done right by allCanes and we’re heartbroken for him today.

If you’re the praying kind, keep J.C. and his family in your prayers. If you’re not, then please at least keep them all in your thoughts.

Rest in peace, Shawn.



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