Berry And The Beast On allCanes Radio

For those of you who missed Thursday night’s edition of allCanes Radio, you missed a gem. Aside from quarterback Ryan Williams, our own Brian ‘The Beast’ London welcomed former running back Damien Berry, who had some pretty direct and bold things to say about the state of the program and what it takes to succeed.

For those who want to check the archives for the entire episode, it’s a stellar listen. For those who prefer the Cliff Notes and just the Berry clip, check the YouTube clip we created below.



One thought on “Berry And The Beast On allCanes Radio

  1. I like the last quote. Winning is what we do at Miami. People should fear us. They should tremble in their drawers. It reminds me of the teams I used to watch when I went to Miami form 1985-1990. Damien was one of the highlights of the past several years. He had that fighting style of running that reminded me of Willis. He is a great player.

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