Canes / Irish Get Prime Time Billing

Miami and Notre Dame will meet this October 6th – at a “neutral” location; Soldier Field in Chicago. As if the match-up needed anymore intrigue, NBC announced earlier today that the game will be televised nationally at 7:30pm, under the lights.

The UM-ND series was cancelled back in 1990 but has been resurrected for three games. The teams will next meet in 2016, again at Soldier Field and then in 2017, down south in Miami … barring the Irish don’t find a way to squirm out of the agreement by then, considering the Al Golden rebuilding project should be well done, with the Canes rolling by then.



7 thoughts on “Canes / Irish Get Prime Time Billing

  1. I don’t know why Kirby agreed to two away and won home. We’re not freakin Boise St, begging to get a Big Boy to come in – at least that’s what I thought until I saw a couple of the schedules. Bad job with this agreement. Teams, conferences and the BCS as a whole need to stop bowing to ND, a program which hasn’t really done anything since ’87. They should not have the same pull in the BCS as whole conferences. Join a conference or get out. Teams, and the Big Ten in particluar, should stop scheduling them until they join a league.

    Other than that, hopefully we show up to play, and execute with preciseness and passion. Go Canes!!!

    1. … which is why “neutral” was in quotations. Even the biggest bleeding heart Irish fan will admit this isn’t anything close to a neutral site.

      If Miami were to play Notre Dame in Orlando, it’d still feel like an Irish home game.

    1. …yup. You think the Irish will really want to come to Miami in 2017 after Golden turns this thing around? Now is a great time to get in some licks, but five years from now? Not so much.

  2. CANE’t wait to give the Irish some comeupance! [with all due respect to St. Patty – considering the festive celebrations this weekend on his day]

    But in all seriousness, the Irish will either be in the ACC or the Big Tin [spelling intended] by then.

    Go CANES []_[]~!~!~!

  3. I agree 100% witrh Columbus Cane. ND is like PSU…play us at home or we don’t schedule you. One other item: Read the ND review on their Bleacher Report site and see how little they think of the Canes 2012 team. It’s like they scheduled a high school team. All Canes coaches, players and fans should read it.

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