Who’s ready to get on board?

A week ago this time, a Miami Herald recruiting article questioned the stranglehold Randy Shannon and staff truly have on local talent. Kids from the class of 2010 that grew up all about The U are rumored to be setting their sights elsewhere, though ten months from Signing Day the pendulum could obviously shift again. 

While Cane coaches have caught some grief regarding the State of Dade County, news out of Jacksonville has another kid from Gator Country headed to Miami. 

Terry Parker High School lineman Tavadis Glenn committed to the Hurricanes officially on Wednesday. The 6’5″ and 265-pound four-star recruit says his recruiting days are done. It’s Miami and nobody else. 

Glenn was recently hit by a car and suffered a hip injury, which is expected to completely heal. While some other universities took their offers off the table, Miami stuck by Glenn – to which he credits the early commitment. Glenn had over a dozen offers on the table, including LSU, South Carolina, Southern Cal, Tennessee and nearby Florida and Florida State.

Glenn’s commitment is also said to have had an impact on Miami recruit Louis Nix. Nix was considered a soft Canes commit, but the addition of Glenn has made Nix a solid commit. Both Nix and Glenn hail from Jacksonville and play for rival high schools and for those keeping score, the 904 is Urban Meyer country. That sound you just heard was the oft-criticized Miami coaching staff just reeling in two more would-be, should-be Gators. 

The caveat here is that Signing Day remains ten months away. I completely get that.

The same way I defend the fact that any local talent looking elsewhere could remain home, truth is both Glenn and Nix are simply verbal commits and until they’re officially signed up and on campus, it’s all theory. Still, it’s good theory and proof that Miami coaches continue tirelessly recruiting and building for the future. Hopefully this program’s toughest critics remember these small victories along the way. Seems only ‘bad’ news is front page news and the focus remains on the ones who got away instead of those who got on board.

IN OTHER NEWS: The University of Miami was named the top party school in the nation for 2009 by Playboy Magazine. The University of Texas-Austin, San Diego State University, The University of Florida and the University of Arizona rounded out the top five. 

The U reeled in a total score of 89, ten points higher than Texas. The five categories were worth 20 points a piece with Miami scoring a 20 in the ‘bikini’ category, 17 in ‘sex’, 20 in ‘campus’, 12 in ‘sports’ and 20 in ‘brains’. UM was the only school to garner a perfect score in the ‘brains’ category… as well as ‘bikini’. Not too shabby. 

The ‘ol party school list sure means a lot more when you’re actually in college, on campus and taking part in the festivities. Still, nice that Miami fans can finally cheer, “we’re #1” for the first time in a few years. 



22 thoughts on “Who’s ready to get on board?

  1. Playboy is a disgusting magazine, and I don’t want the U to to be featured in its pages at all.

    Also, the party school label is ridiculous. Go into the Library on any Sunday – you will have a hard time even finding a seat due to so many people studying.

    Stupid Magazine.

  2. That is the greatest bus/car EVER!

    So much for the theory that we are having trouble recruiting. Two right from UF Territory. Can’t wait until next year to have us prove them all wrong.


  3. Meh, too early to talk recruiting.

    The party school thing is just ridiculous, every school every where has parties. Texas is pretty badass though, I was there over spring break and their bar/live music scene is awesome.

  4. 305, you think we're really going to grab three top-tier Defensive Linemen in this class? All speculation, of course.

    On the side: really unfortunate our bats have gone arctic on the diamond. UNC disgusts me. Also Clemson. Really, the ACC has no where to hide, & I get that these kids have been playing somewhat over themselves all year.

  5. I love playboy, and I love the fact that we are pulling them right out of gator country. Can’t wait for next season.

  6. That bus is tight. We need to get one of those in Virginia so I can drive it to UVA and VA Tech the nex time the canes play there. I would probablly get shot by one of those po dunk red necks. But it would be fun. I just wanted to say this. I think the commits we have gotten already says a lot about how randy and clint and his staff handle themselves by staying by kids and not only that about how they are recruiting. Manny needs to take a break with his articles on how randy is losing grip on his local kids and areas. I think we have 5-6 commits right now. If i know correct all are 4 stars or higher depending who rates them. Not bad when we are 9 or so months from signing day. I read today randy is already recruiting the 2011 class. The man is a monster when it comes to this. He is building depth. Another 2-3 years i have been saying. The U will be back. You have to build depth. Manny and others need to calm down. Also. Lets say we lose a couple south florida kids. Guess what we will still get some as well, probablly the ones that randy wants. Not only that. We are getting top flight players from gator and seminole country as well. We are recruiting the entire state. And recruiting it well. We will be just fine. Remember this, No more country club larry running the show. We have a dedicated, smart man running the show. They are getting this thing back on the right track. GO CANES!!!!

    Va Cane

  7. less than 130 days till we BEAT DOWN the crimi-noles…

    it'a all about the motha fuc|<'n U!!!

  8. Meh, too early to talk recruiting.… agreed, which is why I wrote what I wrote about Manny last week and which is why I offered a disclaimer regarding these two new recruits. For the sake of what’s recently been discussed recruiting-wise, it made sense to ‘go there’.

    The party school thing is just ridiculous, every school every where has parties. Texas is pretty badass though, I was there over spring break and their bar/live music scene is awesome.It’s all subjective. That said, for all the love you’re showing Sixth Street and Austin, I bet you a ton of co-eds there would kill to take a crack at South Beach — something a lot of locals take for granted.

    …. regarding the baseball thing, agreed. This team is overachieving this year and we need to keep the UNC sweep in perspective. They’re a very solid team and they got the better of a young Miami team in ‘rebuild’ mode this year.

    Lots of ball left to be played. I’d be happy with hosting the first round of a regional and a great run in the second round. An Omaha berth would be a dream this year.

  9. Can U help me out with this…I`ve seen a few different things on Shayon Green…Most say he has his admission papers and is ready to go…and then I see another 1 that says they are not sure if he will be addmitted or not..Whats the scoop?? DAU!!!

  10. My bud sent me an article from CaneSport that said Green is officially in. Got through the clearinghouse and what not and will be on campus for the second summer session. Green is trying to wear #52 in honor of Ray Lewis.

    Kid looks like a stud. Something about it. Can’t place it, but gut feeling that he turns out to be one of those sort of under the radar kids who becomes a star.

  11. haha, i bet the co-eds would love to spend a summer in south florida instead of Austin

  12. Thanks for the welcome bg1906.

    Everyone who reads this blog, make sure to check out the guys at CaneSpace.com. I’m going to start doing a guest column over there. Great site they have. BY the fans and FOR the fans, baby!

  13. I agree with you about Shayon..Its just something about him..It seems he has that”IT” factor..Are we all set on this class or do we have a few out there still waiting for??..Hes listed as a 4star so it might not count as under the radar but a guy i see as huge this year is Jamal Reid…Then I guess what qualifies as more of a true sleeper from this class would be Luther Robinson..Glad to see you will be doing some stuff at Canespace…DAU!!

  14. i just heard on pti on espn that notre dame and the canes are in final talks about playing each other again….and i am not sure how i feel about it…i know you posted a while back about the talks of this happening…but all canes what do you really think about this happening..with the state of these programs right now…i think everyone knows that miami is building and on the way back up…but i am not to sure about notre dame…they lose to many this year…head coach is out…and the program might be in shambles…i an not to sure if this is a good idea for miami..and not only that i have read blogs…where notre dame might not be supporting it as claiming they dont want the catholics vs. the convicts again….i think we have cleaned up the program some…and not sure if we deserved that title anyways..

    let me know what you think all canes

    va cane

  15. VA Cane — The Miami/Notre Dame series isn’t what it was 20 years ago. Anyone still talking “Catholics vs. Convicts” is ignorant. That’s like saying the Four Horsemen were relevant when the two teams met in the 80s. It was ancient history. One has nothing to do with the other.

    Both Miami and Notre Dame are breaking in new athletic directors that are trying to make a name for themselves. Kirby Hocutt and Jack Swarbrick are relatively “newbies” as ADs — especially at bigger programs. Bringing this series back will be a feather in both their caps, barring both teams make it competitive.

    The Irish can talk all the smack they want, but fact is the Canes they knew haven’t been “those” Canes since around 1991-1993. The culture changed in Miami, Dennis Erickson took off, probation hit, Butch Davis cleaned house and rebuilt the right way… and while Larry Coker let things slide a bit, Randy Shannon is pulling a Butch and is rebuilding the right way — solid players with solid character.

    If this goes on the books this year, I’d assume the teams would meet in a few years. Miami has Nebraska in 2014 and 2015, a deal that was inked last year. Ohio State in 2010 and 2011. Florida in 2013. There’s also talk of another Big XII team replacing Kansas State, who bowed out of the 2011-2012 series.

    At a glance, the schedule looks packed between now and 2013, so I’d think 2014 or later for Miami/Notre Dame IF it happens.

    Hopefully we’re back then and the Irish are still a mess. Screw a competitive series. I hate Notre Dame. Give me 65-3 and an old school beat down.

    Sorry. Old habits die hard.

  16. 1. Florida
    2. Texas
    3. Oklahoma
    4. Southern California
    5. Alabama
    6. Oklahoma State
    7. Ohio State
    8. Ole Miss
    9. Virginia Tech
    10. Louisiana State
    11. Georgia Tech
    12. Penn State
    13. Georgia
    14. Utah
    15. Boise State
    16. California
    17. Iowa
    18. Florida State
    19. Oregon
    20. Kansas
    21. Texas Tech
    22. Pittsburgh
    23. North Carolina
    24. Brigham Young
    25. East Carolina



  17. Ok – tried posting with my log in – again – didn’t work. So 305canes this is me – CGNC. Anyway, good article always enjoyed your writing.

    VA Canes – I would pay $$$ to see you driving around Blacksburg in that thing – off the chain!

  18. CGNC – DId you sign up for a Blogger account? If so, you shouldn’t have any issues. If so, just post anonymous.

    Glad to see you over here. – C

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