Wear Your Colors on September 4th!

Friday September 4th is officially “Wear Your Colors” Day, so suit up Canes fans! Head over to CollegeColorsDay.com for more info. Miami fans are encouraged to wear orange to work that Friday and to sport their favorite University of Miami gear. Get on board and represent three days before the Labor Day showdown at Florida State!



22 thoughts on “Wear Your Colors on September 4th!

  1. Im gonna be honest,,,something about that "U"…im a gator, but that "U" makes a little bit of pee come out.
    Good luck with those first four games.

    GO GATORS!!!

  2. Holy s**t… an honest, logical Gator.

    The biggest issue with Miami and Florida fans is the inferiority complex the Gator has had with the Canes over the years… and the fact they won't admit it.

    Florida is the big money state school and Miami had FOUR titles before the Gators earned #1.

    That was a thirteen-year span where Miami was king of the college football world and Florida had NOTHING regarding a legacy.

    Kudos to Florida for what was accomplished in 2006 and 2008. Neither squad was a 'great' college football team, but the Gators found a way and took home the title.

    That being said, any Gator who screams about being The 'Real' U or feels the Canes won't eventually be 'back' — they're straight up delusional.

    Miami is one of a kind. A big time city and big time program fueled by inner city kids, heart, swagger, competition and intimidation. There's nothing 'collegey' or 'rah-rah' about UM and while Miami is somewhat down now, as we've seen in the past – the Canes always rise from the ashes. Get ready for it to happen again.

  3. You're right. Miami is one of a kind. Unranked, but still believing it's #1. Oh wait…you're right there with Notre Dame…living in the past. But hey, at least it's not hard to get tickets to UM games. Just do the Gators and Noles a favor, please keep Randy Shannon as your coach! We're enjoying all that "talent" not playing up to its potential.

  4. … there we go. I knew it was t-minus one post before another Gator clown surfaced.

    I love all this "in the past" talk… as if Miami's success was three decades ago. Four BCS games this decade. One title won, one stolen. A boatload of NFL talent.

    The Canes are feeling the benefits of Larry Coker's poor recruiting. 2009 will mark the last year any Coker kids are on this team.

    Shannon has brought in two top-notch classes and another one is setting up nicely with FOURTEEN verbals — two from Gator Country in Nix and Glenn — and he also reeled in his biggest catch in three year with Mark Whipple taking over the offense.

    But hey, just discredit all that and don't give the man ample time to rebuild the beaten down program he inherited. Keep pumping that ignorance…

  5. Shannon has shown growth in each year he has been coach. Was Meyer's first gig Florida? Was Bowden's first job at FSU? No. They had the benefit of toiling away in the shadows at Bowling Green, Utah, and WVU to name a few. But this is Shannon's first shot as a head coach and it's with a hell of a big time program. He's learning from his mistakes. 5-7 to 7-6 as he has had to build from the depths. This year will be another step towards the title. So take your tired cheap shots while you can, but it's only a matter of time. We're not Notre Dame. We have very recent BCS success and are not that far off from being back. Let's just see how soon UF pays us off to NOT play in 2013 or whwenever it is when they come visit us. From now on when we schedule other BCS teams, we should make them come play us at home first or they can find someone else. The U is comin'! Get the f*** out of the way or get buried!!
    -Columbus Cane

  6. There it is another UiF clown coming on a Miami message board.

    Gayturds have no tradition maybe that's why you come to a Miami Blog to find out about tradition. Once Urban myth leaves after this year when Charlie Weis get's fired Urban Myth will pack his bags and leave for ND and leave behind all his thugs he recruited. But he signed a 6year contract he's not leaving blah blah blah. READ THE FINE PRINT He has a buyout of 500k!! Rich Rod of WVU had a 4 million buyout 500k is chump change to The Myth and to ND.

  7. Good God, here we go again.

    Riddle me this, Florida Faithful – why in the HELL do you keep sniffing around a Miami blog? 305 posts about sporting Cane colors on 09/04 and somehow you inferiority-complex-having douchenozzles find a way to make it about you.

    Stick to your own moronic blogs. Quit trying to infiltrate this one. This is about The U — not the NEW Thug U?

    Hear that sound? Another Gator just got arrested.

  8. man i dnt need 1 day to tell me to wear my canes gear. i wrapped in canes gear 365 days. but now i cn see who tha real canes fans are who support tha greatest cfb team ever. 3OH5 til i DIE!!

  9. Allcanes,
    I don't need one day to wear my orange and green. I wear it almost every day of the year. My T shirts are orange and green! My hats are orange and green. My toothbrush is orange and green. The keyboard that I am typing on is orange and green! I got kicked out of the military because I painted my uniform orange and green! So I don't need just one day like some fair weather fans are. I'm a cane, all day, every day! Cane fan until I die!
    Go Canes!

  10. yeah, you sead it! F dem Gaters. Me gradeated from da U wit honers! Canes arre good and stuff butt shoot the Gators be champs and all and wil wins agaen dis year. Im sick of dem winning all dem titles!

  11. hey can any cane fan please, pLeAsE, PLEASE tell me what the GATORS will be ranked to start the 2009 season??????

    #!!!!!!….thats right you little ugly white birds, THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA GATORS ARE ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!!!!

  12. Hey Anonymous. Everyone knows preseason rankings don't mean jack. You may be ranked #1 now, and you may be ranked #1 at the end of the season, but at the U, it's pride that matters, not W's and Championships!

  13. S.Woodward – a die hard Cane living in Tampa said,

    Gotta love not only Croc fans coming onto a Canes site, in between online sessions with 12 year old girls in the "Jonas Brothers" chatrooms – but – posting under "Anonymous" as well & hiding behind it .. way to advertise how small of a coin purse you have between your legs. Think about this as well Croc fans, watch "MSNBC To Catch A Predator" – you're going to get caught, so stop with the "late night sneeky uncle" tactics of trying to pick up pre-teens by luring them with Jonas Brothers tickets .. sickos.

    I believe I stated something about an "inferiority complex" in the Tavadis Glenn post? UiF seems as if they invented it.

    No one is saying that the Crocs haven't won the NChampionship 2 out 3 years – "gradulations" for doing that, "Go Gata" (you'll see the meaning of why I spelled those words that way at the end of the post).

    "Corch Irvin Meyers" put together a nice system to run with "Percy Harvey" and "Tim TiVo", the "Hice-man" trophy winner. I still think Charlie Strong deserves more credit than he's been getting by having a sound "da fence" – it's arguably the reason for the 2 titles.

    Remember this though, all of your success happened while Coker was slowly decimating the "U" from the inside. You should praise him.

    It took UiF 90 years to do what the Canes did in 57 – win 1 National Championship. "Go Gata". It took UiF 102 years to do what the Canes did in 63 years – win 3 National Championships. "Go Gata".

    I hope UiF does win the National Title this year (ya, I said it) – I have money riding on it, so if they don't, that will be even more reason for me to just shake my head and hate them even more. I'm a realist. I know the Canes aren't back to where they are used to being (they will be very very soon though). I have the patience to realize it won't happen this year for the Canes. Depth is finally starting to come back, players fighting for playing time is coming back, fear of losing a place at the table to play on Saturdays is coming back. The Coker years & his buffoonery of recruiting tactics are gone. With that being said, I'm not exactly going to bet on the Canes to win the NChampionship. If anyone calls me out for it, then how about you lay down some money on the Canes winning it all this season. Exactly. While you're at it, check to see just where your patience/realistic level is on the Canes team as well. If you think Randy Shannon should be fired if he doesn't win more than 10 games this year – you're insane. While the defending NChamp Crocs are the lions & their first 4 opponents are the Christians being fed to them, the Canes have a brutal gauntlet to run through. No team has a tougher first 4 games in the nation … period….

  14. (S. Woodward continued)….

    This will be the year the Crocs might actually win the crown & go undefeated in the process. I remember the 1st time the Canes went undefeated the year they won a NChampionship – and the 2nd … and the 3rd. It's also not like the Crocs have traveled out of state since 1991, to play a non-conference opponent during the regular season – so that's in their favor as well.

    Remember Croc fans? Heading up to Syracuse in 1991 .. UiF being ranked #5 .. having -17 yards rushing that game .. being Marvin Graves & Kiry Dar Dar's play toy? At least UiF learned from that & I've got to give them credit for their shrewd scheduling, even though it shows just how small their sack is & how they cower at the thought of traveling out to go play: Washington (#15), Louisville (#12), Colorado, Arizona, Arizona State, Houston (#10), UCLA, Oklahoma (#6), Iowa (#23), Penn State (#7), etc. All those are teams the Canes traveled to go play from 1991-present, with that team's ranking at that time right next to them. "Go Gata"

    Finally, here's why I was using the words "Go Gata", "Corch Irvin Meyers", "Percy Harvey", "Hice-man" trophy, "Da fence". UiF's own, Congresswoman Corrine Brown. She received a Master's Degree and an Education Specialist Degree from the University of Florida. Wow.

  15. Hey Gator fan,

    If you are going to come onto this UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI football board to trash us and brag about your Gators and their 15 minutes of fame(yeah I said it) at least have the cojones to post a name. Only cowards hide behind the internet shadows with names such as Anonymous. I bet you arent even welcome on the UF fan boards due to your raving, idiotic rants. Go buy a pair of Jorts, cut your hair in a mullet, and call it a day.

    Oh if you really want to have a UM vs UF pissing contest, all you need to do is check ESPN's latest ranking of College teams according to prestige. The mighty 'U' was in the top 10 and lowly, inferiority complex laden UF was lost somewhere down in the 20s or so..respect da architects of Florida football. The U put college football on the map in The Sunshine State!!!

    "yeah, you sead it! F dem Gaters. Me gradeated from da U wit honers! Canes arre good and stuff butt shoot the Gators be champs and all and wil wins agaen dis year. Im sick of dem winning all dem titles!"

    This guy is a lame. I know a 40 year old Virgin living in his mother's basement when I see one.

  16. It's just incredible how popular you are with Gator fans, Chris. You should take this as a compliemt. We're on their mind more than vice versa, obviously. Despite their VERY recent success, theyt are still looking up at us in titles. It's time for us to go back to ignoring them, and start focusing on FSU.

    We don't get to knock Tebow out for the season this year, so let's turn our attention to doing it to the only decent player FSU has on offense – Christian Ponder. Let's hit him early and often to send a message. He's the only player they have who is dangerous. Keep him contained in the pocket, but if they run the read or designed run with him, make sure to get a big hit on him whether he pitches it or not. Make him want to stay down. I'm calling for Spence and Robinson to bring the boom on that dude. If we rattle him, we win easily. As always, the Noles are overrated and this year it's time to shut them the f**k up in their own house. Let's do this! Go Canes!
    -Columbus Cane


  18. Ahh, an ignorant Nole chimes in. ("Ignorant Nole" is an oxymoron, no?) Let's debate your points:

    – "Pride" in an empty stadium: Miami has less than 10,000 undergrads and an off-campus stadium. Florida State has over 30,000 undergrads and an on-campus stadium. If Miami is getting 40,000 into Dolphin Stadium on a given Saturday — 4x the student body — that's a better percentage than FSU packing Joke Shamble full of rednecks with nothing better to do in that one horse town.

    – "Pride" in a crappy fan base: Get off your high horse and quit acting like Florida State fans haven't fallen off a bit since your hey day in the late 90s. Used to be you saw FSU gear everywhere. Now it's UF in the east and USC out west. FSU has dropped to the middle of the pack.

    – "Pride" in finishing unranked how many years in a row: Three, to be exact. Price you pay when you let Larry Coker run your proud program into the dirt. I'm sorry, though… I'm dealing with a Nole here, correct? 9-4 last year, back-to-back 7-6 years before that. 8-5 the year before.

    You idiots cracked the top 25 at the end of last season making it ONE consecutive season you ended the season ranked.

    As for 'tearing up the Big Least'… Miami won titles in 1983, 1987 and 1989 before even joining the Big East. Its first year in conference (1991) Miami played four Big East games… so only the 2001 title was won as a full-fledged member of the so-called Big Least.

    Check out the foes on that 1987 schedule – Florida State (#4), Florida (#20), Oklahoma (#1), Notre Dame (#10), South Carolina (#8) and Arkansas (#10).

    Regarding the Big Least crack, funny that Miami owned Florida State damn near every year in that conference – despite the years on probation – and won the games that counted. 1991… 1992.. 1994… 2000… 2001… 2002… 2003 (twice).

  19. Can't wait to hear my Nole brothers turning the War Chant into the 0 and 4 chant after FSU downgrades you Hurricanes to a Tropical Depression.

  20. Hey, I'll take the Noles chatter over the Gaturds – at least we actually play this year. But it's still funny how many non-Canes come to a Cane site. It's great to be on everyone's mind. Bring it.
    -Columbus Cane

  21. A real fan has season tickets and attends all the games, rain or shine, win or lose.

    I agree to a point.. but then again what's does the term "real fan" even mean? Being a "real fan" equates in more heartache. I wish I could be like the idiots who don't care when Miami loses, yet hop right back on the bandwagon when the wins roll in. So much easier. Enjoy the good times and don't sweat the bad ones.

    There is a caveat to your "real fan" argument, though. I live over 3,000 miles and three time zones from LandShark Stadium, so attending "all" games isn't an option. I'll fly back for a few games a year, but that's as much as I can give.

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