Streeter’s NFL Combine Video

For those who missed it, a Tommy Streeter NFL Combine compilation made it’s way to YouTube this week, complete with Michael Irvin commentary.

With so much chatter about the five Canes who departed, this under-three-minute clip is worth the watch and is rather telling.



4 thoughts on “Streeter’s NFL Combine Video

  1. I’m no football scout or have the slightest clue as to whether someone is doing well in the combine or not. But, dropped passes arent good. It just didn’t look good overall. But again I’m no football scout.

    1. … neither am I, but when hearing scouts, commentators, head coaches, et al telling us that these kids left early, aren’t impressing, could’ve used another year and are pointing out glaring weaknesses, I tend to believe it.

      Want all the best for these kids, but let’s do the math …. Streeter – a one-year starter and you have to agree that more playing time and another year would’ve helped tremendously. Especially with getting his speed to transition to game time. All the stuff Irvin said, in effort to defend him, literally proved what the other guy (Mayock, I think) was saying … that all that inexperience as a one-year starter in a new system, would’ve been fixed had he stuck around one more season.

      Similar story with a Forston (injured most of last year) … a Vernon (suspended most of last year).

  2. Agree 100% with you. Not only did it not look good it didn’t sound good from what the commentators were saying. I’ve heard that people were upset with coach golden for stating the obvious that these guys should have stayed one more year, but he is simply stating the truth and actually looking out for their best interests. I just wish these kids would see that as well. And good luck to all that are entering the pros I truly hope they achieve all their goals

    1. Omar Kelly started with the chatter about Golden, regarding Al’s interview with Joe Rose. Sounded like Omar was trying to start something out of nothing, in effort to get more people reading his column and Twitter feed. Anyone who heard the interview knows that nothing was off base. Golden is a very sharp guy. He chooses his words carefully and knows exactly what he’s doing. This isn’t going to be a guy who puts his foot in his mouth, a la Randy and his comments about killing himself / shooting himself (or something to that effect) if Miami lost x-amount of games early on in his career as head coach.

      The issue here? The type of kids Randy brought on board. There were less Sean Spence-types in that 2008 recruiting class and too many that were out for themselves, using Miami as a stepping stone to the next level, once the team never gelled and took care of business.

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