Canes Not Quite There, Give It A Year

If games were decided in the first half, Miami and Florida State would’ve proved the critics wrong, looking like an even match-up two quarters in.

After sixty decisive minutes, the Seminoles showed the Hurricanes remain a few steps behind the three touchdown favorite. The home team rolled to a convincing 41-14 victory in Tallahassee on Saturday night, solidifying the fact that that the gap in this Sunshine State rivalry was as big as predicted—for now.

Miami brought the fight early, going toe-to-toe with Florida State, trading touchdowns and tying things up after one. Stephen Morris got it done through the air, while Duke Johnson carried the load on the ground and for two quarters, it was truly anybody’s game.

The Hurricanes’ defense picked off Jameis Winston twice in the first half and after Morris connected with Allen Hurns for their second touchdown of the night, Miami trailed 21-14 going into the intermission.

From there it was all Florida State—as expected.

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One thought on “Canes Not Quite There, Give It A Year

  1. What happened to half time adjustments? I think it’s really less of the team/youth of the players and maybe this staff isn’t quite there yet. We had it within one score at the half, then that Morris interception killed the momentum, but what about the adjustments that are to be made at halftime? FSU coaches made adjustments, Miami’s didnt. The one play/moment that really stuck out to me and showed that UM got outclassed, outcoached, and outschemed was when Miami showed blitz on a 3rd down play I believe, FSU calls timeout to discuss things, Miami comes back on the field and lines right back up in the blitz formation. What kind of shit is that? That goes to show that these coordinators don’t know half of what they think they do? This is by no means a “fire Golden” rant bc I think he is a great coach, however, much of his staff leaves much to be desired. Year 3 with Do’nof as the d-co and still having the same issues. True our D is much improved but it has kinda been fools gold up until this point. Oh and what’s with JC and that damn ‘tap the center’s butt, snap it on 1″ snap count? You know it’s bad when the announcers spot it. FSU has a new def coordinator and look how they’ve been balling out this year. Golden has been a deity sent blessing to UM for how he has pulled us through this Shapiro mess and done great with recruiting, but so far in his tenure, this staff’s signature win is one over a very overrated UF squad. I really think Golden needs to upgrade his staff because they just arent getting it done.

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