Miami to face Cal in Emerald Bowl…

The ACC title game wasn’t in the cards. Nor was a BCS berth. Not this year and not after dropping its two final games.

Instead, the Miami Hurricanes are headed to San Francisco for the Emerald Bowl against Pac-10 representative, Cal.

Saturday December 27th, a nationally televised ESPN audience and a chance to represent on the west coast – fertile recruiting ground for an Miami program in repair and needing and influx of talent.

With Miami mathematically in the ACC title hunt a few weeks back, many are reeling from back-to-back losses and haven’t yet come to terms with how the 2008 season played out.

Those choosing to employ some logic realize 7-5 and a mid-level bowl game is a vast improvement from last year’s 5-7 campaign. It’s even better than 7-6 in 2006, considering that squad boasted four future first-round draft picks. These Canes are looking at 7-6 or 8-5 and did it with 31 inexperienced freshman.

The Emerald Bowl won’t be confused with the Orange anytime soon, but it’s a step in the right direction. Especially after no bowl last season and some Blue Turf action the year before, this is Miami’s biggest post-season event since getting rolled by LSU in the 2005 Peach Bowl.

Randy Shannon has a busy month ahead. Less than three weeks to get his Canes ready for a cross country trek and bowl game against the Bears, he has to recruit his guts out and contemplate some staff changes by the New Year. Decisions which will shape the direction of this program, as well as his overall legacy as a first-time head coach.

While all that unfolds, appreciate the fact that Miami is bowl-bound and it’s shaking down on grass, instead of blue turf.



18 thoughts on “Miami to face Cal in Emerald Bowl…

  1. Cane305,

    Do you think that Shannon will keep Nix? Indications are that Shannon is supporting the O.C., even though he has said he will do to staff evaluations in January.

    I just wanted to see what your gut feeling is on what move Shannon will make in this regard.

  2. Great point, AllCanes. I said the same thing about this game being a possible “blessing in disguise” and enabling some west coast recruits to get a look at the U up close and personal.

    While its not the Orange, Champs Sports, or even Gator Bowl… At least we’re not finishing our season in November like last season.

  3. Considering our season this is a good bowl. Certainly could have been alot better had we won out last 2 games.
    This team has some big issues for next year’s season. Bowl win would be a good start.
    Team has problems on bot sides of ball. Young has proven track record.
    Nix playcalling is uninspired and there is a failure of offense to progress. This offense is so far from where it needs to be maybe its time for a change in OC.

  4. Carl – I won’t be surprised if Shannon keeps Nix… but my gut tells me he cans him.

    I have a high opinion of Shannon. I think he’s the right guy for the job and was impressed when he canned Walton and Mosely last year.

    The next logical step in that progression is cutting ties with Nix and bringing in a better OC.

    If Shannon really consults Jimmy J, Parcells and other legendary coaches or mentor-like figures, I can’t see any of these guys telling him to keep Patrick Nix around.

    My two cents, I believe Nix is gone after the bowl game.

    Also, regarding ‘Anonymous’ I think Marve gets the nod against Cal and Harris gets his standard reps.

  5. Any Bowl is better than sitting at home! As we evaluate the season, we can say it had it's high's & low's, but we did show progression from the previous season.

    I think Shannon will wait to see if Rob Chud is released w/the rest of the Browns staff, & if not I think Greg Knox of Tuberville's staff in Auburn would be a good p/u.

    Being able to show case on the west coast is a plus in recruiting, & having sole attention on the 27th prime time is another plus.

    Shannon showed balls with his grading of his staff last year, & I think he will do what is right for the program this year. The only thing is the budget he has to work with is way under what other programs of the same caliber have, & most of the names you would want to go after, we can't afford. However; Shannon will get it done.

    Go Canes!!!

  6. This game comes down to what the others have: stopping the run. We have to stop Jahvid Best. He’s not a big guy, but he has track speed although he was banged up this year. His last game he ran for 300 yards against Washington (I know I know, but still….). The QB isn’t a scrambler, which should be good news for our D. If we stop the run and get pressure on the QB, he’ll turn it over. I don’t remember much about their defense. We have to do our thing and move the ball. We can’t play not to lose. This should be a good game against a good opponent we should beat.
    -Columbus Cane

  7. yeah…my gut is telling me Nix is gone after the Bowl game. As much as I hated his play calling this year, I think he needs another year before we can really come down on him.

    also…what do you all think about these rumors of the Gators courting Marve to transfer?

    lastly, even though we’re playing in the Nut Bowl (as us Californians call it), I’m excited about this match up. I guess being from Cali, all I hear about is Pac-10 teams and it would be fun watching us match up against them.

  8. I strongly believe (more like hope) Nix will be gone after the bowl. Primarily because Auburn needs a new coach and staff. Not saying Nix will be head coach. But the people in Auburn seem to want and believe in him. I saw let them have him.

    As if Shannon had to fire, it should be a little easier to fire a guy (your friend or whatever)that may have an opportunity to get hired right away.

    The schedule is a lot tougher next year. So we definitely need an OC with some balls to make the right calls, rather than this “we take what the defense gives us.” Hello, it’s the defense’s job to stop you. So your logic means, if they stop you, you’re just going to take being stopped.

    No!!! We need someone to take it to defenses and say this is what Hurricane football is all about. Can you stop this!

    As for the Marve transfer rumors. I hope they’re just that. All our QBs need to look at the USC machine. They’re like six deep at QB. And that sixth man is probably better than what we’ve got right now. But they’re still there, not transferring as they know their time will come.

    You transfer, it doesn’t guarantee anything. You stay, it guarantees you’ll continue to grow and improve, and yes eventually have your time as true starter (Marve or Harris).

    For all we know Taylor Cook could be the man next season. Compete guys and stop looking for $hit to be handed to you.

  9. allcanes: Have you heard anything about these Marve transfering rumors? And where did they all come from? And i agre with the above post, this shyt cant just be handed to you you have to earn it. And if you want it handed to you than your not a team player or a football player for that matter

  10. Dear Auburn,

    Patrick Nix is Great. He is Awesome! Please, Please don’t take him away from us (wink, wink)
    the Canes Fans

  11. Oh man, I cannot WAIT for Miami to come to Tampa next year. You guys are going to get fricking rocked.

    It is a new day.


  12. Go Bulls! – Y’all went 7-5 in the sorry-ass Big East. What happened to the team that was #2 in the land at some point in 2007? Two words – long gone.

    You’ve never beat Miami and you have zero rings. Until you can actually beat the Canes and are significant for more than five minutes, can all the chatter.

  13. That’s why next year matters. we WILL beat Miami. I have absolutely no doubt. In fact, we will beat Miami by at least 14 points. Take it to the bank. I hope the recruits will be watching.

  14. This is crazy!! Now we have USF fans $hit talking. Not even worth my breathe.

    USF, just worry about staying relevant. We’ll worry about our own affairs.

  15. usf???HAHAHAHAHahahahahaaaaaaaaHAHAHAhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

    that’s all we need the little bulls talk’n $h!t…..HAHAHahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHahahaha

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