Raising Canes : Same Day, Best Day

Another quality “Raising Canes” segment from 3 Penny Films, this one taking place Virginia Tech week and highlighting the Miami Hurricanes recent, 30-6 win at Lane Stadium.

This ten-minute clip takes you behind the scenes—with a focus on the pre-game energy as the Canes too the field behind it’s senior captains; most-notably offensive lineman Shane McDermott.

McDermott’s heart for the University of Miami and passion for the the program—it’s a throwback to great linemen like KC Jones, Brett Romberg, Joaquin Gonzalez and other greats who lived and breathed orange and green.

Featuring great on-the-field highlights and field view shots from the road win, the second half of the clip shows McDermott being tapped into UM’s prestigious Iron Arrow Society and some backstory on what an honor this is. Worth the watch.