Miami Unveils Uniforms For Louisville

The Miami Hurricanes slowly rolled out their uniform combination for Monday night’s Labor Day showdown against the Louisville Cardinals—first showing the green pants at 5:00 p.m. ET, the new-look green helmet two hours later and the lean and mean white away jersey soon after.

Above is a pic J.C. Ridley at snapped of Duke Johnson weeks back during the recent new uniform photoshoot.

Miami and Louisville will tee it up at 8:00 p.m. ET at Papa John’s Stadium where the Cardinals will be rocking all black uniforms for a primetime “blackout”.



2 thoughts on “Miami Unveils Uniforms For Louisville

  1. I know we are into this big change in the uniforms, but changing helmets to a dark green on a night game against a blackout team is just stupid. Try and see a receiver who you have been training with a white helmet down field in the lights as a QB and then switchup to this green thing is just foolish IMHO. Playing night games in the lights is bad enough, but take away your instinctive visual clue and you are asking for trouble. Keep the old helmets, change the logos, but think what you are doing coaches.

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