Hurricanes’ Season Ends With Loss To Cowboys

miami hurricanes baseball oklahoma state louisville regional gino dimareThe bubble finally burst on Sunday, with Miami’s recent run coming to an end. The Hurricanes had shown some life since the final game of the ACC Tournament – a 7-0 win over Clemsom, followed by an opening round win over Oklahoma State by the same score at the Louisville Regional.

From there, seven solid innings against top-seeded Louisville on Saturday, before falling, 6-4 after an eight inning rally. On Sunday, a rematched against Oklahoma State ended, 7-1, putting the final stake in a troubled Hurricanes’ season.

Miami picked up one in the first after Tyler Palmer scored on a failed pick-off attempt to first. Palmer opened with a double and proved to the be the Canes’ only run of the game.

UM held the 1-0 lead until OSU got one back on the bottom of the fourth and from there, it was over. Two more in the fifth, seventh and eighth made for a 7-1 loss.

Andrew Suarez took the loss for Miami, lasting almost seven fulling innings, giving up six hits, five runs and striking out four. Thomas Woodrey came into relieve, but gave up five hits and two runs, striking out three in an inning of play. AJ Salcines closed out the ninth.

The Cowboys rattled Suarez and Woodrey for eleven hits in the loss, while the Canes’ offense could only must up four of their own. Aside from Palmer’s double, Alex Hernandez, Chantz Mack and David Thompson were the only other UM hitters who put bat to ball in the season-ending loss.

Miami wrapped the season 37-25 overall – going 27-10 at home, 8-12 away, 2-3 at neutral sites and 14-16 in ACC regular season play.

More this week regarding the future of head coach Jim Morris and the recent team effort under long-time assistant Gino DiMare now that the dream of a Super Regional is off the table.



4 thoughts on “Hurricanes’ Season Ends With Loss To Cowboys

  1. Lets hope that Jm hangs them up, and we go on a National search for a coach. The current assistand left 3-4 years ago because he didn,t want to travel. As head coach he would have to travel even more.

    Lets get a young agressive guy who is willing to hit the rcruiting trail. Gotta go get ‘them. Just becuase we,te Miami means nothing after 4-5 years in the crapper. It,s rebuild baby !!!

    1. … Ken, SHOULD Morris step down, and I doubt he does (unless his health is worse that we currently know), the job should go to Gino DiMare.

      DiMare is a veteran who deserves a shot, especially based on the team’s reaction to him at the help these past three games. He grew up in Miami, played for local powerhouse Westminster Christian, attended UM as a player and has been a top assistant for years.

      There is always time down the road for a national search, but a Morris step-down to a DiMare hiring is a great transition. Give him his shot and if it doesn’t work, then you blow it up and start over with a national search.

      Plus, DiMare’s father is Board Of Trustees member Paul DiMare and have a hard time believing that such an obvious choice like Gino would get passed up with that connection.

      Again, Miami hasn’t been a power for half a decade, is a private school (in a college baseball world made for state schools) and needs the right kind of guy to come in and get it done. Bring in the wrong outsider, as we’ve seen with the past few athletic directors, and their stint at The U will be short-lived.

      Don’t let a guy like DiMare get passed over just because he’s been a long-time assistant. He knows how to coach hitting and recruit and he sure as hell knows the culture down here like the majority of guys out there won’t.

  2. Yes, he will probably get the job because he,s here and has good connections.

    But somehow, this looke like a “cocker” hire and we all know what happened due to his lack of recruitment.

    I just wish that dimare had not made his reluctance to travel comments when he QUIT. They don,t becessairly come “down here” anymore. Gottago get ‘Then andthat means hittong the recruiting trail big time.

    Doeshe want to do that, ir stay home and play “patty cake” with his kids ???

    1. Ken – A rather bogus comment as DiMare came back to the program after a few years off to embrace fatherhood. Fourteen years spent coaching at UM and four as a player. No offense, but what have YOU given the program? Seems like there’s a lot of knocking of this coaching staff on your end – and then you give a veteran Hurricane some shit because he took a few years off to be there during some formative years of his kids’ lives?

      And the word “quit” usually refers to one leaving something permanently. DiMare took a few years off and decided to return, so by definition he didn’t “quit” – but even if he chose not to return, who are you to judge? He’s given enough to his family, as has the DiMare family. Show some respect or get lost. Seriously.

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