Miami / Florida State To Meet Under The Lights

mike james miami hurricanes florida state seminolesDespite both Sunshine State schools losing this past weekend, Miami and Florida State have earned the night-time slot for the annual showdown when the two teams meet on Saturday October 20th at Sun Life Stadium.

The game will take place at 8:00pm and will be a split national broadcast on ABC.

Miami is coming off a 41-3 beat down against Notre Dame this past weekend while Florida State lost to North Carolina State, 17-16, on a last-minute drive.

This marks the eighth consecutive televised game for the Canes and the fifth on the ESPN family of networks. This Saturday’s showdown with North Carolina will take place on ESPN U at 2:30pm ET.



25 thoughts on “Miami / Florida State To Meet Under The Lights

  1. Tar Heel RB Giovanni ran for a CAREER high rushing yards against a BUD FOSTER defense!!
    Also, Carolina Sky Blue had 533 TOTAL offensive yards against a BUD FOSTER defense!
    So, LET THAT SINK IN U’all D’ Onofrio APOLOGISTS!!!!
    And believe it or not Hurricane fandom. Coach Foster is ” 3x ” the defensive coordinator which is on the sidelines for Miami. Yeah, yeah I understand the Canes have freshmen and sophomores playing BEAUCOUP mintues, yet it’s the FREAKIN’ 6th game of the season, now. Soon to be the seventh game!!
    Bottom line is there’s a REASON WHY North Carolina is a – 6 1/2 point road favorite.
    Oh, to shine more NEGATIVE, REALTY based murky light on this upcoming home game. The Tar Heels offensive line is arguably one of the stronger groups in the A.C.C., and are on a rugged, nasty row the past few games.
    Loyal Hurrican fandom. I have a bery, bery BAD FEELING about this game, and I can only hope Miam’s offense can MATCH points with North Carolina. Seriously Miami fans!
    Bon soir

  2. Why? Why would they schedule this game for primetime? This will be another embarrassment for Cane nation that the rest of America will see. Ugh

  3. We’ve lost any national credibility we might have had coming into the season. We were pummeled by our two big OOC opponents and any and all of our wins from here on out will be viewed as beating up on what is a terrible ACC this year.

    But I digress.

    I don’t really see much happening for the squad this year, especially in light of the two blowouts. Yes I know we were supposed to be terrible, and yes I know those were two “top 10” teams. But we need to start looking towards next year. Do you think we’ll self-impose a postseason ban once we get to six wins again?

    I believe that hack POS Robinson tweeted that the NCAA would make a decision in November, and it will almost inevitably entail at least one more bowl ban.

    Do you have any thoughts on what action the university will take if it doesn’t hear anything by then? Making the ACCCG in a down year would only be a step back if the NCAA took it as a slight and levied a harsher punishment. We all know how “rational” the NCAA can be, not to mention vindictive. Anyways, keep up the good work.

    1. Miami was picked fifth in the ACC Coastal and some media pundits had the Canes going 3-9 this season.

      Point being, there was no ‘national credibility’ to start the season, nor is there any after these two losses. This was expected and predicted to be a down year, yet the fans are then surprised when UM was throttled by two top ten teams – on the road.

      Honestly, losing “national credibility” comes when you’re a top five team two years in a row and fail to meet expectations. Florida State was supposed to get it done this year after last year’s big fail and what happens? They score 16 points in a loss to a team Miami beat the previous week, after laying 44 on them.

      Time to regroup, to keep growing and to fight back after another disheartening loss.

  4. Best Case – we drop one more game….most likely FSU… the Coastal and self impose a ACCCG ban with a chance at BCS bowl….then impose a bowl ban. Looks good to the NCAA…and takes us out of contention in a year where an ACC title game and bowl game would mean the least to this program….compared to when these players develop in a year or two and those types of games will mean everything. The NCAA weighs in just after the season with a punishment limited to 5 scholarships a year for 3 years.

    Worst Case – we drop a few games….most likely UNC, FSU & USF…lose the Coastal….self impose a bowl ban on the “Who Gives a Sh*t Bowl”….again. Doesn’t look like much of a sacrifice to the NCAA. They drop the hammer on a repeat offender somewhere in between USC/Ohio State type sanctions and Penn State type sanctions. Players allowed to transfer….many do…..kills recruiting for years to come. We live in the land of mediocrity for another decade.

    Summation: We need to be relevant this year in the ACC so we can fall on the sword. It all starts this weekend with UNC. Huge game for this program.

    Go Canes!

    1. Pete – Unfortunately, the Worst-Worst Case scenario is one where Miami goes 5-7 and doesn’t even reach a bowl. Crazy as it sounds, must get those six wins to that falling on one’s sword is even an option.

  5. Cane fandom. AIN’T NO WAY Hose, that Miami finishes with a 5-7 regular season record!!!!! And I’m factoring in that Hurricane D-coordinator’s LAME AZZ defensive (LESS) schemes. Eh. What say.
    Heck, the A.C.C. is the absolute WORST B.C.S. conference and once Miami’s HIGH OCTANE offense rolls again, the Canes will surely have at least a . 500 record. If not a winning record, relatively speaking mind U. dUh
    By the way Cane bUbba’s. One reason WHY Golden’s squad won’t finish with a 5-7 record, as MOST, but not all, Hurricane fandom believe. Is this particular Hurricane squad won’t throw in the bloody Orange n’ Green towel! Bloody well guarantee it!!!
    Bon jour

    1. I think Miami beats Virginia, South Florida, Duke (yes, I know they’re rolling) and has a good shot taking down Virginia Tech. Way it stands right now, I think 8-4 is very doable.

  6. ” Canes win 31-17 ” Quote from a TYPICAL ‘ delusional ‘ CANESPACE fan! About Saturday’s game with a rising Carolina Sky Blue squad. Seriously LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t know, perhaps this forcast comes from a JUNIOR HIGH or GRADE SCHOOL loyal Hurricane fan. Because IF this comes from an adult, then the bloody LOT of Canespace and or EOTH be absolutely clueless. As well as delusional!
    But then again, isn’t ‘ fans ‘ a shorter version of FANATIC. Eh. What say.
    Hark, haven’t some, but not all, Miami fans bloody well WITNESS Miami’s defense lately. And yet, these same clueless Cane fans come out with LAME AZZ predictions such as the one above. dUh
    Again, I seriously hope this to U t was one from a GRADE SCHOOL or JUNIOR HIGH faithful Hurricane fan!

    1. … if Miami holds North Carolina to 17, I’ll streak across Sun Life after the game. The Tar Heels will have 17 by the end of the first quarter, most-likely.

  7. How can the NCAA make a decision on the improper benefits situation in November when UM hasn’t even received a notice of allegations yet? Until then I wouldn’t worry about any sort of punishment because we do not know what allegations are being accused against the university. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesnt UM have at least 90 days after receipt of the notice to respond to any of the allegations if it so chooses? The school probably won’t hear anything in the way of sanctions until at least sometime in the off-season or by the start of the 2013 season. We will not get any type of Penn St sanctions nor will they make a decision without undergoing due process. PSU was a special case given the egregious/horrible actions that occurred (and hell their board of trustees agreed with the expedited process). CANE fans, quit worrying excessively about any impending sanctions, try to enjoy this season as much as you can (I know No ‘D’ makes that hard) and let’s get this ‘W’ vs UNC.

    1. Miami will get their ninety days to respond and from what’s being said, the NCAA has wrapped the investigation and Miami is simply waiting to hear back.

  8. Enter one Bud Foster. Didn’t the Tar Hell offense bloody MOLEST a Va. Tech defense recently. dUh What say. And MOST, but not all, Cane fandom, such as a Canespace bubba, have the bloody nerve to make such OUTLANDISH touts!
    I don’t know. Maybe it was a GRADE SCHOOL or JUNIOR HIGH Miami fan making the above mentioned forcast.
    Bottom line is North Carolina’ offense is rolling now and the Tar Heels offense is ” 3x’s ” STRONGER than that BLAND Notre Dame offense!!!
    For the sake of the BLIND Canespace and or EOTH fandom, I HOPE Miami’s offense recovers quickly and has POSSESION of the football LAST!!! Because this game will probably be another A.C.C. SHOOT OUT. If U’all Cane fans know what I mean. Eh. What say.
    Bon jouir

  9. ” The Tar Heels have out-scored the competition 168-43 since halftime of a 39-34 loss at Louisville Sept. 15. ” Michael Casagrande, sunsentinal

    As I said earlier, the Tar Heel offense is ROLLING now.
    By the way, ESPN’s Herbstreit sees North Carolina winning, and I can GUARANTEE the SAGACIOUS Herbert, is FACTORING Miami’s POOR ARSE defensive schemes and what not! Eh. What say.

    Nonetheless, I absolutely BELIEVE the Hurricane offense will be in HIGH OCTANE mode, again, come Saturday afternoon. I just hope Miami has the pigskin late in the game and keeps their conference record UNTARNISHED!
    Bon soir

    1. No issues with North Carolina getting theirs offensively. Just want to make sure Miami gets theirs, too. High-scoring games from here on out, so get busy boys.

      1. Oh, I know, and I was stoked to see its a night game. But, I was just saying, one game at a time. I still have faith in these boys though. I think we beat UNC in a high scoring game, of course! And I dont care what anyone says, if we show up and play like we can, we can beat FSU. AG has these boys headed in the right direction. I’m very excited about what he’s getting done at the U!

  10. Bowl games are almost meaninless in the ACC, because all the money goes into revenue sharing (like all other conferences) and the team attending gets an expense allowance. The bowls essentially belong to the conference. I was at maryland when they went to the OB against UF, and they got $1m travel money. Brought everybody in the state and lost money!!!

    The big plus is you can estend practice 6-8 weeks.

    A far worse penalty is loss of scholarships. We are depleted talent-wise and scholly losses would really hurt.

    Good article in the washington post today on ACC football. Main theme, bring on midnite madness. ACC football is dun for 2012 due to FSU,s demise.

    1. The more ACC teams that go bowling, the better, though.

      Regardless, yes, Miami needs to give up a bowl game this year if it’s an option. Sanctions won’t be pretty and much worse to lose more scholies.

      That said, IF this team makes the ACCCG, you have to play it. Canes haven’t sniffed that since joining the conference in 2004 and you can’t take that opp away from these hard-working kids.

  11. OVER/UNDERS…. 300 rushing yards. Can the Miami, F-L-A Hurricanes defense hold a surging Tar Heel offense under the total above!

    35 points ++… the Hurricanes HIGH OCTANE offense will have to go over the latter point total for another A.C.C. victory.

    Bon soir

    1. Canes will give up a shit-ton of rushing yards. I think Bernard goes for 200, or so, at least.

      If Miami wins, it’s going to be a 38-35 type of ball game.

      Both teams will score and get theirs. That’s just the way it’s going to be this year.

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