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Dropped $7.99 on the Lindy’s Sports College Football 2010 Preview a few days back at the airport. Not sure which rag is more laughable, this one or the the one the folks at Athlon put out. Either way, both are consistently anti-Miami and have been for years.

Athlon is headquartered in Tennessee while Lindy’s is out of Alabama. Both reek of SEC homerism and obviously play to their Southern fan base. That said, like a sucker I still read away every year.

In an effort to save Cane enthusiasts eight bones, here’s the Cliff Notes version of Lindy’s 2010 preview mag:

– The Miami Hurricanes stumble in with a No. 20 ranking. Forget that the Sporting News has the Canes at No. 4 and that the median average for UM entering this season is around No. 13 – Lindy’s barely has The U cracking the Top 25 … which sets the stage for the forthcoming bias.

– Virginia Tech is picked to win the ACC and will play Pittsburgh in the Orange Bowl while Alabama (shock!) and Boise State will play for all the marbles in Glendale.

– Florida loses upwards of half its squad, has John Brantley replacing all everything Tim Tebow and Lindy’s still has the Gators in the Sugar Bowl against Oklahoma.

– Lindy’s Top 20 recruiting classes have three teams in the top five (Alabama, Florida and LSU) and put Miami at No. 11, which is fair in the post-Latwan Anderson / pre-Seantrel Henderson era. (Later in the issue Mike Farrell has the Canes at No. 16.)

Jacory Harris makes the Top 12 regarding Heisman candidates, with the cliche “only if he cuts way back on those interceptions”. Honestly, those who barely follow Miami – is this their lone go-to regarding how far the Canes go this year? Of course Harris has to cut back on the turnovers, but no one mentions that (1) he had an injured throwing hand the majority of the year, (2) he was a first-year starting quarterback and (3) he was working with a brand new offensive coordinator. Law of averages alone will have J12 cutting back on the picks.

– Miami @ Ohio State is listed as the third-ranked non-conference game of the year behind Boise State / Virginia Tech and Penn State / Alabama.

Allen Bailey was listed as the eighth-ranked best NFL prospect coming out next spring. He was the only Cane to make the list. ACC rival North Carolina has five draft-ready prospects, all on defense.

– In the ‘Breaking Down A Decade Of NFL Draft’ section, Miami was considered the Defensive Backs football factory, with the top five Canes listed in draft order – Sean Taylor, Antrel Rolle, Philip Buchanon, Ed Reed and Brandon Meriweather. Ohio State edged out Miami in the Linebacker category, due to a slow run the past few years in Coral Gables.

– Big article on Terrelle Pryor (“Pryor’s Brightening Flame Has Buckeyes On Fire”) and a lot of hype to draw comparisons between his Rose Bowl performance springboarding OSU to the national championship, much like Vince Young did with Texas between 2004-2005. (Curious to see where the Pryor hype goes after Miami’s front seven come to play on 9/11. Arguably one of the best defenses he’ll see all season.)

– Big article on Florida quarterback Brantley replacing Tebow (in the nation version of the magazine, not a regional or Florida-heavy one). Seems to be a lot of hype around Brantley and his ability to throw, with little focus on the Gators’ lack of a ground game and unproven receivers. Tebow made that O hum with his ability to tuck and run, especially in short yardage situations. Rather strange that all those hyping Brantley’s drop-back style and rocket arm are saying little about the lack of skills players to help with the transition.

– Not one Cane cracked the first team All-America Team. Bailey was the lone Cane on the list, as a second team defensive lineman.

– Harris is the 18th-rated quarterback coming into the season … no Cane running backs cracked the top 25 … Leonard Hankerson is the 11th-rated wideout … Bailey is the 4th-ranked defensive tackle … Brandon Harris is the 5th-ranked cornerback … Matt Bosher is the 5th-ranked kicker and 7th-ranked punter.

– Miami didn’t crack the top ten backfields, even with all the depth and the influx of new talent. Alabama and Virginia Tech obviously deserve to be ranked as the top two, but who really thinks Nevada (#10) and Washington (#8) have a better stable of backs than UM?

– Same to be said for wide receiver. Miami is nowhere to be found in the Top 10, but Oklahoma (#10) and Texas A&M (#9) round out the list?

– The Canes ranked 7th regarding defensive line, which is being praise for stuffing the run.

– Miami earned a #3 ranking for running backs recruited, is #7 regarding offensive line talent reeled in and 8th regarding overall athletes.

– The ACC section is where Lindy’s wheels absolutely fall off. Miami is ranked FOURTH in the Coastal (behind Virginia Tech, North Carolina and Georgia Tech). It’s noted that the Canes arguably have the best collection of athletes in the ACC but questions if Harris will have time to throw behind his new offensive lineman and they’re predicting heat for Shannon if he doesn’t win the division.

– Hankerson, Bosher, Bailey and Harris are the four Miami guys to make the ACC first team. Orlando Franklin is the lone second-teamer.

– Harris was listed on the ‘Honor Roll’ has having the “Strongest Arm” – the lone Cane on the list.

– Virginia Tech is still picked to roll, but based on offense – not defense. Bud Foster has a defense that must replace six starters, but the feeling is that Tyrod Taylor and a stable of running backs can carry the Hokies. (Taylor was named the conference MVP.)

– More double-talk as one analyst says North Carolina had the best recruiting haul this off-season, while a page later they’re ranked fourth in the conference.

– Some talk that if Shannon doesn’t “shore up a sometimes inconsistent offensive line, he might plop into a flaming seat” – making no mention of the influx of talent the Canes have reeled in line-wise.

Malcolm Bunche is listed as Miami’s “Top Newcomer” – “Normally, offensive linemen don’t make an early impact, but the 6-7, 328-pound freshman shined in spring ball. Look for him to see playing time somewhere.”

– Most frustrating stat listed on the Miami team preview page; defensive backs have only picked off seven passes the past two seasons. Something has to give there. Seriously. Turnovers are the Canes bread and butter when this team is on a roll.

– The final “Overview” regarding the 2010 Miami Hurricanes: “To return to elite status, Miami must navigate a tough, early stretch against Ohio State, Pittsburgh and Clemson. A November 13th game at Georgia Tech and a November 20th home contest against Virginia Tech could determine whether the Hurricanes play in their first ACC title game.”

Wow. Even a bunch of biased SEC folk can’t miss the painfully obvious!



5 thoughts on “Lindy’s Sports College Football 2010 Preview

  1. Ah Let em talk and make the gregarious/asinine/anti-Miami will be that much better when we shut all of them up this season. People love to talk $H!T about the Canes when we're down but never have anything to say when we are on top and running things. I'm predicting that it will be more of the aforementioned this season. We are going to surprise A LOT of people.

  2. he Canes will end up a top 5 team this year and even with the difficult schedule..i.e. OSU Pitt,FSU,NC and VT may end up as National Champs

  3. Until we actually win something in the Randy Shannon era, I can't blame ANYONE for picking us to under perform.

  4. Until we actually win something in the Randy Shannon era, I can't blame ANYONE for picking us to under perform.

    Was waiting for a comment like this.

    5-7 to 7-6 to 9-4. Miami had a good run last year with a first-year starting quarterback and two brand new coordinators.

    The Randy Shannon Era is in track three years out the gate, based on what was inherited.

    Furthermore, the issue here is that Lindy's is a biased rag, preaching a lot of SEC homerism and not calling it as it is.

    The Sporting News has Miami ranked #4, which definitely comes off a bit high — but 20th? That's an absolute joke.

  5. It's typical that Lindy's would underestimate miami, they do it every year. I mean come on now, 20th? Really? They predict a team that cracked the top 10 twice last year and went 3-1 through the 1st 4 games of a brutal schedule to start that low? They give no credit to the ACC's best group of recievers. Hankerson, benji, byrd, A.J., Collier, Tommy, ect. C'mon, how are they not among anybody's top ten recieving units in the country? Ok, so we've got a tough schedule, but my opinion it's not tough enough to suggest such a low ranking. This is speculation, but I think we start anywhere from 12 to 15 and finish ranked in the top 10 with a 10-2 regular season. Lindy's would be better off hand picking random people off the streets to be contributing writers. What a joke…

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