Everybody’s talking… except Georgia Tech

The Miami Hurricanes are ‘back’ – and that’s not just me talking; it’s the theme of the day. Miami Herald. Sun Sentinel. ESPN. Sports Illustrated. Sporting News. Bloggers. Talking heads. Everybody and their mother is geeked out on this new offense, a swarming defense and the fact that Randy Shannon seemingly has this team on track early on in year three.

As I type this, Tony Kornheiser opened ESPN’s “Pardon The Interruption” with the question, “Is The U Back?” He went on to say, “I think college football is well served when Miami is good…. I like Miami. I want them to be good. It’s good for college football.”

Preach on, Brother Tony.

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Local and national, everyone is talking Miami today… except Georgia Tech. The Atlanta media… a big-mouthed fan base… inexplicably quiet today.

The AJC’s Jeff Schultz took a shot at the Canes earlier this week (“Is Miami Taking Georgia Tech Lightly?”), implying that UM was looking past GT and that the win over FSU was being blown out of proportion. Columnist Chris Boggs took it a step further with his “Miami… Substance or Swagger?” piece – complete with his bogus top ten reasons Tech would roll the Canes.

Par for the course, neither journalist sacked up this morning and ate crow. Shultz admitted Miami was a “good” team, but never fully gave credit and seemed to be too hung up on the past instead of the present (“This was a good team Georgia Tech lost to. But to be so dominated by a school you had beaten in four straight meetings and pancaked last season for 472 yards rushing indicates something is seriously wrong.”) Shultz even had some pregame jitters, attempting to lay some blame on back-to-back Thursday night games.

How about trying this one on for size – maybe the problem wasn’t Georgia Tech’s inability to block or run. Maybe this is simply proof that when Miami has the athletes, your hometown squad can’t hang. Maybe this proves what UM fans have said the past few years – that Tech’s wins over the Canes were somewhat hollow based on the state of the program. 19-19 the past few seasons, who WASN’T taking it to The U these past few years?

Just as LSU outtalented and outworked Georgia Tech in last year’s bowl game, Miami now has the higher caliber athletes who aren’t going to wilt against a gimmicky triple option.

As for Boggs, his in-game blogging was laughable. My favorite line, “Patrick Nix is no longer calling the offense in Miami”. Very astute, Chris. Of course that’s been the case for upwards of nine months now, but thanks for noticing.

Par for the course, the blame game… defensive line was gassed… GT “squandered” an offensive opportunity – no credit given to Miami’s defense for making plays, until later in the live blog. Boggs finally admitted Tech was out-coached and out-athleted… but never owned up that his biased top ten list oozed with homerism and was completely off base.

A rather typical reaction from a program that’s never really been there and one that started making its name during an era when Miami was down. As we saw last night, all is right in the world again. Just as it was decades back when the Canes were shredding Nebraska’s option and Oklahoma’s wishbone, gimmicky offenses don’t work against a speedy, aggressive UM defenses.

Talent. Depth. Two solid coordinators. Year three in The Shannon Era. It’s all starting to come together. Other ACC foes, beware – your run of beating up on a down Miami program has officially come to an end.



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  1. Since when were the Option and Wishbone "gimmicky" offenses? You only won your first game against NU because Osborne decided to go for a win instead of a tie, where a tie would have assured them a national title on your home field. Would Howard have done that?–probably not. That's another thing: all of your big games were played on your home field. I still have a piece of that home field that I took home in '95 when NU beat you for the National Championship. You remember that year, don't you? That was the year where the TV crew wouldn't show Warren Sapp close-ups in the 2nd half because he was sucking wind through that gaping pie hole of his as a result of that "gimmicky" offense. You remember that year, right? That was the year before we destroyed Florida for the next national championship with that "gimmicky" offense. There's something I've always wondered: Why wouldn't you ever come up North to play?

    The primary reason why you had early success against Nebraska was because Osborne had not put the final piece of the puzzle in place–and that was some speed in his secondary. Once he figured that out, they made you their "companions". As a writer, I find this piece factually-challenged. 🙂

  2. I heard the espn guys say more than once that we had "extra days to get ready for the game." They just have to find something negative. And now we are attracting Cornhuskers to this blog….good grief !

    Hated by many, loved by few, WE are the "U"

  3. Since when were the Option and Wishbone "gimmicky" offenses? You only won your first game against NU because Osborne decided to go for a win instead of a tie, where a tie would have assured them a national title on your home field. Would Howard have done that?–probably not. That's another thing: all of your big games were played on your home field. I still have a piece of that home field that I took home in '95 when NU beat you for the National Championship. You remember that year, don't you?

    Cute how you leave out the 23-3 beating in 1989 and 22-0 rout in 1991…. as well as 2001.

    The option is a gimmick, hoss. That's why few teams run it these days.

    You're hyping 1994-1995 Nebraska — arguably one of the better teams in history and Tommie Frazier ran that offense to perfection.

    That said, the option didn't do squat against Miami in '89, '91 or the '02 Rose Bowl.

    As for this "homefield advantage" chatter… I was the Orange Bowl for a few of those Nebraska/Miami games and recall that stadium being flooded with Big Red fans.

    It was a bowl game and NU had more than enough fan support, as well as time to get acclimated to South Florida in December/January. There was no homefield advantage. Not one of those games felt like a Miami home game… especially the '95 Orange Bowl.

    As for why wouldn't Miami ever come up north to play – c'mon now, those were all bowl games. It wasn't a home/away. We'll see y'all 2014 and 2015, champ.

    Plus, who in their right mind wants to be in Norman come New Years??????

  4. Yeszir! One step closer to the top! Canes will own college football come 2010!!!!!!!!!!!! Speed kills the option!

    GT will not sneak up on teams like last year C'mom bdraftracing!

  5. Hey bro. Don't need to post this, just wanted to give you a heads up before the Nebraska fan comes back at ya.

    You finished up your last comment saying "Plus, who in their right mind wants to be in Norman come New Years??????" Norman is the Sooners home town, the Huskers are in Lincoln.

    Of course who wants to be in either of those places come New Years?!?! -WPB'Cane

  6. That Nebraska fan has crazy ass selective memory. His claim to fame is saying the option beat Miami in the 1995 Orange Bowl. OK, so let's look at the facts. The Canes were winning that game heading into the fourth quarter 17-10. Nebraska scores two late touchdowns behind the great play of Tommie Frazier and they win the national championship. Ok fine, good job. Yet, I recall I different outcome in 1983. And in 1989. And in 1991. And in 2001. And unlike 1995, with the exception of 1983, none of Nebraska's losses to The U were even close in those years. That dude needs help, and what the hell is he doing in a UM blog in the first place? Envy is all I could guess.

  7. I think bdraftracing is definitely smoking to much ganja. I also noticed when I clicked on his name, it took me nowhere. So we aren't able to respond to his ridiculousness. Talk about being naive to what the option/wishbone is. It is and always has been a one trick pony. The history of the last 30 years proves it. Not only did Miami stop those teams, but so did other big time talented teams like Florida State and LSU. If I recall, Oklahoma's record from 1985-1987 was 33-3. All 3 of those losses were at the hands of Miami. If not for us they would have won 3 straight national titles. We had a direct hand in causing outdated football teams to abandon that type of football from being played anymore. The fact that the powers that be hired Paul Johnson at Ga Tech is dumbfounding to me. It's as if they don't know what wins championships at this level. It is a flash in the pan type offense since none of the kids playing have much experience playing against it. Once other teams in the ACC adjust to it as we now have they will be able to stop it and it will not take GA Tech to the next level, which they claim to want to get to. Good luck to all you Ga Tech and wishbone/option fans. Enjoy being irrelevant.

  8. The writer from the Atlanta was complaining that G-Tech was playing back to back Thursday night games, but that's what Miami had to do last year when they played G-Tech

  9. Norman is the Sooners home town, the Huskers are in Lincoln.

    WPB….. Lincoln… Norman… Oklahoma… Nebraska… it's all the same, right? 😉

    Thanks for the heads up. My brain is already on my trek to Miami for the OU game.

  10. Just wanted put a thought out there, if it hasn't been touched on already. Mark Whipple is obviously an offensive mastermind. Wouldn't know be the team to find someone for him to mentor, so we can keep moving forward once he has a colleges knocking on his door for HC position. Or better yet, a NFL OC position. I mean lets be real, its inevitable that he won't be around for too long. Ken Dorsey always had a high football IQ and I think he would be a great apprentice to learn the 'ol Whipple ball! We can either hope that might happen, or even better, start fund raising amongst alumni and fan base to keep Whipple around. We can start a site where people can donate to pay him what he will soon deserve!

    Just a thought man!

    U knOw

  11. See? I told you guys you'd get some recognition if ya took care of business on the (in)field. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if you stomped VT next week. They're overrated anyway. Bama put them in their place and Nebraska probably will today. I think the OU game will be the true measuring stick for your team. Bradford or no Bradford, they're still a good football team.

    I'm already hearing the P-word (Pasadena) being thrown around in reference to your team. While it's certainly too early to be talking about that for any team, if that's what it would take to get another UM-UF matchup before 2013, then so be it. But we've got our own business to take care of. Got a mouthy little worm to smack around today.

    Good job and good luck folks.

    PS: Anyone else ready to see BYU trash FSU today?

  12. I think BYU FSU might be a better game than some may think. I am loving people braggin in the past. The U is about the future! This is why we wore our orange and green through the past few years. All I can say is I love this team more than any other. God Damn! It kinda feels like 01 doesn't it? I am proud to be all about the U!!!

  13. Canewarning112…. I wouldn't put my hard-earned cash on the Noles, but an upset wouldn't shock me in the least. They have the athletes and were simply flat after Miami ripped their hearts out.

    If OU's defense hold BYU you 14 points, FSU has the players to go toe-to-toe…

  14. allCanes… I wanted to get your feedback on something. Linda Robertson's UM piece today mentions Shannon's contract…

    "What is his contract status? He has said privately that he turned down an extension in hopes of getting a better deal after the season. UM sources have said he wasn't given an offer, and president Donna Shalala told The Miami Herald his contract hasn't been discussed."


    What is your take on this? Who isn't telling the truth? If it is Shannon, do you think it is because he didn't want any recruits to get scared away and was just countering some of the negative recruiting other schools *ahem* Florida *ahem* have been doing about him not going to be around for long?

    I would love to get your take on this, as I know tons of other readers would too.

    You've have been a Shannon backer all along, and finally now, Shannon is being vindicated and will def. get the extension after this year. It is great to see.


    Carl Garcia

  15. Chris, You know you're a hit when non-Cane fans read the blogs and feel compelled to comment. bdraftracing is defensive about an offense his team doesn't even run anymore. Where is Joe W or whatever his name is, who was talking crap before the GTech game? Like I predicted, he'll disappear until next year although it won't be any different. What a total *ss-whippin that was. When you have time to actually prepare for that type of offense, it's not too difficult to stop. If you get up by more than 10, it's over because those teams can't throw the ball well and are too one dimentional.

    VTech up next and if we stop the run, that will be a win too. It will be interesting to see if Nebraska can do anything against the Hokies at Lane. Probably a low scoring game, which bodes well for our offense. Scored in the 20's and we win.

    -Columbus Cane

  16. Like in Tombstone, it wasn't revenge we were after, it was a reckoning. Check.

    Let me tell you, VTech is garbage on offense. If Nebraska had any more offense than a QB draw, they'd be up by 14+. Honestly, I really don't see how we could lose to these guys. Their ranking is solely based on defense and special teams, because their offense sucks. I should clarify that by saying Ryan Williams, the RB, is a nice player. Stop him and it's over.
    -Columbus Cane

  17. Tony Kornheiser is actaully on Pardon the Interuption. I love how Michael Wilbon was ill on Friday yeah right. He dog Miami and didn't want to talk about it. Anyways 2 down 2 to go. Canes need to take care of business and let these other so called teams drop like flies ie USC. One game at a time. But its great to hear all the haters eat some crow. I think we need to send Lou Holtz some all canes gear.

  18. After watching VT vs Nebraska, i have to admit that VT is a lot like GT except their defense and special teams are better.

    VT has no offense and by all accounts should have lost that game today!

    I think the Canes will beat VT but VT defense and special teams will keep the game close.

  19. At the poster above..

    Yea both Lou and Mark needs some allCanes gear. Mark needs a damn heap of it after that FSU game. Saying that Miami could get 'back' but wouldn't because of what Mr Myer was doing down in Gainesville. Please, give me a break. Randy has out recruited the hell outta Urban these last few yrs. Yea, Mark needs some Canes gear, desperately

  20. Do a search on facebook for a group called "we miss you robert marve"

    It is classic….. Harris is a God!

  21. So as a UM fan I seriously dislike our instate rivals, With that said i decided to check out the canes recruiting trail on rivals.com and stumbled upon an interesting article.


    For a WEEK straight all i heard on ESPN was the supposed shellacking Florida was going to put on Tennessee (I'm as well a student at UF so i constantly get ravaged by these ranting gators). Clearly it was no blowout and Tebow coughed up the ball twice. I like to believe Tennessee played tough and hung on for the most part, no rocky top but a good game nonetheless. Florida…. looked really sloppy

    All that aside this article feels like it's one BIG excuse, and the media isn't really calling them out on it…

    However if this was Miami i feel like we would've gotten thrown under the bus asap.

    Somebody agree to disagree with me or give me a second opinion…

  22. Ain't it funny how when The U drops 38 on the Noles and 33 on the Yellow Jackets, the media is quick to point out in their "expert" opinions that both FSU and Georgia Tech have below average defenses, and that The U will be tested when they face a "real" defense.

    Yet, when the Gators struggle to put up 23 on the Vols, suddenly Tennessee is lauded for having a top shelf defense that would give anybody fits. Typical media bias against the Canes at its best. I can't wait for the Canes to quiet some more media critics (especially Lou Holtz once again, who we all know is going to pick Va Tech to win next Saturday) this Saturday in Blacksburgh. Yes, I know playing in Lane Stadium will be tough. Yes, I know Bud Foster and the Hokie defense will be one of the stiffest challenges The U's offense will face all year. But, there's just something special about this particular Canes team. Maybe it's just Jacory's coolness spreading throughout the team, but these Canes seem destined for big things. One can only hope, right? Go Canes! See ya in Blacksburgh!

  23. allCanes, I see that you most likely won't give your opinion on my previous post as requested.

    I will offer mine – I believe Shannon. I cannot see him lying (privately or publically) and saying that the school made him an offer if they didn't.

    However, I can see Shalala and co. trying to backtrack after the fact and saying "No, no, no offer was made yet."

    By the way, I agree with Doug Funnie up there…. there is something is particular that is special about this Canes team. We are going for the 'Ship, no doubt about it.

  24. Carl – Hectic weekend. Haven't had time to respond.

    Regarding Shannon's contract, it's all speculation and everyone seems to be playing the game.

    I don't feel I'm an authority to give an opinion on something like this as none of us outside UM know the facts.

    Randy said he was offered. A few weeks later a member of the board of trustees (in confidence) says that no contract offer was extended.

    My two cents – I don't think Randy Shannon wastes his time thinking about contract negotiations. The only thing that matters at The U is winning ball games.

    If Randy's teams don't win, all the contract talk is moot. Win games and he writes his own ticket. There's really nothing else to 'discuss' about the matter. He's not into coachspeak or playing the game with the media. What will be, will be… and it starts with reversing that 12-13 record he amassed seasons one and two.

    Shannon isn't going anywhere anytime soon. He's proven he's a tireless recruiter and with the addition of Whipple/Lovett, he's proven he can assemble a staff, too.

    This is/was a four-year rebuilding project and things look solid early on year three. Shannon will get his extension when the time is right…..

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