Eleven Canes earn a trip to the Pro Bowl

While the Miami Hurricanes looked to close several high-profile recruits this weekend, football fans nationwide saw ‘The U’ displayed on the main stage as eleven Canes were named to the 2010 Pro Bowl:

Andre Johnson, Vince Wilfork, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Brandon Meriweather, Frank Gore, Jon Beason, Bryant McKinnie, Antrel Rolle, Jon Vilma and Reggie Wayne were all Pro Bowl bound this year – though some didn’t play due to injury, Super Bowl appearances or the nameless former Cane who skipped practice and got the boot.

A testament to the program, as well as a reminder that UM’s on the field success isn’t that far in the rearview. Lewis is Miami’s veteran – in the league since 1996 – while guys like Beason and Rolle were getting it done at ‘The U’ few years back.

Potential Canes and current recruits – look at the talent around you, seek the common theme and realize that Miami is a cut above. You want to play your college ball at the home of the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl? Here’s your chance. You want to be the next Hurricane great, dominating in the postseason after being praised as the best at your position? Come to Coral Gables.



8 thoughts on “Eleven Canes earn a trip to the Pro Bowl

  1. I was hoping you would write something like this. Even though only those guys were mentioned, there were countless others that could have qualified and there are other Canes that are pro bowlers that didn't make an appearance such as Jeremy Shockey and Ed Reed. I saw his name on the roster but I guess he didn't show. Either way, eleven Canes. That is ridiculous. Either the other pros must not care about their colleges or they don't have any cool interesting sign to throw up in representation. Go Canes.

    I believe that with the exception of 2006, Miami has had more alum in the pro bowl than any other school every year since 2003!

    Not too shabby

  3. I can barely remember the Miami glory days. It's good to see some of those old guys are still in the NFL.

    When will we get a good coaching staff at the U? I'd love to get back to the good ole days.

  4. We're not that far away from contending nationally again. Stop turning the ball over, and we win the majority, if not all of the games we lost this past year. We have been beating ourselves for the most part. Stay healthy and take care of the ball, and we'll be in the ACC Championship.

  5. Mind what you say about/to recruits. The NCAA has ways of being wacky about recruiting stuff. Just saying.


  6. Mind what you say about/to recruits. The NCAA has ways of being wacky about recruiting stuff. Just saying.

    Chard – Appreciate the words, but I'm not affiliated with UM so I can talk about recruits and can mention by name the same way folks on message boards can.

    This blog is in no way, shape or form affiliated with the University of Miami.

  7. Doesn't matter to the NCAA. Look into it. I think NC State student got in trouble for internet postings. That last sentence can bring unwanted attention.

    …. I get your point about the NCAA being gestapos, but I think my last sentence is much different than starting a FB fan page, encouraging 700+ fans to sign up, begging a kid to come to your school.

    Super Bowl week in Miami. Big name talent in town for Pro Bowl when a lot of recruits were visiting. Just making a point to those kids on campus.

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