Canes sweep Gators…

Yeah, it’s only baseball and football is the ultimate sport regarding bragging rights in the Sunshine State, but it’s still sweet when the Canes romp the Gators. 

No. 10 Miami swept No. 12 Florida in Gainesville this weekend. An 8-5 win on Friday night, a 2-1 nailbiter on Saturday and a 16-2 beatdown on Sunday afternoon. It marked the first time the Canes have swept the Gators on the diamond since 2001. Entering this series Florida had taken six of the past nine against Miami.

Friday’s win was fueled by Jonathan Weislow and his first two career homers – including the would-be game-winner in the sixth inning. Chris Hernandez earned his second win of the season, allowing four runs on six hits while striking out five while the effective Kyle Bellamy closed out the game, allowing one his, striking out two and earning his first save of the year. 

Saturday’s 2-1 victory came on the heels of a career-best seven scoreless innings behind junior David Gutierrez. A two-hit, two-RBI performance behind Ryan Jackson was the difference-maker. Florida picked up a ninth inning run, but Bellamy again shut down the hated Gators – forcing a pop up and strike out against his final two batters. 

Come Sunday, with the home team looking to save some face, visiting Miami poured it on with a 16-2 thrashing.

With both teams scoreless after three innings, a seven-run fourth inning got things rolling for the Canes. Harold Martinez cranked a solo shot to left and the Gators unraveled from there. A Dave DiNatale single was followed by a wild pitch, advancing DiNatale to second. Chris Herrmann was hit by a pitch. DiNatale and Herrmann both advanced on a balk. An inning full of singles, walks and overall Florida mishaps put Miami ahead for good. 

DiNatale, Herrmann and Yasmani Grandal proved to be the meat of the Canes line up, combining for ten hits and eight runs. Miami rattled off twenty hits against Florida in this game three massacre.

Next up for 6-1 Miami, Rhode Island and Mount St. Mary’s on Tuesday and Wednesday. From there, a three-game home stand against ACC rival NC State.

Next up for Florida, some serious wound-licking. The casual Gators fan will downplay the sweep and act like they could care less about baseball… but that’s merely due to a lack of success. Miami’s four titles to Florida’s zero doesn’t sit well with the nutjobs at McKethan Stadium, many who love to reign down their racist slurs (oft forgetting UF has its fair share of Hispanic athletes.)

I’ve taken in my fair share of Miami/Florida games in Gainesville and the inferiority complex regarding Miami’s accomplishments on the diamond warmed my heart. Florida has football bragging right (for now), but Miami’s baseball success cuts to the core of many Florida fans and there’s no way they’re taking this sweep lightly.

Great to see the baseball Canes stick it to them this weekend. 



20 thoughts on “Canes sweep Gators…

  1. NOt a baseball fan at all, but I love to beat UF and FSU in anything, so that’s a great sweep this weekend. I’d like to see the baseball team step up and do some damage this year.
    -Columbus Cane




    WE STILL OWN U…!!!


  3. Florida is terrible in hoops too. Sure they have the two titles but their program is sinking fast.

    Even if they back into the NCAAs this year it’s obvious both FSU and Miami have caught and surpassed them thanks in large part to the ACC and the arrogance of Billy Donovan and the Gator fans.

    I’ve heard many people say Florida would be in next to last place in the ACC in Basketball. I agree with that. We’d beat them for sure and FSU beat them without two of their best players in December.

    The Gator Nation is crumbling. Football is next. It’s only a matter of time.

  4. Gator Bite, don’t be such a chick about it. I gave Florida their due on the football field. Fact remains Miami mopped up Florida this past weekend in Gainesville. Up 2-0 in the series, you had to think the 12th ranked Gators would come to play. The Canes already won the series, so giving Sunday’s game back would’ve made sense. Instead UM took UF to school, 16-2 — on the road, no less.

    Don’t try to turn this into something it’s not — by bringing football and basketball into the argument. This is a post about baseball and regarding baseball, Miami has four titles to Florida’s ZERO.

    As for recent history, the Canes just beat the s**t out of the Gators on the diamond. That’s what we’re talking about here, so stick to the topic.

    Save your football nonsense for fall.


    “Fact remains Miami mopped up Florida this past weekend in Gainesville.”


  6. It was great to wear my UM gear up here in Gainesville. I didn’t get a chance to make it to the games 🙁 but I was at a sub shop on sunday and a few Gator fans walked up to me and said they left in the 5th because UM was up 8-0. All I could do was laugh because UF thought they had a chance at UM since they just swept Louisville..

  7. Great post, Canes305.

    Columbus Cane- you should try to get into Canes baseball more…we’ve got a great program and I think this year’s squad is going to give us a fun ride.

    Regarding the series, I think Canes305 nailed it. UF will try to downplay our sweep b/c it’s baseball, but the reality is it still burns them. In fact, they had been trying to make a move in baseball by renovating their park, hiring a new staff, etc…Jeremy Foley was bred in New England on baseball, is a die hard Red Sox fan, and said he wants baseball to matter at the University of Florida. He actually said Miami is a measuring stick for them. So, that’s why you have to love that a young, re-tooled Canes team just went up there and dominated them in their own stadium, making us now 2-0 against their new coach O’Sullivan. Don’t let them fool you, they were hoping to begin closing the gap on us so this one hurts.

    I really take my hat off to Jim Morris. I love how he always manages to reload the year after we lose a lot of big names. It’s early, but I actually think this club might be more tenacious and grittier than the previous two squads. I will enjoy following their journey to Omaha.

    Go Canes!

    -Tampa Cane

  8. hey dude not to be pest but if you want to talk trash about UiF dont you think it’s better to brag about how many canes are playing in the pros? or how many have super bowl rings, or how many made this yr pro bowl? or how many gators fail in the pros would be better.I understand how much u hate UiF and all da hype but Miami does not need to hear about the gators at any sport why because miami doesn’t have any competition from anyone! Miami sells it self…

  9. hey dude not to be pest but if you want to talk trash about UiF dont you think it’s better to brag about how many canes are playing in the pros? or how many have super bowl rings, or how many made this yr pro bowl? or how many gators fail in the pros would be better.I understand how much u hate UiF and all da hype but Miami does not need to hear about the gators at any sport why because miami doesn’t have any competition from anyone! Miami sells it self…

    I do my fair share of trash talking the Gators here, as do the fans who post in the comments section.

    There is no reason to bring up Canes in the NFL or Super Bowl rings this time of year when Miami just rolled Florida in baseball. Save those rants for the NFL Draft in a few weeks.

    Right now it’s college baseball season and the Canes just won three straight in Gainesville. Let’s stay on topic here and have some rhyme and reason to the trash talk, no?

  10. It’s baseball season, my favorite time of the year.

    This past weekend completely showcased two things that I already knew, and had known for years … UiF Croc Baseball and its players are bush league and garbage. Plain and simple.

    26-8 combined score of the sweep. Why exactly was UiF rated #24 in Baseball America and the Canes weren’t ranked at all?

    I guess when you lose players like: Yonder Alonso, Jemile Weeks, Dennis Raben, Blake Tekotte, Mark Sobolewski, etc. and their combined 58 HRs, 297 RBI, 388 Hits, 257 Runs and 685 Total Bases gone – then yes, you shouldn’t be ranked as high in the polls. I guess when you lose 2007 Baseball America Frosh All-American/2007 Louisville Slugger Frosh All American/2007All ACC First Team/2008 All ACC Second Team Pitcher Eric Erickson – you shouldn’t be ranked as high in the polls. But, to not be ranked AT ALL Baseball America? Ahem .. the F**K were you thinking? This is University of Miami baseball – you’re trying to tell me that you think there are 25 other programs out there that deserve to be ranked ahead of them? Yes, polls at the beginning of the year should be taken with a grain of salt – but – it’s still a slap in the face to a program that has proven year after year, ad nauseam, that they reload and not rebuild.

    You’d think Baseball America and any other publication might have a clue in knowing that Jim Morris will have a Top 25 team.

    Back to the series.

    The Sun Sports announcers for the Sunday curb stomping, somehow had time in between slobbering over all things Croc related – to do a below average job of calling the game.

    Captain Obvious here, but when there are announcers that can’t even tell you what type of pitch was just thrown (even though they have monitors in the booth showing replays and the field right in front of them) – they have no business being on the air. Yes No?

    At least one of them wasn’t Mick Huber, so the television viewer wouldn’t have to be subjected to his “OH MY!!” tag line of annoyance after basically every .. single .. action .. a Croc player performs that Mick thinks is the greatest moment in history at the time.
    “(fill in the blank Croc player) JUST WALKED ONTO THE FIELD, OH MY!!”
    “(fill in the blank Croc player) JUST LOOKED AT THE FIELD, OH MY!!”
    “(fill in the blank Croc player) JUST PROBABLY THOUGHT ABOUT THE FIELD, OH MY!!”

    It’s beyond sickening with the annoyance level of his nasally yapping.

    Not only were the Sun Sports announcers all-things-unknowing when it came to pitch recognition and relaying it to the viewer/listener, one of the best parts of the game was when they said that Riley Cooper just “slid past second base in an attempt to stop UM’s Scott Lawson”. Just slid past the bag? or maybe, how about, kicked Scott Lawson right in the stomach as he was trying to turn the double play. Guess it depends on if you’re “Lewinsky’ing” the UiF peen like these guys were or just a normal fan watching the game. You don’t even have to be a Cane fan to see that what Riley Cooper did was a chickensh*t move.

    I have no problem with playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played, with aggressiveness both on the base paths and in the field – but to pull some straight up dirty bush league slide like that – deserves the very next UiF player up to bat in their half of the inning, getting a top end, two seamer right in the upper ribs or in the middle of the back.

    Nazario was filthy that day, pitching lights out to that point. Take care of business for your teammate, then go back to making the UiF hitters look less than mediocre again.

    If you’re going to try and take out the pivot man in a double play, you go for no higher than the middle of the shin and not above the knee – that’s an unwritten rule.

    Riley Cooper pulled a Shelley Duncan from last year, when he slid into 2B while Aki Iwamura for my beloved Tampa Rays, who was the pivot man, and kicked Aki in his junk … all while saying that he was trying to kick the ball out of his glove. That set off a bench clearing brawl and it was in Spring Training. Both Riley and Shelley are the definition of garbage in a baseball uniform for their actions.

    A real man you are Riley, a real tough man – esp. since Lawson is 5 inches shorter than you. I’d love to hear your explanation on it and your dumbfounded look on why you were tossed from the game.

    UiF, if you’re going to retaliate by hitting Weislow b/c he ran in from left field to inform Cooper of a being a walking snatch … then don’t hit him with a damn 70 mph breaking ball in the back. Christ, I think Terry Schiavo could’ve thrown harder than that. That’s how you send a message? With an air biscuit to the back? They had no problem hitting 2 other Cane hitters earlier and almost taking out Weislow’s coconut on an attempted bunt – so why the floater to the back?

    I’m sure the 70 mph aspirin that Croc pitcher Chas Spottswood hit Weislow with, did more damage to Weislow – than the 6 runs/2 HRs/5 RBI/1.111 Slugging %, Weislow put on the Crocs in the series. Maybe not.

    Crocs, do you remember where Omaha is? where the College World Series is? I know that going to Omaha is basically a foreign concept to UiF and Omaha can be easily forgotten, due to the lack of visits. Five times to Omaha in your illustrious 97 year life span UiF? Outstanding. Zero National Titles? Exceptional.

    UiF, do you remember being eliminated by the Canes in the NCAA Tournament in 1981, 1985, 1989, 1994, 1997, 2002, 2003, 2004? If not, I just reminded you.

    UiF, do you reminder that the Canes have 23 appearances in the CWS, with 4 National Championships won in 6 Title Games and 47 CWS game wins … 4th most of any team. If not, I just reminded you.

    There’s a reason that the Canes have a timeshare in Omaha – it’s their home away from home.

    There’s a reason UiF, that you’ve only been to Omaha 5 times – you don’t belong there.

    If I were Jim Morris, I would’ve done anything and everything possible to leave no doubt in the Crocs players minds that they have no business even being on the same diamond as the Canes.

    – Up by 8 runs? Keep stealing bases, double steal if you have the chance.

    – Up by 8 runs with a runner on 3rd and less than two outs? Squeeze play.

    – Up by 8 runs and a Cane pitcher has a 3-0 or 3-1 count on a Croc hitter? Put the next pitch in the Croc’s thigh or love handle. Especially after having one or more Canes being hit by a UiF pitcher.

    Anyone think I’m being somewhat harsh or need to calm down? Anyone remember a game this past year where a certain team was up by 20, in the 4th Quarter, down in the redzone, and still had all their starters in a 4 wide set and was trying to throw for a TD? Then kicked a meaningless FG with :25 seconds left?

    The Canes have to wait until 2013 to get that back. Until then, the Canes need to do it to UiF in every other sport possible until then. They already hate us and nothing will change their mind – ever.

    I wanted the Canes to empty their metaphorical clip in them, even when they were up by 12 and heading into the bottom of the 6th. I don’t care if the Canes were up by 18, keep pouring it on. Crush their thoughts of coming back and crush their throats. Stomp on them until they become fertilizer for the earth.

    I wanted 20+ runs on Sunday. I wanted retaliation for Cane players being plunked. I don’t believe in that f*ckery of “look at the scoreboard, we’re getting them back that way” when we play and beat the Crocs – save that for someone we actually have respect for. They need to earn it.

    122-93-1 record against the Crocs
    Canes have won 6 of the last 7 against the Crocs
    Canes have eliminated the Crocs 8 times in the NCAA Tournament
    Jim Morris has over 700 wins with the Canes for a reason
    He achieved #700 and #701 against UiF, in their dump

    I don’t even feel bad for you, UiF.

    You’re nothing.

    What’s even worse for UiF, the Canes being beat by Rhode Island in an outstanding pitching effort by Eric Smith of the Rams – 3-0. It was one of those nights where the Canes bats were silenced and the Rams ground balls had eyes. Props to Rhode Island for their heart and Smith for pitching 8 gutty shutout innings.

  11. USF will wipe its ass with the Canes and the Noles this season. UF is lucky they won’t have to face the wrath.

  12. Good Lord do I love me some dilusional USF fans. Holy hell, you clowns have small penis syndrome more than UCF did in the late 90s when they swore they were the next state power.

    Keep dreaming, chump. Your piss ant program hasn’t yet beaten Miami, Florida or Florida State. All you have is a smaller tier bowl win here or there, a decent run in the BIG EAST and had a cup of coffee as the #2 team in the land… before you quickly s**t the bed.

    How about you idiots DO SOMETHING and THEN start running your mouths? All this hypothetical crap, “oooh what we’ll do to you”. Please.

    Nice job finally hiring a defensive coordinator in MARCH. Maybe if your coach wasn’t such a douche other coaches would actually want to work for him.

    Scram you freakin’ roach.

  13. F those candyass Gators.

    Funny how they “don’t care” about baseball, but suddenly became a “basketball school” over the past decade when their team got good.

    Football is always first in the state of Florida and baseball was always number two. Basketball was unheard of in their parts and once the Gators got a little traction, they suddenly act like they don’t care about baseball anymore.

    Jeremy Foley is a HUGE baseball guy and I’m sure he sick that their program continues to fail year after year.

    Go Canes. Sweep those scumbag Gators, in their house no less!!!!!

  14. My hubby and I went to the Sat. game. Place was packed but Cane fans were very much in attendance. Nail biter to the end. I think the young boys did a great job along side the veterans. I agree the sunday game on TV, the commentators were d***ks. Living in North Florida as a Canes fan has gotten so much better since the influx from south florida after Andrew. I see much more Canes gear around town. I saw on the new football schedule that we play UCF and USF in their houses. I love it!! Hubby and I (maybe even the girls) will be at both games being so close. Love my Canes! BTW Love this blog, get all my facts here, another teacher is FSU, but we are friendly opponets. We talk football all the time. He fears Randy Shannon and the boys Labor Day!

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  16. Allcanes,
    That’s the beauty of it. This year we get to smack your silly asses all around RJS. FSU on the road, I grant, will be tough, but you Canes aer gonna get a boot in the ass, and that’s a guarantee.

    I’ll be back to gloat, for sure.

  17. Nothing like a USF fan talking smack… already. No tradition. No history. Not one win over the ‘real’ in state programs… yet you’re going to tear Miami a new one.

    Call us in 25 years once you’ve won your share of championships and have stockpiled the NFL with more talent than any other program. Even if USF gets a win here or there, your body of work is still a joke.

    Yeah, I’m sure you’ll be back here to take your medicine if/when Miami schools your clowns at the end of the season.

    How about your program does SOMETHING meaningful and THEN you decide to talk smack. What a novel concept, eh?

  18. I was in Gainesville this past weekend and got to experience THE U romping all over the lousy Gators first hand. While I still consider FSU as the The U’s most hated rival, UF is not far behind. Also, at least FSU has some very nice looking coeds, too bad UF can’t follow suit in that department. Where are all the good looking girls in Gainesville?! Are they hiding in the Swamp???

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