Canes closing in on Gruden? (UPDATED)

Miami’s Kirby Hocutt has 1pm ET conference set for Sunday and according to some folks, the Jon Gruden talk has heated up over the past 12 hours. Not sure that means an announcement is forthcoming this quickly, but Gruden still looks like the leading candidate.

Word is that Gruden has been offered $3M for his services and that all current conversation revolves around salaries for assistants and other finite details.

A players meeting was held this morning at 10am ET, which wasn’t attended by former head coach Randy Shannon. His assistants were in tow and were told by Hocutt that they were allowed to leave and focus on seeking new employment, but all have decided to stick around to coach the bowl game – even offensive coordinator Mark Whipple, who at one point was rumored to have been let go (per ESPN), but was retained, for now.

Quarterback Jacory Harris has stated that the bowl game will be dedicated to Shannon.

More to come as it comes.


4:11pm ET – Things are easily getting crazy good, or the rumor mill is working overtime (yes, probably the latter). Recent talk about getting funds ready to make Jim Leavitt an offer … as defensive coordinator under Gruden. Again, just another rumor and yes, I agree everything is laughable at this point. Don’t shoot the messenger. Just have fun with it.

Some truth and not rumor – the fact that TCU is accepting a bid to join the Big East, meaning the Horned Frogs will now be a part of a (weak) conference that receives an automatic BCS bid. That combined with a contract that has Gary Patterson signed through 2016, a safe bet that the long-time coach isn’t leaving Texas anytime soon.

2:05pm ET Dan LeBatard citing a source which has Gruden stating, “No, I’m not going to the University of Miami”, which raises flags.

Last night Gruden released an official statement where he said he was happy at ESPN and committed to his Monday Night Football gig. At no point did he even mention the UM job, yet supposedly did so to a LeBatard ‘source’.

Gruden had the opportunity to go on record OFFICIALLY last night, stating that he wasn’t a UM candidate and didn’t do so.

11:40am ET – According to the original friend-of-the program who broke the “Gruden to Miami” story to us three weeks back states that this could happen Tuesday. He also stated that at this point, he’ll believe it when he sees it as he’s confused as the rest of us.

On one level, it makes sense. Miami and Gruden went back and forth Sunday and got close or even agreed on a number, but due to Monday Night Football obligations and the Super Bowl winning former coach being in Phoenix for ESPN tonight, decided to squash out the ‘rumor’ for the next 24 hours.

Each scenario seems as plausible as the next, but with all the talk about a “done deal” Sunday night and Miami not afraid to open the checkbook, the fact that it could be a MNF formality and everyone waiting until Tuesday to announce – it could make sense.

6:23am ET Manny Navarro wrote a detailed piece for Monday’s edition of the Miami Herald and there really is no ‘new’ news, outside of what is already known. Gruden is Miami’s top target … the university is willing to pay him “far more” than Shannon received … there is “mutual interest” … that Gruden ‘prefers’ a NFL job … that Gruden IS in Phoenix for Monday Night Football this evening … that the university has run projections regarding how much revenue a Gruden-type hiring would generate … and that other candidates who will get consideration are former USF head coach Jim Leavitt, former UM offensive coordinator Marc Trestman and current Georgia coach Mark Richt. (Former UF offensive coordinator and current Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen has been contacted to ‘gauge interest’.) … and lastly, that Hocutt has giving a list of candidates to consultant Chuck Neinas to work with.

11:23pm ET – As quick as Gruden was a ‘lock’, several sites are now reporting that there is no deal. The latest to chime in, CBS Sports and a statement from a source close to Gruden who says there’s a “zero percent chance” that the MNF analyst winds up in Coral Gables.

Before we shut it down for the night, let’s end with this – nobody knows anything for certain.

The Gruden rumor first crossed our path here at on Wednesday November 10th, from a close-to-the-program, reliable friend. He stated there was “mutual interest” and that both Shalala and Hocutt were very committed to fielding a winner.

While many were steadfast that Shannon wouldn’t be fired. 17 days before the plug was pulled, we were informed that UM’s top brass was talking with Gruden and would do what needed to be done to field a winner.

Within hours of Saturday’s loss to South Florida, an emergency Saturday night meeting was called and Shannon was let go – again, backing the premise that UM is going to do what needs to be done.

As dead as the Gruden rumor might be – with the in-demand former coach possibly looking to create hype, upping his status and NFL price tag – this could just as easily be a smokescreen. Gruden is expected in the booth for ESPN tomorrow night when the Cardinals and 49ers go toe-to-toe in Glendale. Sunday night or Monday obviously wouldn’t be the proper time to release new about a new gig.

Some speculate that the news would come Tuesday, with Gruden making his way to South Florida after tomorrow night’s NFL game, while others state that TCU head coach Gary Patterson or off-the-radar Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema are in the running and UM’s top brass is letting them figure out their BCS status before pushing for an interview and decision. (There’s been talk of waiting on a current head coach with a team high up in the BCS rankings and both Patterson and Bielema fit the description.)

Oklahoma defensive coordinator Brent Venables has been mentioned as well, being that he and Hocutt have Kansas State ties.

Lastly, the service of consultant Chuck Neinas have been attained (per Hocutt) for upwards of $50K, which has many stating that if Gruden is truly penciled in as ‘the guy’, then why retain the services of Neinas?

It’s time Hurricane Nation takes a deep breath and waits to see how things play out. We’ve all gotten knee-deep in the hype this weekend, which is understandable. To go from uncertainty regarding Shannon’s status, to his dismissal and all this new coach talk in a matter of a day and a half – it’s overwhelming.

Whatever happens, Miami fans need to take solace in the fact that change has been made as well as the fact that the administration is committed to fielding a winner.

Miami will get their guy. Might not be tonight, but the next coach will be in place soon enough.

9:59pm ET – According to Peter King of Sports Illustrated, “Jon Gruden is not going to the University of Miami. Period.” That was written after stating, “I’m hearing the Gruden-to-Miami rumors are fraudulent. But will keep you informed if I hear differently.”

8:22pm ET – Rumor has it the deal is done and that Jon Gruden will be announced as the next head football coach at the University of Miami. Stay tuned for more

7:43pm ETManny Navarro of the Miami Herald reporting ‘strong chatter’ that Gruden has agreed to be UM’s next head football coach. Also mentioned that early this morning Dan Morgan mentioned that Gruden had begun contract talks with ‘The U’.

7:25pm ET – Was just told that ‘Gruden to Miami’ is “getting closer”. Could be done as early as tonight. Stay tuned.

5:01pm ET – From a source that met with Kirby an hour ago, Gruden is absolutely the NUMBER ONE candidate, but no deal has been signed as of yet.

4:19pm ET – Several sites are confirming Gruden to ‘The U’ at $3M per year. They’re “saying” it could be announced as early as tonight and as late as first thing Monday morning.



45 thoughts on “Canes closing in on Gruden? (UPDATED)

  1. If there is anyone out there who can come in and right this ship right away, it's Jon Gruden. His NFL experience, Super Bowl ring, X's and O's intelligence, no-nonsense attitude, and charm with recruits is exactly what the Canes need. The U is unlike any other college program out there. The U shouldn't hire some up-and-coming college assistant or a college coach who hasn't had much success lately (Mark Richt), they need Chucky. I guarantee you Gruden and his staff would do a much better job getting these current Canes to reach their potential than Shannon and his staff did.

  2. Oh…

    please please please please please please please please please please pleaese please please please please please please please please

    …come to the U Jon Gruden!

  3. Jon Gruden Makes 4.3 million dollars a year, commentating monday night football.For him to come here he will want to coach really bad.

  4. All i know is this. We need a coach to bring back passion and a small amout of hostility to the U! Hold these kids more accountable for the bone head mistakes. If the Gruden rumors are fact Great! He can help these young men prepare better for games and help the ones that can play at the next level. I believe the team we have now can win BIG! Stephen Morris is looking like he is the one that can lead us. The soft toss from J12 isnt working. J12 work on the arm strength! With Gruden, recruits will want to come. I will say my prayers today. I want the "U" back. Blowing out teams we should br blowing out. WInning the big games with precision, speed and the U SWAG! I understand we cant have the ol U but darn it we want it!!!!! []__[]

  5. Where are you getting this info? Im citing you on the message board, but cant determine where you are getting this info. All the other outlets dont have anything around this! Th

  6. WE WANT GR[]_[]DEN!!!!
    WE WANT GR[]_[]DEN!!!!
    WE WANT GR[]_[]DEN!!!!

    In his first year at Tampa, Gruden took the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl and won it. We need him to come in and do the same at The []_[]!!!

    Shannon, like Tony Dungy (the coach Gruden replaced at Tampa), left the pieces in place for something big. Now we just need someone who knows how to put them together. Gruden is our man!!!

    GO CANES!!!!!

  7. I like Gruden alot. I think he is/was a good NFL coach, But does he want to come to college?? I always thought of him as an NFL coach, that may have trouble relating to the college game. But if does get it. Look for good things to happen

  8. If Gruden comes in that will be amazing, however, after sitting back and surveying the whole situation, i don't think much will change. I think its time Hurricane nation accept its place. This is no longer the late 90's and early 2000's, its almost 2011. College football has changed and i do not believe the Canes can reclaim their dominance. They have horrid facilities, a horrid fan base, absolutely NO money and expectations that could only be achieved in places like Gainesville, Columbus, Tuscaloosa, Norman or Austin. The fact is, times have changed and the Hurricanes are just not part of that change. They will continue to win 7-8 games with the occasional 9 win season and thats it and honestly im fine with that. I love the program but i realize we can never get back to competing for title in todays game where MONEY rules all. I think every fan needs to reevaluate what they want from this program and if Nat Titles are on that list, you need to go find another program.

  9. Maybe Jacory should have dedicated the USF game to Shannon and he might still have a job. Or at least the last pass 🙂

  10. "If Gruden comes in that will be amazing, however, after sitting back and surveying the whole situation, i don't think much will change. I think its time Hurricane nation accept its place. This is no longer the late 90's and early 2000's, its almost 2011. College football has changed and i do not believe the Canes can reclaim their dominance. They have horrid facilities, a horrid fan base, absolutely NO money and expectations that could only be achieved in places like Gainesville, Columbus, Tuscaloosa, Norman or Austin. The fact is, times have changed and the Hurricanes are just not part of that change. They will continue to win 7-8 games with the occasional 9 win season and thats it and honestly im fine with that. I love the program but i realize we can never get back to competing for title in todays game where MONEY rules all. I think every fan needs to reevaluate what they want from this program and if Nat Titles are on that list, you need to go find another program."

    hmmm if we are getting jon gruden wouldnt that lead you to believe the program is getting the type of money it needs to be successful? and we are getting a new $14 million dollar athletic facility. no more excuses gruden can lead us back to the top

  11. Gruden is a smoke screen. Mike Shula is who they are talking to. Affordable, his name is magic locally, and he did pretty good at Alabama when they were on probation.
    Gruden is just too expensive for the U.

  12. the U?….is a gator

    What the hell does that mean?

    Morons like yourself have no real reason to exist on this planet.

    The only thing you're good for is to be a pain in the ass for civilized society.

    If given 100 years, you could not even begin to justify your existence.

  13. My bad, chris…

    I misunderstood.

    The rant I had can be directed to any and all gator losers that are so stupid to think that UF is still a force in college football.

    Urban Meyer won 2 National Championships with Ron Zook's players.

    He will wind up going out just like RH.

    That is unless he decides to spend more time with the family.

    Watch and see, UF is done and the U will be a force again.

    Miami will do what needs to be done to get back to where it wants to be.

    UF will not get back again with Urban Meyer as head coach.

  14. No one can deny that Randy Shannon is a good man who cares about his players. College football is a business though, so being a role model father-figure type just doesn’t cut it if your team isn’t winning. Larry Coker was a really nice guy too, but he couldn’t get the job done and he got sent on his way, too. This is a business! As in real life, it doesn’t matter how nice or good a person you are, if you aren’t getting the job done then you will be replaced by somebody who can. This is business, it’s nothing personal. I wish nothing but the best for Randy Shannon and I’m sure he’ll find a job somewhere working as a coordinator or assistant coach, which suits him better anyways.

  15. Please say it is so, say it is so. Went from doom and gloom to absolute joy!!! Sorry for Randy I wanted him to be the guy, but Gruden would be huge on so many levels!!!!

  16. You guys are getting ahead of yourselves. This is not a private business. The process at UM is the selection committee needs to meet with the candidate and then the Board of Trustees needs to vote on the contract. Even if it is a formality, it won't happen over night.
    Remember when we hired Coker it was because Barry Alvarez deal fell through. Alvarez was offered the job and he accepted the job from his friend Shalala, but the contract that the board approved was not acceptable to Barry then panic set in.

  17. 305,

    Thanks for the updates. Been cautiously keeping track of your posts recently. I must say that you've been on top of it like no one has.



  18. whats going on man i just saw the twitter world blow up with people saying this is not gonna happen

  19. … Peter King reporting it's untrue, but King has been wrong in past.

    Maybe we got played. Maybe they're just keeping under wraps.

    Some saying that Gary Patterson's name mentioned and he has until tomorrow to confirm/deny interest.

    We'll see.

    The roller coaster continues.

  20. i see things on twitter too… I just need clarity or i wont be able to sleep lol allcanes give us some news as soon as you hear it… and hopefully good news at that

  21. Can't believe that this looks like it isn't true now! Manny Navarro was reporting sources were saying 3.4 million deal was agreed too. Now everyone is denying saying reports were wrong…

    And then I read that Richt says he isn't interested… Gimme a break. If UM has interest in Richt and he says he isn't interested (after being a QB at the U), then UGA just skyrocketed to the top three of teams I want to lose EVERY GAME(UF, UGA, OSU).

  22. I don't think we are getting gruden even though he would be the perfect fit for the program. He would take this talent and maximize it. If miami is serious about him the need to make him the offer he can't refuse. If not someone needs to be inline before the bowl game or bye bye recruiting class for this year

  23. From ESPN's college football page: "I am committed to Monday Night Football and to ESPN," Gruden said in a statement. "I enjoy working with Mike, Jaws and our entire crew and am just trying to get better at this job."

    I really hope this doesn't turn into an incident like in 2006.

  24. Gruden to the U is the same kind of crock of #### rumor as Rick Pitino to the U to coach the basketball team. My guess is we get another "promising" young coordinator and that's it.

  25. Whatever happens, it needs to be very soon – within the next day or two. Our recruits are already wavering and ready to bolt. I'm surprised that the administration did not have a replacement already lined up. This could turn in to 2006, when candidate after candidate said "no" before UM promoted from within. Gruden may be the first of many "no's" and this could turn embarrassing. I believe Hocutt and Shalala want a winner, but I would have thought that there would have been candidates ready to say "yes" on the docket. Beware of the Law of Unforeseen Consequences …

  26. I'm starting to doubt all this Gruden to the []_[] talk. Still have hope, but wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't pan out. That being said, if not Gruden, then who?

    I like Auburn's Gus Malzahn, one of the brightest minds in all of football. He'd likely steal away QB coach David Lee from the Dolphins to run his offense. Think of what Teddy Bridgewater, Lamar Miller and Storm Johnson could do in an explosive Auburn/Arkansas type of offense!!! Imagine those guys running the WildCat (or what we'd call the Wild Hurricane)!!!

    Malzahn would also be great for recruiting, supposedly wants the job, and is affordable (i.e. we can pay significantly more than the half a mil he makes at Auburn).

    Only downsides to Malzahn are that we wouldn't run a pro-style offense anymore (which I'm cool with if it brings us ring #6), and that he doesn't have HC experience.

    There are some other good names out there that I like. For example, Boise's Peterson, TCU's Patterson, & Miss State's Dan Mullen. But out of the non-HC's on our candidate list, I'd be more than happy with Malzahn.

    Not sure why people like OU's D-coordinator Brent Venables so much. He's a D-coordinator on a team and conference known for not playing any D! But his ties with Hocutt run deep, though I hope this isn't a deciding factor.

    We'll see what happens.

    GO CANES!!!

  27. we will not get gruden. Hope was brought up and now shot down. Done with babysitting all this crap in hopes for something good to come to the "U" Its not going to happen with gruden!!!

  28. It better not be some "promising" young coordinator. We need a "Big Splash" name. Period. We need a Winner!!

  29. Ok, obviously Gruden is the dream hire here. If he does take himself out of the running it would be an epic fail! And why is Butch Davis not being considered? Awesome recruiter, rebuilt the Canes into a contender while even on probation. Let him come back and finish what he started.

  30. Is there anyone out there who thinks Jon Gruden would be a TERRIBLE hire?

    He doesn't know the college game; doesn't know recruiting (I imagine it takes a little more than having a coach with charm); and even when it comes to wins and losses, his overall tenure in Tampa was mediocre (57-55 overall record at Tampa; minus the Super Bowl season–his first season on the job–half of his seasons at Tampa were losing seasons and he never made it past wild card weekend).

    I'm not sold on Gruden. Sure he's popular and has a Super Bowl ring, but that won't necessarily translate to success in college. Just saying.

    Here's to hoping The []_[] makes the right decision.

    GO CANES!!!

  31. Gruden is absolutely the right hire. His inconsistency in winning seasons in Tampa was on the Glazer's, not Gruden! They were so balls deep into Manchester Uniter (still are) that they wouldnt pay to keep our veterens, let alone go after any free agents. Gruden consistently made the playoffs inspite of the Glazers.

  32. Why would Gruden take the job? He can get an NFL job whenever he wants — pay is better, less restrictions, and you don't have to play babysitter and kiss but to teenagers. Oh, BTW, he has a super easy gig now making lots of dough.

    Here are the names that are definitely NOT legit… Leech (too much baggage and he is a nut– Shalala hated him when he interviewed a while back), Leavitt ( more baggage and a bad history with getting kids to graduate ), and Marc Trestman.

    The real short list from an insider…

    –Mike Shula. Meets all the Shalala requirements– great reputation, squeky clean, will work with trustees, track record as a coach. And affordable and available.
    — Tommy Tuberville. Holcutt and Shalala prefer a defensive coach (Barry Alvarez advised her to always go with a guy from the defensive side of the ball).
    — Greg Schiano. Whether he wants to leave Jersey or not is a different story, but he is still loved by UM brass.
    — John Gruden. He is top of list for UM but not realistic we land him.

  33. This kinda puts Miami in a bad position if Gruden doesnt commit here. Now all the other canddiates can ask for Gruden money since now they know how much is Miami willing to offer. 3.5 mil is good for Gruden but would you pay 3.5 mil to Mullen Leach or Richt? Would the other coaches be insulted if Miami came to the table offering anything less? The longer this goes on we could be paying through the nose for a coach we may not even want.

  34. … disagree that there are "less restrictions" in the NFL. If anything, a Gruden in Miami would allow him for as much "complete control" as any high-ranking college coach could want. (Seriously, you think Gruden gets MORE control under Jerry in Dallas than at UM?)

    … MNF is an easy gig, but the guy loves coaching. $4M a year to sit in a booth and talk shop with media dorks and washed up players every Monday, or sideline on Saturdays experiencing the pageantry of college football for $3.4M a year, with his brother Jay calling plays?

    … Tuberville can cash an easy check at Texas Tech and he knows how hard the UM gig is, having talked about it on ESPN U on Signing Day. Doesn't sound like he wants any part of it.

    Schiano didn't want it last time around and while Miami's stock has risen since 2006, his has dropped tremendously.

    Shula got run out of Alabama and seems Shannonesque with an ability to recruit but not to coach next level.

    Kirby said he wants a "home run hire" and neither Tubbs, Schiano or Shula fits the bill.

    … as for the Gruden money and $3.4M setting the bar, not so much. You are talking about a proven NFL coach with a Super Bowl ring who can command that money.

    I know coaches have big egos, but no way a Leach, Richt or Mullen think they deserve "Gruden money" based on their title-less resumes.

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