Blake James Named Miami Athletic Director

blake james miami hurricanes athletic directorThe word ‘interim’ no longer sits in front of the title ‘athletic director’ as Blake James has finally earned the official title and is the new AD at ‘The U’.

James has been interim athletic director since early October, when then-AD Shawn Eichorst took the same job at the University of Nebraska.

We wrote a piece back on October 28th building a case for James to get the job and at allCanes we couldn’t be happier that things were made official today. Congratulations, Blake. Well-deserved promotion.

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4 thoughts on “Blake James Named Miami Athletic Director

  1. Good call by you months ago, Chris. James deserves and wanted the job. On another note, I just saw that Jeff Stoutland is getting out while he can, expected to take the offensive line job for the Eagles. He’ll probably get a few years Show-Cause so he’s pulling a Pete Carroll.

  2. Looks like Eddie Johnson has been suspended indefinately accoding to Not a good thing for an already awful defense. LB had been one of our lone bright spots on that side of the ball.

  3. Congrats Blake!! Your the right man for the job and so happy for you and your family! Go Canes!

  4. Chris –

    Indeed congratulations are in order.

    I think you’ve made this point previously, but we cannot underestimate the impact of recent management hires: Coley, Cristobol and now Blake. From an organizational perspective, this builds a great deal of momentum and I think sets the program up for long-term success. When you look at the last two successful periods of UM athletics: 1980 – 1994 and 1999-2004, the organization thrived even in the midst of changes at the football head coach position. (Of course, the last administration became complacent and did not adapt to the changing college football environment.)

    This new management team has a lot of promise. Here’s hoping for big things!

    Go Canes!

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