Beating this dead horse for one more day…

Tuned into ESPN in passing earlier today and was floored by the “Good Call/Bad Call” segment regarding college football. The question was posed, “Good Call/Bad Call” regarding Georgia’s celebration after their first touchdown against Florida last weekend.

Kirk Herbstreit said the call was ‘good’ as it was a motivational tactic use by Georgia’s Mark Richt and seemed to spark the Bulldogs in their 42-30 beat down of Florida.

I’m shocked 68% of fans were actually cool with this. Almost 7 of every 10 people don’t give a damn that Georgia rushed the field against Florida after a score and rolled a mosh pit all the way back to the sidelines? Why did our call-everything-out and dissect it (ad nauseam) sports community decide to give a coach, team and program a pass?

We’re talking about a planned act that could’ve incited a friggin riot at the game better know as “The World’s Largest Cocktail Party”.

That means NASCAR caps, turkey legs and fists flying in the stands. Hafields and McCoys: The Remix.

What is the percentage of fans who let this slide if it’s not Georgia taking out the defending champs after losing 15 of the last 17 to Florida? People wanted to see the defending champs go down, so the play makes good folklore in the rivalry’s history.

Miami took more grief ‘dancing’ for ten seconds during a replay time out against North Carolina than Georgia did for a planned celebration after a score.

I still like the call by Richt and loved seeing Gators shell-shocked regarding what went down – but, I want more consistency from the media and the college football community. Everyone gets a free pass for this or nobody does.

It shouldn’t matter if it ‘worked’ and the Dawgs won the game. College football is over-policed and if a handful of other programs pulled this stunt, they’re getting raked over the coals for days, called thugs, chastised, etc.

The double standard sent out by the media and college football community makes me sick sometimes. Pick a friggin side, people. Excessive needs to be defined across the board; not case by case and a bias.

Either way, hats off to Richt. Maybe because of what was at stake, he knew he could get away with it. Guerilla Warfare. Better to just do and beg for forgiveness than ask and be told “no”. I think it was a message for Georgia to fire their asses up. It wasn’t about Florida. Or was it?

Whatever the case, Georgia beat Florida and added another layer of hatred to the rivalry. In the era of YouTube, no less. Even better, they flew under the radar and didn’t get in trouble for the stunt. Talk about the ultimate win-win – whether carefully planned or just dumb luck.




10 thoughts on “Beating this dead horse for one more day…

  1. Saw that and thought the same thing. Miami would get killed by ESPN and the haters. No doubt in my mind. I didn’t care that Georgia did it but I thought they were going to take alot of SHIT for it and they didn’t. It’s the other way around. People are giving them credit for it!

    U said it best. If the Canes do it, they’re all thugs and from the streets. Georgia does it and now it’s like some Jedi Mind Trick that Richt pulled and then think he’s God.

    Screw ’em all.

  2. Knew you were going to comment about this. I was incensed all day, since a local sports radio station in atlanta was talking about if it weren’t a “disciplined” and “respected” program then it would have turned into UM v FIU or UM v FSU.
    Georgia is historically a lousy overrated underachieving program who’s still living off an NFL bust’s college career almost 30 years ago. Respected?!? PLEASE. Cane 4 Life.

  3. Randy Shannon mentioned this at his press conference yesterday, saying that if UM had done it, they would be crucified by the press. But he also acknowledged the double standard and said, “that is just the way it is.”

    Being a Republican and in the military, I’m used to media double standards. Oh well.

    Go Canes!

  4. This is something that we have to live with. We are labeled thugs and therfore the media will always treat us this way. It sucks but its the truth the media hates the U and will bash us every given chance. I used to sit and watch games and see how other teams could get away with taunting or over celbrating but when one of our guys puts a smile on his face theres a yellow flag. Why? who knows it’s just the way the U is viewed. Like I said it sucks big time.

    Land O Lakes, FL

  5. “Miami took more grief ‘dancing’ for ten seconds during a replay time out against North Carolina than Georgia did for a planned celebration after a score.”

    Miami did not take more grief for that. Richt had to apologize after the fact. ESPN said some bad things at times too.

    Also, I do think the fact that it is against the defending National Champion when they lost 15 of the last 17 makes it better. You don’t want to see these things in games that don’t matter but once in a long while if there is a really big game that the players need some extra motivation in… well, you get my point.

    I’m just sick of Miami fans coming off as whiners.

  6. The hypocrisy in CFB never ceases to amaze me. This just about takes the cake as far as I’m concerned. ESPN sucks, and so does the entire media with its damned double standards!

  7. This still and always will go back to the 80’s when we took over college football and dominated. The establishment, media included, will always hate the way we changed the face of football. Away from the option and three yards and a cloud of dust dinosaurs, and made speed the name of the game. It was the fatigues in the Fiesta Bowl and all that came with it. So basically there’s a double standard and always will be. We know they’re full of it, and so do they.
    -Columbus Cane

  8. First off, hope everything is good with you and yours out there on the left coast during that horrific, just surreal environment of devastation. It’s mind numbing to see all that has been lost, to say the least.

    As for Georgia not getting chastised for what they did, outside of Croc fans complaining – what ‘Cane would expect anything less? The ‘Canes should be used to it by now – hell, I am. I’m just glad it was a ‘Cane in Richt that did it to Urban Myth. Just like a ‘Cane took care of business when the Crocs played Auburn and Tuberville handed Myth a loss. I can’t imagine Richt not smirking the entire time he wrote this .. “I apologize that I put everyone in that situation and specifically apologize to you, the Southeastern Conference, and the University of Florida. You can be assured I will not ask our team to do this type of thing again.” Of course you won’t Mark, b/c you got the result you wanted and now it’s over – end of story. Atta boy Mark. I’m sure after you tried to write that legibly b/c your hand was shaking so much from laughing, you couldn’t watch the DVR of the game fast enough and keep rewinding “Carnivale Bulldog” in the endzone. You probably then fast forwarded to that stupid expression on Urban Myth and Tebow’s face when the director took the camera shot covering them. God knows I did. Richt writing and calling in an apology was completely expected. It’s no different than a ball player reading a prepared statement by his agent or the team public/media relations person when they’re involved in something. But you know he was laughing before and after the call .. same with while he was trying to write the “apology”.

    If you want to read something interesting, hear is what Head Visor had to say up in South Carolina … “I think if (Florida coach) Urban Meyer had known they were going to do it, send out one of his third team guys and get in a wrestling match with the guys, get a fight started, so all those guys on the field leave the bench in a fight,” Spurrier suggested ….. “I think that’s what we’d do. If the other team ever does that, get one of your down the line guys that’s not going to play to get out there and start wrestling with the guys. Now you’ve got a fight and they’re all out the next week.” Wow. Just ….. wow. Did anyone else hear this quote at all by Head Visor? Maybe I didn’t pay attention, but I don’t recall ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News, ESPN8 “The Ocho”, or anyone else talking about that. You want to talk about backlash, imagine the head coach at The “U” saying that?

    It’s comical also how Brandon Spikes from the Crocs stated “I think it was real disrespectful. I just feel like it was a big disrespect. No Class. It was fake juice and they kind of fed off it and it got them going. But it was still disrespectful.” Disrespectful, huh B? No Class, huh B? Fake juice, huh B? Umm, kinda like how you and your boys went and stomped on the LSU logo before the game in front of all their fans when LSU wasn’t even on the field? Ya need a reminder there, B-cephus? Cut and paste this for your viewing pleasure, playa.

    That was about as stupid an act as when the ‘Canes did that up in Louisville. I’m a die hard ‘Cane, but when I saw that happen, I just shook my head wondering what the hell they were doing.

    Anyway, Redshirt Frosh Knowshon Moreno must’ve had a keg of that fake juice, seeing how it helped him drop 188 and 3 TD’s on the Crocs. UGA’s D must’ve had IV’s of it also b/c they threw Tebow down 6 times, swarmed his ass all day when he tried to stay in the pocket and held the “Heisman” candidate (God I laugh every time I hear someone mention that) to MINUS 15 rushing yards and 13 carries. Fake juice huh, B.Spikes – I guess it did their body good. And don’t try and convince me that Tebow’s hurt shoulder was a major factor his running ability – the guy gained 2 tough yards on 4th and 1, and carried the ball twice inside the UGA 10 yard line to score. If they’re giving him the ball in crucial situations like that, when they know the D is going to stack the line and hit him – then they believe he can live through his hurt shoulder. Some Crocs apologists will tell you that the play action was hurt b/c of how Tebow couldn’t run – how about this – how about Tebow actually admitting UGA actually did their job in mixing up their blitzes to get to him and that he should’ve actually made better calls at the line for protection? Wasn’t that pretty evident from the 6 sacks? How about when he pocket starts to collapse, Tebow runs? It’s not like it’s a designed run play for him and he can slide instead of taking a direct hit – isn’t that why Myth is all over his jock, b/c he so effective at scrambling? Some of the passes that Tebow made, he’s lucky he has the WR’s he has b/c they were making Playstation type catches. He still ran the damn ball, he still had 2 rushing TD’s – he just wasn’t as effective, b/c UGA was holding their own on D. It can be done – the ‘Noles held him to 3 yards on 4 carries last year. If UGA knew how to defend the run option to the left or right, then Harvin and Tebow’s numbers would’ve been worse. I say that because of this – the Crocs were down 28-24 and driving at the UGA 25 when they needed two yards to convert a first down. A.Caldwell was nailed for a 3 yard loss after trying to pitch the ball to P.Harvin, who was knocked out of the play. UGA took over on downs and scored two plays later to take a 35-24 lead. They didn’t call that play b/c of Tebow not being able to pick up the 2 yards – Urban Myth called the play b/c “We wanted to take a home-run shot and put it in Harvin’s hands” .. the gimmick call didn’t work, UGA sniffed that sh*t out, it wasn’t b/c of Tebow not being able to run it. Like I stated before, the Crocs gave the ball to Tebow on a 4th and 1 earlier and he gained 2 yards. Why couldn’t he do it again. Tebow scored 2 TD’s on the ground. Why couldn’t he do it again on a 4th and 1. How about outside the fact that the Crocs have no running game to speak of that isn’t named Tebow – Urban Myth’s offense isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. UGA’s D was ranked in the low 80’s nationally in rush defense and the high 60’s nationally in pass defense heading into that game, and they stepped up. Hell, without the horrible INT pick 6 thrown by UGA, it would’ve been 42-23.

    Tebow isn’t even their best player – without Percy Harvin, the Crocs are screwed. I give Harvin credit for being the X factor on the field … and also for being banned from all athletics his senior year in high school by the Virginia High School League – that’s awesome. I don’t know how you did it Perse, but props to you. Wait, I think I do remember something about you allegedly stealing trophies from your high school, being suspended your junior year for a game and senior year for a couple of games for brawling with opposing players and striking an official. I will give you credit though Perse for turning the past around and not adding to the laundry list of trouble the Crocs have gotten into since you’ve arrived on campus.

    I dunno how I turned this into a Croc bashing comment on the blog, but it happened … ehh, so be it. One more quick note – it’s funny how you hear sports analysts and writers for the AP talk of what a good move Richt telling his players to get an excessive celebration penalty or else they would run, is. Just like richard-tamp, fl before me stated .. “some jedi mind trick that Richt pulled” … I’ve read how it was “an Oscar-worthy performance by the Bulldogs” and how they should “credit the coach for that one.” Like I’ve always said, I relish the role of being a ‘Cane – being hated and constantly scrutinized, mis-judged and having the sports press along with millions of fans be hypocritical towards the ‘Cane family … I love it. I live for it. It brings humor into my life. I used to get pretty fired up about it, now I’ve begun to laugh these past few years of what more ways people can come with in being idiotic towards The “U”. Showing just how pre-determined their thoughts are when the ‘Canes can do absolutely no right in their minds. This incident, when it came to “Dawg Dance – Lord of the Dance” – it’s considered “much needed enthusiasm.” Good for UGA, good for them – they need all the help they can get, hell, they’ve gotten the crap kicked out of them by the Crocs for so long. Glad UGA can do their thing and not have the national label that the ‘Canes have – they don’t deserve it anyway.

    p.s. Why the hell does Tebow cry so damn much when he loses? Good God, he’s like a 6’3 245 lb. wet twat with legs .. it’s almost as if someone told him the local drug store ran out of his favorite hair gel or something. And I love how Crocs are complaining that they had 3 D Lineman injured in the game and may be forced to use underclassmen and freshman. Haha. Welcome to the real world Crocs. That’s what I love about Coach Shannon the philosophy he’s instilled in his coaching staff and players. Bust your ass at Greentree and you’ll play – freshman or senior. Always have everyone prepared and coach them like an NFL 1st rounder, so when they’re called on to play – they can play. The Stormtrooper mentality – if one goes down, another one can step right in and there shouldn’t be a drop off in production .. hell, there might be an increase in production in some cases.

    -S.Woodward, a die-hard ‘Cane living in Tampa

  9. Who cares about this crap? Miami is known all over the college scene, and hated at the same time. Im glad that people go crazy, and hate the U when they win. Thats because we are the U, and we have grown up loving our team for being one of the most hated. Yeah we are always given flack about certain things we do, yet other teams get away with it but to hell with it. Other teams win and its ok great, we win and its fantastic because we know the whole world wants us to lose.

  10. tell me it’s a joke, or that we now have an obligation to protest espn…or something! they announced gameday for 11/10, and it’s just insulting!

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