Alonzo Highsmith pushes back

Former Miami Hurricanes running back Alonzo Highsmith is ready to go to war. The long-time UM legend and current father-of-a-Cane has had enough and is ready to fight back if the NCAA takes action against ‘The U’.

Highsmith, a scout for the Green Bay Packers, has contacted his Houston-based attorney and will file a lawsuit on behalf of 90% of this Miami squad who’s completely in the clear regarding any dealings with Ponzi schemer, Nevin Shapiro.

On the surface, some will say wishful thinking … but as the world knows, any big movement has to start somewhere.

At forty-six years old, the hard-ass Cane is the same guy who stood shoulder to shoulder with Jerome Brown and Winston Moss, berating Oklahoma and their team captains moments before kickoff in 1986, which ended in a 28-16 win over the top-ranked Sooners.

Twenty-five years later, more mature and seasoned by life, but by all accounts a take-no-shit human being. After six NFL seasons and early retirement due to nagging knee issues, Highsmith took up professional boxing. Over a four-year career, he amassed a 27-1-2 record as a heavyweight. Twenty-three of those wins came by way of knockout.

Highsmith remains close to ‘The U’ and highly regarded by his former teammates and old school Canes. Godforbid the NCAA decides to mess with this current UM squad — where Alonzo Highsmith Jr. has recently transferred from quarterback to safety — the story won’t end there.

It’s time SOMEBODY pushes back regarding the NCAA and who better than Highsmith? Go back and rewatch Rakontur’s “The U” 30 For 30 and pay attention to the man Highsmith has grown into. You see why he was a success on the field, why he’s grown into a successful man and where the man is a born leader.

If anyone is going to step up and give the NCAA a piece of their mind, it’s Highsmith. Hopefully it doesn’t come down to that, but should UM get punished, the NCAA will have a fight on their hands.