A Cane treks to Storm Johnson’s game…

Ron Lather, a good friend of the allCanes, sent in the following pic of future Canes running back Storm Johnson.

Ron attended Storm’s game tonight at Loganville High and reported the following: “Second play he scored a 68-yard touchdown. He had a couple more scampers and than an 18-yard touchdowns. He even threw for a TD of a sweep and right before I left (after the start of the third quarter), he broke off another 74-yard run and score.”

Sounds like the Canes got a good one. Welcome to the family, Storm.



6 thoughts on “A Cane treks to Storm Johnson’s game…

  1. Everyone I spoke to at the game had nothing but good things to say about this young man. I met his family as well, great people ! I have bought myself a #5 jersey in anticipation of Storm receiving that number so he can sign it for me. I see awesome things for this kid !!!

    Hated by many, loved by few, WE are the U

  2. This is great news!

    We also need to make sure we bring in the big uglies from Texas to block for Storm and the rest of the RB's, and to keep Jacory upright.

    CB's are also a priority.

    Go Canes!

  3. this commitment came as a suprise to me, as this kid has wavered between many schools, florida, fsu and actually committed then de committed from lsu, he have 4 legit running back commits now and a full back with johnson and clements probablly the most talented out of the bunch, hope this kid does not shy away from the competition and stays on board, he looks like a perfect combo of baby j and cooper, have not had a back with size and moves in a while, would be nice to have it again


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