E. Johnson And R. Scott Out For Virginia

eddie johnson rashawn scott miami hurricanesThe hits keep coming. After losing linebacker Denzel Perryman and safety Deon Bush to injury this week, two more oft-used Hurricanes won’t be in Miami’s starting line up at Virginia this Saturday.

It’s being reported that linebacker Eddie Johnson did not travel with the team, reasons unspecified, while receiver Rashawn Scott has been “suspended indefinitely” for a “violation of team rules”.

Injuries are tough enough for a depth-challenged team, but selfishness and stupidity are something else all together.

Linebackers Gionni Paul, Raphael Kirby and Thurston Armbrister will be relied on heavily against the Cavaliers, while someone will have to step up for Scott, who entered this week the Canes’ second-leading receiver.

With freshman Robert Lockhart Jr. lost for the season, that could mean more reps for freshman Herb Waters, as well as the dependable senior Davon Johnson.

The phrase “next man in” is taking a new meaning this week. Virginia was already entering this game a slight favorite, according to the bookies, but records-wise they’re definitely upset-minded when looking to take down Coastal-leading Miami.

A tough game just got that much tougher. Hopefully Al Golden and his staff are driving home their message and mantras.

Brick by brick.

One at a time.

Trust “the process”.

Win the Coastal.



9 thoughts on “E. Johnson And R. Scott Out For Virginia

  1. EIGHTY-SIX fu#kin’ YARDS!!!!!! That’s ” 86 yards ” U’all D’Onofrio apologists! 86 yards!!
    1. I’ve GONE ON RECORD since last season, that Miami WOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT RETURN TO Top 15 status. Let alone win a A.C.C. championship with that INEPT lame azz, PASSIVE-AGGRESIVE defensive scheme of U-KNOW-WHO!!!!!!

    2. And there are a VAST MAJORITY of Canespace/EOTH/AllCanes ruffians, whom are LOYAL to D’Onofrio and absolutely defend said Miami defensive coordinator. By the way, the Cane MOD on this blog, also, DEFENDS that Hurricane D-coordinator. GO BLOODY FIGURES’!!!!

    3. And please, please don’t U’all Cane fandom come on with that LAME, EXCUSE of Miami is young on defense and what not!!!! Because do the math. It’s the TENTH ( 10th ) GAME of the season. dUh

    4. Again, EIGHTY-SIX freakin’ yards… that’s 86 yards. Yet, YOUR Hurricane defensive coordinator was BYTCHED SLAPPED by Virginia’s offensive coordinator and an AVERAGE Cavalier QB!!! I’m thinking the Cavalier QB WINS A.C.C. offensive player of the week.

    5. Going into day’s game, Virginia AVERAGED 23 points!! Well D’Onofrio loyalist. Virginian happen to nearly, DOUBLE that total with 41 points!!!!!

    6. By the way, I watch games at the local sports bar out here in a Rocky Mountain state. A pizz poor, THIRD-WORD state if U’s ask moi. And one patron, whom zoomed in on the Miami game, was WONDERING WHY the Canes play FIVE or SEVEN yards off the Wideout’s. Well, ENTER ONE D’Onofrio!!! That’s why.

    7. Miami absolutely DOESN’T have the LB’s or SECONDARY to be a legitimate Top 15 team next season or the season after that! Let alone play in a A.C.C. title game.
    And dig this U’all ” it’s the process ” Miami fans.
    Goldie is ABSOLUTELY ” recruiting ” those type of players he and D’Onofrio recruited at Temple.

    8. Yeah, yeah Golden and D’Onofrio will SNAG a FEW 5-Star type of prep players. But NOT ENOUGH to compete with the sound, ESTABLISHED Top 10 teams currently in action. THINK the Bama’s, Notre Dame’s, Oregon’s, F.S.U.’s, L.S.U.’s and Sooner’s to name a few.

    Finally, YES Miami will win with Golden. HOWEVER, as I have BLOVIATED previously on this here blog and the Miami Herald Cane blog. The Hurricanes will have 8-4 seasons. With an OCCASIONAL 9-3 or 10 season. Eh. What say.
    In other words, AS LONG AS Goldie keeps his DECADES-LONG buddy on the staff. Miami’s defense in the FUTURE will NOT BE ABLE to defend your LEGITIMATE Top 15 opponent. Let alone a Top 10 foe. And that’s with EXPERIENCED players on the defensive-LESS l.o.s.!!!!!

    So, U’all D’Onofrio APOLOGISTS!!! And U-know whom yee be! Keep REPEATING the 86-YARD mantra….. 86 yards, 86 yards, 86 yards. MAYBE U’all will bloody well WAKE-uP to the F-A-C-T that that Cane D-coordinator is NOT a championship caliber defensive-LESS coorinator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bon jour et Bon soir

  2. ” But in the end, it was Miami’s defense that let the Hurricanes down. ” A.P., ESPN.com

    Associated Press vis-a-vis ESPN college football bloody well SPEAKS TRUTH TO POWER!!! aU contraire to what EOTH/AllCanes/Canespace bUbba’s wanna’ believe!

    1. … not exactly a Nostradamus prediction, man.

      Still, the defense has been a weak spot all year and while it’s played better as of late, it simply couldn’t afford to lose IT’S THREE BEST PLAYERS.

      As for this Virginia average, they just put up 33 on a North Carolina State team that beat Florida State and hung tough with Miami, while holding them to six.

      Rebuilding year, bro. Not sure what else to tell you.

      Offense needed to be a few plays better today and left points on the field where every point counted. Going conservative with the run after the safety — resulted in a three-and-out.

      Offense never scored again after the 11:38 mark in the fourth quarter, while Virginia built momentum.

  3. I understand rebuilding, however just because we had 3 players missing is NO EXCUSE for this loss…. If we loose to a Virginia team without 3 starters we have much larger problems on hand with this team.. We have to have a Pitbull as our defense coordinator.. Pin the ears back and let the dogs loose.. We have to get back to our roots and have that defense that would literally have teams shaking in their cleats!!!! No NASTY DEFENSE = NO National Championships. I also understand the NCAA black cloud is larger than most schools havr been dealing with but look at USC. What would I do to be ranked 19th right now.. And that’s so sad to say that.. Happy being ranked 19th. Lets do say it does take Golden 4 years to get us right. That’s nearly 15 years of being IRRELEVANT !!!! That’s not acceptable in my book!!!!
    Winning has to happen now!!! GOLDEN needs to start proving his salt and make changes with the defense ASAP!!!! GO CANES

    1. Robbie – We DID lose to a Virginia team because of three defensive starters – who also happen to be the three best players on a young defense – and there are VERY LARGE issues with this program. We’re talking SEVEN down years before Al took over. Will take time to right that ship, brother. Sad, but true.

  4. The selfishness of some of these players just amazes me. Getting suspended after three other key players were lost for this game and making a weak team even weaker is just disgusting. Am beginning to believe we need to recruit a different kind of player for this team. All these S FL kids want to do is goof off, smoke weed, and generally screw up. Kick both of these clowns off the team for good. The season’s pretty much over and we suck anyway. Just wish we could get to six wins and self-impose a bowl ban for the stupid stuff this program did in the past and the stupid, lazy kids we seem to have on this team every damned year!

    1. billb – Thank you for saying something productive and something that others miss. Golden is trying to change the culture and the fact that there are kids doing boneheaded things and acting selfish instead of putting team first … that is how you lose games like this.

      Kids needs to buy in and get their shit together. Period. Great teams do not deal with this type of behavior and Godforbid a kid DOES get suspended … there are equally as talented guys ready to step in and take his job. That WILL be the case in due time, but simply isn’t the case right now.

      Miami shouldn’t be reliant on a TRUE FRESHMAN safety to be their BEST defensive player and best safety — but that’s just what Deon Bush is.

      The linebacker core shouldn’t be a shell of itself without Denzel Perryman and Eddie Johnson, but that’s just what happened yesterday — which is why the middle of the field got abused all day.

      Need to get more of the RIGHT kids and need to phase out the dead weight.

      1. The culture does not apply to these guys. These are guys golden brought in. So that is really moot. He should be recruiting these “team guys” instead of bringing in more of the same if hes really trying to “change” the culture.

        1. Just is still out on both guys with Scott a sophomore and Johnson a r-freshman.

          Yes, Golden brought both in … but based on what he inherited, he couldn’t afford to be as choosy as he might be a few years down the road. Butch had to do the same thing.

          Plus both of those guys were part of the 2011 class that Golden signed less than two months on the job when he was simply trying to save a class that Shannon left in shambles, with upwards of six committed kids — two of which wound up bailing (Bridgewater and Roger).

          Conversely, how is Golden’s second class fairing? Duke. Bush. McCord. Lewis (pre-injury). Flowers. Even Gunter as a JUCO.

          A few guys from the first class made mistakes early in their careers and are on the bench paying. Let’s see what that does for them and let’s see where their careers are at around 2014 — with them major players, contributors and NFL-bound … washouts, like most of Randy’s kids from the 2008 and 2010 classes.

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