Randy Shannon Headed To Arkansas

randy shannon miami hurricanes arkansas razorbacks allcanesblog.com the u familyFormer Miami Hurricanes head coach Randy Shannon is on the move again.

After spending the last season as linebackers coach at Texas Christian, he is headed to Arkansas to join the staff of first-year head coach Bret Bielema, who recently left Wisconsin to head-up the Razorbacks.

Not really much to say here, other than the fact that Shannon’s journey has been … interesting, to say the least.

The failed Miami experiment turned into a paid vacation for the one-time head coach. Shannon collected his UM money and essentially earned a master’s degree in coaching as he toured the country (on The U’s dime), spending time at various program learning more about how to run a program and all the ins and outs that surround the college game.

When the Canes’ cash was gone, Shannon trekked back to the Lone Star State and took the job with the Horned Frogs, in what turned out to be Texas Christian’s worst season since 2004.

The Arkansas opportunity marks Shannon’s first “experience” outside of Florida, or Texas, in his lifetime. Growing up in Miami, Shannon attended UM and was eventually drafted by former head coach Jimmy Johnson, where he spent a little time with the Dallas Cowboys.

He returned to Miami when his NFL playing days ceased, spending time at The U and with with Dolphins, under Johnson, before coming back to the Canes for ten years, six as defensive coordinator and four as head coach. From there, back to Texas for a year after spending a year on the road learning more about the game.

For Bielema, a great hire as Shannon has been given keys to linebackers, but not the entire defense. A lot of time was spent as a linebacker and coaching linebackers, and while bridges were burned in South Florida during his tenure as head coach, Shannon still has some pull as a recruiter — and there aren’t too many linebacker coaches in the nation with the resume of Randy.

Always a part of the U Family, have to wish Shannon the best … though is continues to be a strange journey for the former UM head coach.



4 thoughts on “Randy Shannon Headed To Arkansas

  1. Just wanted to note that, yes, this was the worst season for TCU since 2004 but also this was the first season they have been in a real conference. The days of them going undefeated almost yearly are over. Boise State should join the big boys and come get some as well. It’s easy to have an impressive record when you play one real game a year.

  2. Good luck, Randy! I don’t think he’s HC material, but you can’t beat the SEC money as an assistant.

  3. Let me tell you something – if you didn’t watch the LSU-Clemson game, you missed the best bowl game of the season. Of course I’m a Cane diehard first, but I love any good match-up and this was a great and much needed ACC win. As I’ve stated along similar lines recently, I hope Coach Franklin and D’Onofrio watched or were at this game to watch how defensive lines are supposed to play. Both lines were incredible and played at an elite level. They refused to be blocked and the D Coordinators called great games. This is what The U needs to aspire to get back to. We are so far away from these units right now, it’s not even funny. If we had either of these defenses, we’d be a top 5 team no doubt. God, I am so sick right now that we are so bad up front especiaqlly when I watch a game like this with two great performances. Coach Franklin and D’Onofrio…..Wake the hell up and get results or get out!!!!!!!

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