Miami / Notre Dame Pump-Up Video

miami notre dame football 1989CanesFreak2001, a legend when it comes to YouTube status and Miami Hurricanes-themed videos, has released what he’s titled his Miami v. Notre Dame “Pump-Up” video.

Check this clip out as it’s sure to get your blood flowing for next Saturday’s showdown at Soldier Field (in Chicago) when the Hurricanes take on the Fighting Irish. loves CanesFreak2001’s work so much that we’ve put together a sponsorship deal with this diehard UM enthusiast. Follow his YouTube Channel – currently 4,269 fans strong, and with 117 U-themed videos totaling over 2.8M views!



13 thoughts on “Miami / Notre Dame Pump-Up Video

  1. UM will beat ND. We,re on a roll and ND is betwixt and between determining what to do. They probably wanted to come 100% into the ACC but also wanted to play Army, Navy and Air Force and compete for the CinC cup.

    Notre Dame has transitioned into an Non-Rev sports school. Their big-time football days are over. The 4 horsemen have ridden over the cliff. Otherwise they would have looked at the Big 10′ which surrounds them. They will enjoy playing Lax with UAV and the other 3 existing ACC lax teams. Do they play field hockey or ice hockey?

    Miami 31′ notre dame 24.

    I,m also projecting a win over VT and UVA. The latter now has QB controversy as of this AM, and Tech doesn,t have one.

    1. Miami could absolutely beat Notre Dame as the Irish haven’t seen this type of athleticism or team speed yet this season. That said, you see why they’re favored and this is all but a home game for them. Still, outside the one-dimensional Denard Robinson a week ago, who have they seen this year? A sorry-ass Purdue team almost beat them and Michigan State doesn’t look so hot after another loss to Ohio State yesterday.

      I would hardly say that that Notre Dame’s football days are over. Brian Kelly will do some good things there. They’ll just always struggle to bring in Florida, Florida State, Ohio State or Alabama-caliber players due to academics. Miami faces a similar issue, but not quite at that Irish standard.

      Wins over Virginia and Virginia Tech are more than doable this year IF the right Miami team shows up. Hell, even Florida State didn’t look all that special against South Florida.

      Still. The right Miami team shows on game day, they can hang with anyone on the schedule. The one that showed up in the second and third quarters at GT and NCST — not so much.

  2. I agree that The Irish can be beat by this years Canes team. However it will take 4 Qrts of consistent play from offense and D. The sky is the limit for this team however Golden will have to keep them focused and teach them each week. With that being said it’s Time to Beat down the Irish this Saturday, GO CANES!!!!

    1. Might take four quarters, might not. We all would’ve said the same thing the past two weeks – and Miami got the breaks and won there. Not saying lethargic in-game play is a good thing, but Miami doesn’t need a flawless game to win. Canes just need to bring it offensively and with the defense, to get enough stops to keep some points off the board.

      Irish are beatable. They still deserve to be favored and the game will be a brawl, but when you look at their wins over Michigan State and Michigan — not overly impressive. Especially considering the Big Ten is a joke this year.

    2. Unfortunately, Miami’s team defense has yet to play a SOLID half, yet alone a complete game. So, I wouldn’t look for the Canes defense to play YOUR ” 4 quarters ” tout.
      Again, Miami’s HIGH OCTANE offense and special teams will have to shoulder the Orange n’ Green burden. If U knows what I mean. Eh

  3. If we had any semblance of defensive cohesiveness i would have no doubt we would win this game. ND is overrated, i watched a few of their games and i went and check their stats. Their defensive is pretty good but not some monster like Bama some are making it out to be. They have played 4 of the worst offensive teams in the country, including Michigan. Purdue was the best offense they played and they in return played some small teams, E.Kentucky, E Michigan etc. We are not very good on D but, i don’t think the players are as bad as the D’no apologist are making it out to be. We have a problem with the playcalling. 2 many times we are caught in zone coverages, even against the run. the times we blitz we usually stuff the run. I want to see more 4 man rush but with atleast on of the safeties closer to the line of scrimmage. The DL has been maligned also but i watch the games and we get pressure but too many times the QB’s first read is wide open. The zones are also very basic, what you prepare for is what No’D puts out there, that is a problem. The thing that bothers me is the lack of urgency, we have just given up 664 yards and its being swept under the rug. It will be right back if we lose. In any case i still believe we beat ND their offense is putrid and their D is overrated. They have not allowed at rushing TD, the last time i heard that was pre GT game. We need to get some TOs in this game and we should be alright. We have a tendency to make every QB into Dan Marino lets see if we can change that for once.

  4. Notre Dame a solid-on-down – 13 point HOME favorite. Go bloody figures. Eh.
    And yes, it’s a ‘ home game ‘ for the OVERRATED Celts. Au contraire to what Cane fan believes. dUh
    Bottom line is Miami’s HIGH OCTANE offense is just beginning to get started. Heck, Miami has bloody well LEFT POINTS ON THE TURF, the past two games.
    Unfortunately, the Cane defense is what it is and BOTH the Hurricanes special teams and offense will have to win the game. No if’s, but’s or what ever’s!
    Yes, Notre Dame’s defense is stout and what not, yet that Celt MLB and minions haven’t faced a HIGH OCTANE offense in September.
    So, it will probably come down to the team with the possesion of the football, again.
    Because I SEE’r a bloody TIGHT ball game and I just believe N.D. will WILT UNDER PRESSURE in stark contrast to Golden’s squad.
    Bon jo

  5. FINAL POSSESION team wins the ball game come Saturday night and U’all Cane rUffians know which team EXCELS in pressure, tight offensive situations. Eh.

  6. I am trying to find a campground for my RV as I am traveling to Soldiers Field for the game this weekend… can anyone suggest a campground within a few miles??? thank you

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